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Have you shared your writing work only with your enclosed friend/family circle? What to do now when you have adapted to all their ideas and teachings? Create A Community Website For Writers will thrive a change in your writing style and affect massively on your writing capabilities. Being able to read stuff about people from different backgrounds will arouse the creativity hidden deep inside your he-art. Writers thinking about expanding their reach must join a writer’s community to showcase their talents and impress people with their art.

Writers who want to become popular and successful should focus on developing a healthier and stronger community around themselves. One can do this by joining a writer’s community website. Such communities help you establish yourself as a productive writer.

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Create A Community Website For Writers

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community website for writers

Many writers look to join writing communities, so creating a writer’s community website is of no harm. We are going to tell you how to create and run a community using WordPress easily, but first, let’s know more about the writer’s community.

What is a writer’s community?

A writer’s community is a vast group of diverse writers who work hand in hand to develop their art skills. Writing is a job where you can fully express yourselves, even in a blog article. You are allowed to play with words, which makes writing an interesting job! Although few people write for self-use, some prefer to make it a career. A writer’s community overflows with these two types of people.

Writers join a community to understand how other writers are quoting down their thoughts. No matter how small the detail, the writer will be able to pull out a big one starting then and there. Writers find new ideas by reading the work of other writers. You receive help from many extraordinary writers available in the industry.

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Why build a writer’s community website?

build a writer’s community
community website for writers

It is natural to think why one should waste time on creating a writer’s community website rather than running a writers website where other people can read your articles. But what if I told you that these websites are not that much demanded in the market. On the other hand, a writer’s community website will promote your work, engage users, remind you of your mistakes, and most importantly improve your skills.

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1. An online community enhances your Community website for writers

An online community enhances your writer’s website
community website for writers

A writer’s community makes your site far more helpful to readers. Furthermore, because you will come through readers that are truly engrossed in reading your articles, you can easily leverage your community to promote your blog content. Building a writer’s community website is vital for you as a writer since it helps to invite more readers in your website.

Writers that appreciate and find your information beneficial will forward it on other social networking sites, increasing the value of your website.

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2. User Interaction, Feedback, and Freshness

When an article is excellent, it considerably draws a large number of visitors to your writer’s community website. A considerable proportion of these readers may also offer their opinions, ideas, and comments about your site in the community forums and discussion groups. They may also encourage other readers to read a certain blog by sharing it with them through the send message plugin available in communities.

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3. Brings in new people from diverse communities

Writers draw writers in many types of settings, and your writer’s website is no exception. If other writers are having full-fledged discussions on the community platform, it is simple to recruit outside readers with the assistance of an online community. With actual engagement on your writer’s community website, you may attract new organic writers. A writer’s community improves page visits by allowing readers to connect with one another regularly.

4. Engages Readers in New Activities

Making an active writer’s community website may also assist you in engaging readers in new events. You can invite writers to converse with your community by requesting them to give feedback, asking specific questions via activity updates, sharing articles that create a debate, organizing controversial polls, and etc. Many options are kept available for you to engage writers and ask them to increase participation in your writer’s community online.

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5. Increases the appeal of your blog to marketers

Marketing is an important step towards monetizing your site. Creating a community may be quite beneficial in drawing not just advertising but also related writers to your website. A writer’s community may provide you with a large and diverse audience of writers who already go well your thoughts. This lets you market your product to these writers and boost your chances of turning them into potential customers.

How to create a writer’s community website? – Summed Up

Here is all the important stuff required to start a full-fledged writer’s community website for your community.

1. Create your website- Community website for writers

Create your website
community website for writers

First and foremost, you must create a WordPress website. Then, create your website and give it a memorable name. A name that will entice visitors to your freshly created website.

2. Choose a theme

choose wordpress theme
community website for writers

After you have successfully completed the setup of your website, you may go on to obtaining a suitable theme template for your writer’s community website. Use an appropriate theme that supports all the major plugins required to run a community website. You can go for one of our best themes, i.e., the BuddyX theme. Should I tell you the best thing about our plugin? It is free to use! It comes with all the necessary features to run a writer’s community website.

3. Maintain your website

Maintain your website
community website for writers

Run the theme setup and import a demo after activating the BuddyX theme/any other theme for assistance. Our BuddyX theme is supporting and responsive, and it was designed for the creation of huge community websites. Our BuddyX theme includes the following features:

  • Profiles of Members
  • User Groups for Messaging
  • Streams of Activity
  • Gamification of Events Pluginf
  • Discussions in Blog Posting Forums
  • Memberships/Subscriptions
  • Blog Posting
  • Commenting and Sharing

Crete Your own Community Platform

Allow your friendly writers to join the fun!

Allow users to join your online writer’s community website and plan events and discussion boards for them. You may also use our premium BuddyX Pro Theme to add more features to your community website.

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