Community Engagement Strategies: 6 Steps for Your LearnDash Community Revival

Are you looking for the right community engagement strategies? Do you feel your community is slightly disengaged? Relax, it takes time to get hold of this engagement thing for new community owners. Creating your online community is not much hard, but it takes a lot to build a strong one. Each brand creates its community for a reason. Some build it to share product-related information, some for customer support, and some for market research. Overall, each brand build relationships with its actual and potential audiences. So how would you ensure engagement in your WordPress community? Don’t worry! You have landed on the right page to find your answers. Let’s begin!

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Why LearnMate Learndash is the Solution?

When you create a community, engagement must be on top of your list. But what would you could not spark engagement in your community? We know it is difficult to attract a large audience in the beginning. Over time, communities start growing on their own. But what happens when you cannot attract them even after several efforts? That’s because you are not focusing on the right metrics. According to a recent study, more than 57% of companies focus on total active users in their community for success.

LearnDash is an excellent platform for brands who want to sell online courses. LearnMate LearnDash is a theme that works perfectly with all the major eCommerce and membership plugins, including LearnDash. In addition, it has many extensive features and integrations that allow you to introduce different features to your members to increase engagement.

Starting from Scratch – Effective Strategy

Do you think no one is listening to your ideas? Tired of the same old community engagement strategies? Start from scratch to revive your Learndash community. The best part is it becomes easier when no one is paying attention. You can easily change the game without losing out on something big. Have a look at the top steps mentioned below to engage your members!

Ask Me Anything Events

Learndash community discussion
Community Engagement Strategies

Ask Me Anything sessions are excellent ways to spark a conversation between you and your audience. Also, these ask me anything sessions offer an excellent way to create a buzz or introduce your upcoming products or services. For example, suppose you are about to launch a new course for your online learning community. An ask me anything session will help you take a general survey of learners about what they truly need in the upcoming course. You can easily ask interesting questions about a related subject and tell learners about the course. But make sure not to overdo it.

Why should you go for it?

You must have seen these ask me anything sessions on your friend’s social media profile. One of the reasons there is so much buzz about AMA sessions is the ability to build personalized relationships. Imagine your community members sharing their thoughts with you. How great it would be to engage with your audience on a personal level.

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Exclusive Content

While looking for the best community engagement strategies, you must look for something exclusive to share with your members right? That’s exactly what your members seek, some exclusive content. How about sharing some interesting tips and information weekly with your members? Also, you can ask your members to answer your tips or share their thoughts about these tips. In short, it is a way to tell your audience why they should stay in your community. As people join a community for a reason, you need to give them a reason to stay in it.

How will it be beneficial?

While going through your community, you can view the most common search terms or queries. You can use this data to prepare unique content to provide interesting tips related to your community. You can also engage members using this extra information weekly or bi-weekly to offer something new.

Power of Tagging

Always remember that the real owner of a community is the members. A community is merely a tool for brands to bring like-minded people together. It is the members who bring a community to life. That is why you need to look for community engagement strategies to make your members feel welcome. Tagging members on your posts and activities make users think their contribution to the community is being valued. You can analyze the data to find the most disengaged members. Also, welcome the new members by tagging them with warm wishes.

Why Use the trick?

Do you think it is the right way to attract your members? Well, tagging is a way to tell someone that the post is for you and seek a response. When a user notices that you care about their efforts, they start to engage more.

Remember their Achievements

Your community members are your greatest revenue. They offer you a lot in many ways. They are a treasure for brands, be it insights, profit margins, feedback, reviews, or free promotion. So do you think their contribution should not be remembered? The best idea is to keep their presence valued, you need to remember and celebrate their achievements. One of the best community engagement strategies to follow is celebrating the anniversary of being a part of your community with a sweet post. Mention the winners of contests and events and also offer giveaways to the top members.

Why should I do it?

A community never grows with a one-sided relationship. You need to pay something to your members for their contribution. Remember their smallest achievements in your community and praise them from time to time for being an active part.

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Target Non-Active Members

learndash community active members
Community Engagement Strategies

Do you know each community consists of a big part of disengaged members? So would you turn these non-active members into active members? There are several community engagement strategies you can follow to spark a discussion with them such as:

  1. You must go through your disengaged audience’s data and study their behavior.
  2. Spend time preparing the content of their choice and examining their behavior.
  3. See how they react to the recent posts and observe their activities to make engaging content for them.

What Use this Strategy?

How often do you see members moving away from your posts? That is because of the wrong strategy used against the wrong audience. By going through your disengaged member’s data you can find where you are lacking.

Your Member’s Safety

One of the reasons your members don’t feel like interacting much in your community is fear of safety. They need to know that your community is a safe platform for them. Unfortunately, most communities overlook these things and suffer. One of the best community engagement strategies we can offer is to make your platform a secure place for them to interact. Create community guidelines to help new members know how strict you are against fraud, spam, and unnecessary promotion.

Why Should You Go for it?

Community guidelines tell members about how concerned brands are for their member’s safety. It must include everything about what the members can post and what not. Thus, it is an excellent way to protect the community from spam and abuse.

BuddyX theme

Are You Ready to Revive Your Learndash Community?

Reviving your online community isn’t possible in a day. You need to look for the best community engagement strategies to give your members a reason to stay. If you have a LearnDash community, you need to look for ways to create excitement among learners and spark new discussions. The above steps will be a great option to engage your members personally. Also, find an ideal Learndash theme like Learnmate to get a complete solution for selling online courses.

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