How Colors Affect Conversion Rate Of Your Website

Colors Affect Conversion Rate

Know more about how colors affect the conversion rate of your website

Colors play a vital role in the conversion process

There are almost four colors that have psychological effects and they are red, blue, yellow, and green. These colors have stronger psychological effects than you expect. The first blue color has a soothing effect on people while the black color depicts elegance and is a graceful color. Similarly, the red color is for strength and yellow for love and happiness. All these colors have similar but somewhat different psychological effects on the audience or people. The competition has got tough and it is necessary to make the best use of such psychological effects for your benefit. The fact is that colors affect and help in boosting the conversion rate of any online business. Read more to get a clear idea.

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The term called 90-second rule

Visitors who land on your website or page tend to judge and further jump on to a conclusion within a minute or two. It is essential to be ready and prepare yourself for targeting that part of the audience immediately but under a minute or two. People don’t stay for too long if the site’s appearance is dull and lacks color which has psychological effects on one’s mind. For that, you need to arrange the system for taking an instant action for boosting the conversion rate thereafter.

Question is, do colours influence humans?

Common myth or fact is that people mostly recognize brands or organizations because of their unique color such as red color flashes in mind when you think about the brand known as Coca-Cola. Females prefer pink as their primary color and most of the websites related to female stuff or something like that has their theme having the color “pink”. You should know that it is part of the strategy and nothing else.

The big and famous brands haven’t switched to any other color from the start as they know its importance and effects on humans. People are judgemental but not so much that they start figuring out why is your brand being denoted by some common color only. So it is important to know the importance of color which has stronger effects on your conversion rate.

Factors which clear that color can influence people are:

  1. Colour is responsible for about 85% why anyone purchases a product.
  2. Images are accountable for psychological effects on human and so do the color plays a major role when you upload a fascinating or colorful image

Brands can boost their sales by using colors which are appealing because:

  1. Around 50% of the people don’t return to any shopping website if they find their website dull and uninteresting
  2. Colors and design of a website is the major factor which influences the shoppers to decide and jump to the conclusion

So, you need to switch and decide those primary colors for your website to let the people return to your site repeatedly.

How can you decide which color can prove to be beneficial for your brand or website?

While finalizing the design for your website, the last thing which troubles you is choosing an appealing range of color which can prove beneficial for approaching a large group of people. Thus, you need to do some research beforehand while you decide the design plus color for your website. You might feel an urge of knowing the audience’s mindset or preference in terms of colors and design and for that, you have to be practical and start the research part immediately.

Colour has stronger effects on the emotional states so you have determined which color will be best suitable for your website. You can try the color-wheel for finding out which colors can generate appealing color schemes for your website. Beforehand, try doing a market analysis which helps in deciding the color or color scheme denoting your sector. Every sector whether it’s a food industry, the agricultural sector or electronics, has preset color symbolization which is being followed for a long time.
Make sure that you have this thing figured out for jumping to the conclusion.

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A place for using color

The most important task is assigning the color and using it professionally. You cannot fill out your website full of color biasing the atmosphere and leaving the visitor aggregated. Thus, it is necessary to use colors systematically for obtaining better results. You need to figure out aspects such as hero graphics, borders, headlines, backgrounds, buttons, and pop-ups before using those unique colors on your website.

The rule called the 60-30-10 rules:

Optimal usage of color is important and you have to follow the four principles which are the right way, right time, right audience and the right purpose. For creating a better impact you need to combine three colors and apply this rule of 60-30-10.

  • Primary color which you are using should always cover about 60% of the total space plus encompass a brilliant theme of the design
  • The left out space or 30% of the space should always be used with secondary color for creating more contrast
  • At last, the remaining 10% of space can be used by accent color for providing the final touch of gracefulness

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Important tips for boosting conversion rate:

Using colors that are based on gender specifics: always use that or those colors which are most preferred by a specific gender either a male or female. Females like and prefer blue, green, purple, and green. Men, on the other hand, prefer and like blue, green and black. So using colors systematically and professionally to tackle your audience is crucial for boosting the conversion rate for your website.

  •  Blue is the symbol of trust: blue color generally denotes trust and you can check out that most of the leading social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal have a blue color scheme. People when start trusting your site will surely return repeatedly on your site.
  • Yellow can capture user attention: yellow is the brightest color and is an eye-catching color that can capture your users’ attention. Flashy colors such as yellow, white are the most suitable ones if you want to approach your audience or visitors for your site. Though yellow is usually used as a warning sign-color many of the leading businesses find it to be the color of love and peace.
  • Green fits perfect for environmental products: you should be aware that the planet earth is covered by lots of green. Hence, green is related to the environmental factor in the first instance. People dealing with environmental products should always use the color green which clears what is the nature of your business. People usually seek that green button on any site as it makes them feel safe doing that. It is not always necessary the people would do so but most of the time it goes well.
  • Black is the color of luxury: leading and big brands dealing in the automatable sector have black color schemes and it is for a black reason is the color of luxury. People willing to spend huge amounts on buying a luxury car would find this color appearing most of the time.
  • Red is a unique color: leading food tech companies to prefer using red color as it is related to hunger and also makes a person feel hungry. It is true and has been popular among some popular brands such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Burger King.
  • Don’t use black and white every time: black and white combination is picked by most of the organization and can make the user feel biased and would make hard for them differentiating your brand at times. Always choose a unique color scheme but not the similar or common color scheme.
  • Using bright colors for CTA’s: you should know that according to some studies it has been proven that the highest converting colors correspond to Orange, Yellow, Red, and Green. While colors such as dark grey, Black, and Brown has a lower effect on the conversion rate. Even the biggest eCommerce platform Amazon uses the color Yellow as an “add to cart” button.
  • Don’t ignore white: white is not color as per some researchers and scholars but is most widely used by the leading brands and the question is why? As it is a color that denotes a sense of breathability and spaciousness which makes the user feel at home.

Tips To Create A Conversion Driven Web Design

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Color is crucial for boosting the conversion rate of your website

Big brands smartly choose the color or primary color for their website to win the trust of people. They have succeeded because they tried using various colors for their website, and finally derived the results. Colors affect human psychology and it is proven. If you want to test this statement so step out and look around. What do you see? Green grass, blue sky, and what’s the first thought which comes in your mind? Else you can relate, Good Luck!

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