How To Choose Topics And Write Blog Posts For Your Online Store

How To Choose Topics And Write Blog

When a likely buyer visits your store, they may not be prepared to buy, though they certainly are prepared to learn. A blog constitutes one of the pillars of content marketing strategy, a conception employed to describe the procedure of creating valuable content with the aim of educating and aiding your potential customers.

It may include various types of multimedia content like audio files, articles, videos, and images – this can also be linked to your online store.

The crucial thing with a blog in contrast to other digital marketing tools is that it is not simply another way to sell frivolously or be aggressive to direct people into making a purchase. It is about learning and exchanging informative content. This can result in an informed purchase being conducted obviously but that’s not the aim!

If you’re not performing content marketing, you’re missing a big opportunity. And the bother is that other companies will do it. This is among the finest ways for your probable customers to locate your store and learn with it.

The following are simple ways for how to choose topics and write blog for your audience:

# 1 Understand Your Target Audience


The initial important thing is that the “best possible blogging topics” comprise the finest ones for your audience.

Everything boils down to your audience. Actually, there is nothing more vital, essential, and crucial to blogging success than understanding your audience.

The core issue is choosing topics and writing about those topics in a manner that your readers know and are acquainted with. So, what’s the key to choosing the best possible topics?

It’s plain, but not easy: Know your target audience.

Among the best ways to accustom to your audience is to define that audience. If you’re just beginning as a business, you get to determine who it is you wish to access and how to access them. For entrenched businesses, among the best ways to identify your target audience is just to talk to them. Whether it’s phone conversations or online surveys, try to enter in your users’ minds and find out what makes them tick.

Once you enter in the head of your users, you are bound to select the best blogging topics.

# 2 Answer Your Audience Questions

Odds are your customers possess questions. Answering popularly asked questions in your blog articles is a simple way to aid solve an issue your customer is having with products in your store.

For example, outdoor goods retailer REI constantly answers questions on their blog to aid guide people in locating the gear that is proper for them. This post intends to answer how much a hiking pack should weigh, and lists all the separate things you need to consider when ascertaining pack weight.

You receive great inputs for your posts by allowing your readers to leave their comments on your post which helps you to gain feedback and questions. This helps you to determine the subjects and topics your audience is interested in and craft your new blog post accordingly.

Besides, such communication is a wonderful mode to engage with people and ensure that they return back to your website.

# 3 Feature A Product

Writing an article that features a product in your store can be utilized in different ways. You could write an article to inform your customers about a top-selling product, a new product, or a little-known product that you wish to increase awareness to and more.

Articles that focus on products will aid your customers to know greater details about that item while they are in the research stage of buying. Things you may wish to add when highlighting a product include: how to use the product, how to style the product, customer reviews, additional product photos, when the product was sourced, besides more. This is your opportunity to offer a wider range of information on a product that might be suited for your product pages.

Kremp Florist (a Customer Prototype client!) frequently uses their blog to display several types of flowers and themed arrangements they possess in their inventory.

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# 4 Interview An Influencer Or Expert

Many buying decisions are influenced depending on somebody else’s review of a brand or product. The clout of this influence is ever more if the opinion is emanating from someone famous or what we feel is an expert in a particular area.

Bringing an expert to exchange information and their perspective through an interview on your blog is not just recreational content for your customers but also very useful

Beauty-oriented magazine and beauty-box retailer Allure often employs celebrity interviews to endorse their products and brand in their beauty-boxes.

# 5 Company News Also Generate Topics

How To Choose Topics And Write Blog

Customers are curious to know about your company events and any blog posts that cater to company news in the form of upcoming sales, current locations, happenings, rewards programs updates, latest features on customer service are some of the topics which draws your customers and keep them in the loop and increase brand engagement.

Urban Decay, a cosmetics firm utilizes its blog to communicate about its latest collaborations.

# 6 Gain Inputs From Proper Keyword Research

You have the prerogative to write on any topic for your blog, but before you begin proper keyword research becomes very essential. Keyword research lets you know the search terms used by your audience, and also the search terms you wish to be identified with. You may have an inkling of the search terms that your site or products can be identified with, but you should conduct research so that you make it certain that you are making use of the appropriate ones.

You never know that your audience may prefer a separate word for a product you provide, and this can imply that you’re losing likely customers by highlighting the wrong search term! You can Google the keyword you discovered to examine the searches suggested by Google (while you’re typing). Or employ tools like Google Trends to research how frequently your search term is utilized in comparison to similar terms. Keyword research involves a lot more. And if you assign the time to do it correctly, this will repay by presenting you with a directory of focus keywords to promote your Google ranking for proper search terms.

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How To Choose Topics And Write Blog

Your product page might be the ideal place for your product description, but the best place to exchange stories concerning your product is your blog. If you are a seller of cleaning supplies, your blogs should allude to which stains are best erased with which one of your products. If you sell kids’ wear, write blog posts about children playing while wearing your apparel. The importance of photos should not be underestimated, so ensure to add plenty of them! If you don’t possess any, try to insert images that pertain to your brand or business to spruce up your posts.

Convey stories about the various ways people can employ your products and frame these stories entertaining and informative. Refrain from making these blogs extremely salesy. Explain to people the reason they should buy your stuff rather than telling them they should buy it.

Another splendid way to achieve this is by requesting your customers to exchange their stories. Inquire them regarding their experiences with your products and whether they have photos you’re permitted to exchange on your site. With the consent of these customers, you can pen attractive blog posts on the basis of their experiences. Or you could inquire your clients if they would desire to write a guest blog.


A blog can be a splendid marketing tool for any eCommerce site. Therefore, it should be part of your eCommerce SEO scheme. It will permit you to bring more people to your site, raise their engagement, and exhibit your company and brand the way you wish to be viewed. However, blogging involves time. Hopefully, these blog ideas for eCommerce sites will offer you sufficient input to begin and keep up an awesome blog!

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