7 Proven Tips for Choosing the Best Shopify Themes

Shopify has hundreds of themes to help you optimize your online store. It makes it easier for those who don’t have web design knowledge. How do you choose the right them from so many of them? You have the option of creating a theme elsewhere and importing it to your site. However, Shopify is strict on the functionality and quality of themes it allows. Here is a guide to choose best Shopify Themes for your website:


1. Learn About Shopify

choose best Shopify Themes

If you are new to Shopify, try out different free themes on your site. It enables you to settle for the perfect theme eventually. A perfect theme is compatible with the apps you choose. Read a review from Ecom Elites to understand different Shopify applications. Understand the limitations that most users overlook.

2. Identify Your Brand

identify brand

A proper theme evokes the feelings about your Shopify store. How do you want the customers to feel once they visit your store? Consider the color of the pages, the fonts and other design features of your site. Think hard about your brand when choosing a perfect theme for your Shopify store.

3. Consider the Products

Choose a theme that best accentuates the products you are selling. Make the themes look attractive for every category and sub-category of the products.

wordpress job joard theme

4. Test the Functionality

Do not just match the theme with the products you are selling. Consider the functionality of the theme on your site. Highlight the major features of each theme and the value it is adding to your site. Go for a theme with more features and complements your brand. Focus on important aspects such as the content, navigation and the layout.

5. Theme Support

theme support, choose Best Shopify Themes

Themes from Shopify are free with functional customer support. If you need any help, reach out to them. For themes outside Shopify, ensure that you have customer support. Before you settle for a third party, ensure there is support in the long run.

6. Consider Your Budget

budget, choose Best Shopify Themes

Another factor that determines the theme you take is your budget. Shopify has both free and paid themes. The cost ranges from $0-200. To cut on the costs, make a list of the most essential things for your business. Paid themes have wider functionality and are flexible. However, free themes are not inferior in any way. If you want wider functionality, go for paid themes. As a beginner, go for the free themes.

7. Think of the Aesthetics

Think of Aesthetics

The theme you use for your Shopify store should appeal to the customers. Additionally, it has promoted your brand well. Do not think if or not you like the theme or not. Look at the theme from a customer’s point of view. Is it appealing and what does the customer think of it?

A theme determines whether or not the customer will go further into your store. Therefore, it is important that you choose a theme that is attractive to encourage the customer to dive deeper into your site. Take time to select the perfect theme. Experiment with different themes, before you settle.

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