June 13, 2017

Woo Price Quotes for Woo Commerce

Woo Price Quotes helps in quoting the products that admin wishes to hide like its purchasing details. As a result the user will be unable to view the product details anymore. Hence, in this case the user has to send an enquiry regarding the product. The author then sends the product details to the user regarding the same product only. Whenever the user sends an enquiry the product author receives a mail and therefore he can contact the customer accordingly.… Read the rest
June 13, 2017

BuddyPress Activity Filter for BuddyPress

BuddyPress Activity Filter enables the user to set a default filter option in BuddyPress. To emphasize this plugin facilitates the user to have sole authority over the entire content. Point to remember that with the help of BuddyPress Activity Filter plugin the user add extensive functionality to the community site builder platform without using codes.  Let us know more about the prominent features of this plugin: Features of BuddyPress Activity FilterWith the help of this plugin admin can enlist as well as set the default and customized activities on the front-end.… Read the rest
June 12, 2017

BuddyPress Checkins For BuddyPress

BuddyPress Checkins allows BuddyPress members options like posting place and place type. In other words it can be said that BuddyPress Checkins enables users to checkin while updating a post. This feature is quite similar to other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and many more where you can show your location along with the places you visited. Another point to remember about this plugin is that you can also choose place type for your group members so that they can tag you in similar posts.… Read the rest
June 11, 2017
WordPress -Media -Category

WordPress Media Category Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Media Category adds media category options in Dashboard with Media Menu. This is the ultimate plugin available for creating media category in WordPress. With the help of this plugin the user can change the category of multiple media at once. Features of WordPress Media CategoryAdds Category: This plugin adds media category in media menu. Select Category: Admin has the authority to assign category while adding new media.… Read the rest
June 10, 2017

Woo Open Graph For WooCommerce

Woo Open Graph is an extension to WooCommerce. On the whole with the help of this plugin user can add well-executed and accurate Open Meta Tags to the website. The open Meta tags can be added with title, description and WooCommerce featured image. Notably you would require having WooCommerce installed on your website for the installation and activation of Woo Open Graph.… Read the rest
June 9, 2017
wordpress 4.8

WordPress 4.8- Most Awaited Release of 2017

WordPress released its latest version 4.8 on 8th June 2017. WordPress has been released with amazing features which you must try after updating your website. Undoubtedly this version of WordPress consists of all the features the users have been demanding since very long. New version of WordPress has all the necessary features for brand representation and promotion. It won’t be wrong to say that WordPress 4.8 has been developed keeping the users in mind.… Read the rest
June 9, 2017

LookBook -Fashion Store & Clothing WooCommerce Theme

Fashion is a business that never lets you down, as far as you keep yourself update along with the trend. In the same order your website must be designed in such a way that it can be modified in a simple and relatively easy way. In fact we would recommend that do not just buy a theme for a particular season, buy it for all the seasons.… Read the rest
June 8, 2017
BuddyPress Create Group Type Plugin

BuddyPress Create Group Type Plugin

BuddyPress 2.6 introduced the concept of “Group Types”. BP Create Group Type plugin allows the users to create group types. As a matter of fact the site admin has complete authority to add group types. In addition to this the admin has authority to display them on the group pages. To elaborate if you want to run a website meant for people involved in sports.… Read the rest
June 8, 2017
WooCommerce Bookings

Gear Up Your Business With WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings allows users to book appointments and reservations without leaving your website. With the help of this plugin your Woo Commerce shop becomes a full-fledged booking platform. As a matter of fact it enables you to sell time and date based bookings. To emphasize you can create and manage all types of booking services. On the whole this plugin is best for those are willing to who offer appointments, rentals or other services.… Read the rest
June 7, 2017
Marketplace Auction Plugin

Marketplace Auction Plugin for WooCommerce

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction plugin enables the auction feature in marketplace. This is the best plugin for adding auction options for the admin. To emphasize, this plugin helps the admin to add auction in their product and buyer can bid for the product. With the help of WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction plugin the admin as well as the sellers can add auctions mainly of four different types that are mentioned below:Standard Auction Incremental Auction.… Read the rest