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Best WordPress 404 Plugins 2021

Redirecting to other page is a common practice if you’re managing a website. Why? because of the Broken links that can damage your search engine’s ranking adversely. WordPress 404 Plugins solve such problem and provide your site visitors great user experience.

What does Redirect mean in WordPress?

Website Redirection is a way to change the path of your site visitors smartly from one page to another page, without letting them know. It allows the user to move in a proper location inside your WordPress website.

404 errors can kill your SEO as the user visiting on your site won’t find any content to that particular page and will leave your site to look for other options. And, obviously, you don’t want to lose them.

That’s why WordPress Redirect Plugins helps you to redirect your coming site visitors to another relevant location.

7 Best Redirect WordPress Plugins

You might be wondering what are the best WordPress 404 plugins to implement redirects. Isn’t it? But before covering the 7 best 404 redirect plugins for WordPress, jump to this section where you’ll Learn To Fix Common WordPress Errors.

Check out this list of best WordPress 404 Plugins for Redirect

1. Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Premium has set itself the best WordPress Redirect Plugins in 2019. Previously, it was known as the Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin.

Through your WordPress Dashboard, this plugin can solely manage all the redirects. As the name itself suggests, it is a paid tool which comes in different pricing options.

WordPress 404 Plugins

In case, you are unknown about the Yoast Plugin, here is a quick guide on-

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2. Redirection Plugin

Redirection is another most popular redirect plugin for WordPress websites. It allows you to easily manage all redirections along with reducing errors and improving your site ranking.

wordpress 404 plugins

Another great fact is that you don’t need to have any knowledge of Apache or Nginx. Rather, your WordPress must support permalinks. Rest Redirection Plugin will manage itself to redirect any URL. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of all 404 errors so that you can track down and fix those problems.

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3. Safe Redirect Manager

It is another open source WordPress redirect plugin that helps you manage all redirects on your site.

safe redirect

To make your data portable, Safe Redirect Manager stores redirects as Custom Post Types which also helps to make your website scalable. If you are the one who needs to handle enterprise-level traffic, Safe Redirect Manager can be a good option for you.

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4. All 404 Redirects to Homepage

404 redirects

404 errors really hurt your site rank. But, this smart plugin “All 404 Redirects to HomePage” allows you to handle 404 error pages by using 301 redirects. It redirects the users to the HomePage whenever a 404 error occurs on your site.

After installing this plugin, don’t forget to enable it from the field status in the control panel.

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5. SEO Redirection Plugin

redirect plugins


SEO Redirection plugin manages redirections easily for your site. If you are trying to migrate pages from an old website or you want to change your Website Directory, SEO Redirection Plugin is useful.

Many new features have been added into this plugin. For example, you can manage manually 301, 302, and 307 redirections for a WordPress post, fix crawl errors (404 & soft 404), and many more.

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6. Custom 404 Pro

Custom 404 Pro

In Custom 404, users can use the Pages area of the Admin Panel to change the default 404 page with a custom one. Alternatively, you can specify a whole URL to redirect on 404.


  • Full 404 Page Control
  • Record 404 Page Data
  • Custom Page Redirect
  • Custom URL Redirect

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7. SeedProd


It enables you to simply design custom 404 pages without the requirement for a developer’s assistance.

You can do the following using user-friendly drag-and-drop landing page builder:

  • To collect email addresses, use optin form blocks.
  • Add a FAQ section to your website to respond to common search queries and customer enquiries.
  • Add CTA buttons to your website to direct visitors to eCommerce product pages.
  • To link to your homepage, use button blocks.
  • With WooCommerce integration, you can create unique Product Grids.

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8. 404page


It’s the most popular plugin for creating a personalized 404 error page that prevents people from becoming stuck and lowers your site’s bounce rate. Simply construct the page as you would any other and set it as your 404 page.

The 404page plugin is made to operate with a wide range of WordPress themes. If it doesn’t work with your theme, you can switch to Compatibility Mode, which can solve a lot of compatibility issues.

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9. 404 Solution

404 Solution

The 404 Solution logs errors and sends non-found page errors to existing pages. Redirects can also be constructed based on the best match for the URL that the user has most likely attempted to reach.


  • Specific 404 URLs can be redirected to any existing page, which is highly flexible.
  • Create redirects automatically based on the URL the visitor was most likely trying to reach.
  • Get a list of 404 errors as they occur.
  • View 404 page and redirect logs, including referrer information.
  • Pages, posts, goods, and custom post kinds are all WooCommerce compatible.

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Final Thoughts

Though broken links impact adversely on SEO, however, it is recommended not to always redirect all your error pages. Rather, try fixing out the problems.

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