Six Best Social Media Calendar In 2024

Best Social Media Calendar

You may publish and manage your content with the help of a social media calendar. Using a social media calendar tool is a smart move for various reasons. You can have your social network accounts consolidated in one place and your posts published automatically. That means you can control everything from a central location.

This list shows the best social media calendar tools that you can use.

1. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic- Social Media Calendar
Social Media Calendar

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To help you save time and energy, PromoRepublic has developed a robust social media calendar. Precious is the collection of social media posts that may be used as is or modified. You can use the images and text in this library for your own social media posts, or you can use them as inspiration.

The workflow makes this efficient use of time—accelerating the pace of content publication and scheduling.

All PromoRepublic plans come with access to the calendar. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business are all supported via its scheduling feature. Automatically publish to many channels from a single work in progress.

Schedule your content ahead of time, or let the app’s AI do it for you, depending on when your audience will most likely interact with it.

In any case, your content schedule will be preserved in a calendar. You can view statistics for a specific period (weekly, monthly, etc.) and also filter statistics based on the social media profile used.

Team members’ responses to each topic could be featured. Labels can also be purchased in various colors.

PromoRepublic stands out among the competition thanks to several advanced capabilities that aren’t available in most other apps on this list. It includes its in-built image editor. It’s essentially a streamlined, built-in version of the popular design tool Canva. Images, animated GIFs, and text that may be modified in real-time all fall under this category.

Pricing: For $108/year (advertised as $9/month), you can get a limited plan with a basic version of the social media calendar and support for three profiles. As an alternative, the cheapest plan costs $49 per month or $468 per year (although it’s advertised as $39 per month).

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2. SocialBee

SocialBee- Social Media Calendar
Social Media Calendar

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If you’re looking for a social media planner with basic calendar functionality, go no further than SocialBee.

A content queue system is available to you, allowing you to plan various posting times. Utilizing evergreen posts is easy with content recycling because you need only publish them once. You can even add some alterations if you like.

You can choose how and when time-sensitive pieces of content should be disseminated.

Add content by hand, either singly or in bulk. The alternative is to use an automated import method like RSS or Zapier. Similarly, content aggregation apps are supported.

Included analytics and reporting allow you to track results and zero in on the optimal times to post for maximum engagement.

If you work in a group, as a freelancer, or for an agency, SocialBee is an excellent choice. Each brand can have its dedicated workspace. To ensure everyone is on the same page, we have user roles, internal post comments, and an approval process.

Pricing: There are three plans for SocialBee: Bootstrap, Accelerate, and Pro. The Pro plan starts at $19/month. More users and profiles can be accommodated with a more expensive subscription.

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3. Agorapulse

Social Media Calendar

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Over 31,000 social media managers rely on Agorapulse, an all-in-one social media management platform. The software makes it possible to coordinate several facets of your social media advertising campaign.

All the posts you’ve planned to make across your social media accounts will be displayed in one convenient location: the calendar you’ve created.

The Pro plan is the most cost-effective way to get the calendar feature. Posts to up to 10 social media profiles (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn) can be shared between two users on this plan.

The scheduling feature makes it easy to write once and publish to multiple channels. The post will be added to your queue after you select a time and date to publish it.

The schedule highlights this lineup. There is a separate card for each published post (platform post, not draft). The cards are organized by the eras and dates that they represent.

In a nutshell, you get an overview of all the posts you’ve planned, together with any comments other team members have written and any topical labels that have been applied.

Agorapulse lets you read in-depth data, monitor brand discussions across channels, and reply to messages.

Pricing: Agorapulse has a limited free forever plan but doesn’t include a unified calendar. You’ll need to upgrade to the $99/month (marketed as $79/month) Pro plan or above.

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4. Pallyy- Social Media Calendar

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Pallyy is an Instagram-focused social media scheduling app. It is the least expensive Instagram marketing toolbox we have examined.

The dashboard’s social media calendar is the primary user interface (UI) focal point. Posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business can be scheduled.

Each update is like a thumbnail on a monthly greeting card. Multiple perspectives are available; each can be customized based on the user’s profile.

There’s even a built-in Canva editor for some in-app visual customization right there in the Pallyy control panel. There are also analytical, collaboration, and engagement tools available.

Pricing: There is a free plan that gives you limited access to the scheduling and analytics features.

All of the functionality is available with the paid subscription. Pricing is $15 monthly for each social club, with no minimum required.

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5. Iconosquare- Social Media Calendar

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Iconosquare is a comprehensive social media management platform with features like inbox monitoring and content scheduling.

You may check reports for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, in addition to LinkedIn, in the analytics section and schedule posts to be published at a later time.

Iconosquare, an official Instagram partner, is designed to share visual material like photos. That’s reflected in the social media calendar’s user interface design. Don’t use actual cards with text; instead, you use thumbnails of the photos and videos you intend to share.

You can choose between weekly and monthly views and use filters based on user profiles. You may preview your grid-based Instagram feed and search for hashtags directly from the calendar.

Pricing: Prices start at $59 per month or $588 per year (though they say $49 per month). Three different social profiles are compatible with this package. Each additional profile has a monthly fee of $15.

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6. Sendible- Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

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Sendible is a more affordable option than many competitors, a social media management platform that does it all. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business are only a few of the many platforms it works with.

Like the others on this list of social media management tools, this program is divided into several specialized modules. The social media scheduler is the main focus of the Publish tool’s user interface.

Multiple postings from a single draft and content curation via content recommendations are also possible.

For each event you add to the calendar, you’ll be able to customize a card with some text. You can browse your data by month, week, or day and even filter your view based on your profile.

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month or $300/year (but are advertised as $25/month).

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Conclusion of Social Media Calendar

Marketers who run many campaigns simultaneously across different channels need social media calendars. They help you reach more people by letting you schedule posts to go out at peak times. A social media schedule is essential for managing many accounts or campaigns across different channels.

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