Best Facebook Marketing Tools To Use In 2024

Best Facebook Marketing

Did you know that every month, people all across the world use Facebook? It’s a massive social media network, and it’s only getting bigger. Marketers and brands have always favored Facebook due to its enormous possibilities. Massive influxes of users and advertisers alike have been flooding Facebook recently. Brands are staying caught up with the times when it comes to Facebook advertising. To achieve their objectives, Facebook marketers are constantly searching for new and improved marketing tools. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with your Facebook advertising campaign? Are you using Facebook ads to reach a broad audience, or are you narrowing your focus to a specific subset of users? Having the most excellent Facebook marketing tool at your disposal is beneficial regardless of your objectives.BuddyX theme

What are Facebook marketing tools?

Gaining more Facebook-based customers is now easier than ever with the use of Facebook’s marketing tools, such as group and messenger marketing. Many of your customers likely use Facebook. You still need a Facebook presence even if your target audience consists of newborn babies because their parents are still using the platform. Many distinct Facebook advertising platforms exist, each with its advantages. A Facebook group marketing tool is software designed specifically for use within Facebook groups. A Facebook messenger marketing tool is a similar product that communicates with Facebook users. In addition, others can help you generate more revenue using Facebook.

What are the secrets to free Facebook advertising?

As a pay-to-play service, Facebook has earned the ire of many users. Keep it strong; you can continually develop novel approaches to drawing more Facebook users to your site. Establishing a Facebook profile for your company and regularly updating it with new and exciting information is a standard strategy for maintaining contact with your audience. The range was better than it once was, but having a presence there is preferable to having none. There is software that can automatically post to your page, so you don’t have to.

The most effective method of advertising is through Facebook groups. You get to organize your customers into a group that can assist one another. Quickly, you’ll see that some of the community members become brand advocates and spread the word about your company beyond the confines of this community. To maximize the exposure your Facebook groups receive, you should use a marketing solution designed just for Facebook groups. Instantly connect with visitors to your Facebook page or website by sending them a message using the Facebook Messenger app. Many marketing tools for Facebook Messenger exist to automate this process entirely. The following list includes a plethora of additional resources that can assist you in promoting your business on

Facebook in one way or another.

Here are 21 useful Facebook marketing tools to get you closer to your goals.

1. MobileMonkey


As a marketing tool, Facebook Messenger can produce unprecedented interaction with target audiences. If you’re trying to promote your business on Facebook, MobileMonkey is a fantastic tool to use. The tool lets you collect Messenger contacts, communicate with clients via broadcast messages and drip campaigns, and handle user comments on your Facebook posts mechanically. In addition to a robust chatbot builder and analytics tools, MobileMonkey provides full support for Facebook Messenger advertisements (Click-to-Messenger Ads) and sponsored ads.



WASK is a one-stop shop for digital advertising needs, allowing customers to create, distribute, manage, and optimize advertisements. This application’s primary goal is to supply Facebook marketers with a convenient, low-cost, all-inclusive ad platform.

Key Features:

  • In a matter of seconds, you may manage many Facebook page advertising campaigns from a centralized control panel.
  • AI-driven Facebook advertising platform that analyzes user behavior across your website and other digital properties to pinpoint your ideal ad audience.
  • Effortless Facebook Pixel and WordPress connection.
  • A superb graphical editor that provides a plethora of resources for free, including pre-made layouts, stock photos, and
  • Time-saving and efficiency-boosting automation features and tools, including Autopilot, a Scheduling Assistant, and A/B testing.
  • Tools for evaluating and reporting on performance alongside other optimization features.

3. Sendinblue

Using Sendinblue, your Facebook advertising campaigns will be easier to launch and manage. Beautiful advertisements with solid calls to action will help you reach more people (CTA). Using this feature of Facebook’s advertising platform, you may focus on a select group of people to remarket to. A contact list can also locate potential new clients analogous to your best ones. After configuring your ad settings, Sendinblue will automatically adjust your daily budget to maximize your ROI. They provide extensive information to assist you in examining your marketing performance. This Facebook marketing tool is immediately available at no cost to you. Prices for their premium services begin at $25 per month.

4. ShortStack- Facebook Marketing Tools

ShortStack- Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy
Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

ShortStack has marketed itself as the premier platform for hosting successful giveaways and contests. It streamlines the creation and publishing of campaigns and consolidates data from both campaign and email analytics into a single dashboard. To what end could it be used? Views, shares, traffic sources, and more can all be monitored in near real-time. You can use it to create landing pages that bring in more potential customers.

5. Heyo- Facebook Marketing Strategy

Get Ambassador- Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy
Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Heyo is a lead generation app that may be used with Facebook. Facebook can organize giveaways, competitions, and trending hashtag campaigns.
Key Features:

  • Run social giveaways on Facebook or websites.
  • Control hash tag-based marketing initiatives.
  • Keep photo and video contest entries to a reasonable number.
  • Incorporate voting, quizzes, and other forms of audience participation into your next campaign.

6. Pagemodo

The Facebook marketing tool Pagemodo is fantastic. Create attention-grabbing cover images, individual tabs, and fun contests for your Facebook pages with the help of this app.

Key Features

  • Contests and prizes can be run with minimal effort on Facebook.
  • Make sure you schedule your social media updates on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Make Facebook advertising that people will want to click on.
  • Optimize Facebook advertisements.
  • To make contact, you should design forms.
  • Promote your products and drive traffic to your website by including call-to-action buttons and links in your product listings.

7. SocialOomph

If you want more people to see your Facebook posts and follow your page, SocialOomph is a great tool.

Key Features:

  • Simple time-aware scheduling of tweets and postings.
  • Including an automatic RSS feed.
  • Easy tracking of new likes on your Facebook profile!
  • Previous posts will automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time.
  • There is an artificial cap on the number of publications generated automatically.

8. Buffer- Facebook Marketing Tools

Buffer- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

To manage many social media accounts, many people turn to Buffer. You can use it to prearrange when your Facebook and other social media postings go live. Its user-friendly design has won widespread praise from companies of all sizes. The distribution toolkit includes a Chrome extension that works with WordPress and other platforms.

9. Driftrock- Facebook Marketing Tools

Lead generators use this Facebook marketing tool to convert Facebook users. To put it simply, it’s a collection of valuable programs. Each device has a distinct purpose. And when used together, they provide a comprehensive answer to the problem of managing and automating Facebook advertisements. Using Driftrock, making advertisements is simple and fast. Alterations can be tried out quickly and easily. You can use it to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget.

10. Facebook Ads Manager

Create and control your Facebook ads with the aid of the Facebook Ads Manager. You can narrow your focus to just the perfect audience using Facebook’s Ads Manager. To keep costs in check, it aids in establishing a budget. Using reporting tools, you can gain insight into how well your advertisements performed. Also, you can use the tool suggested by Meta, FB ad library, which helps you to get insights about others’ ad performances, and current industry trends, which can help you to outline your further ad campaigns. Moreover, Ad Manager allows you to pause any ad you like to fine-tune the campaign.

11. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a multi-functional Facebook marketing tool. It’s simple to write and distribute content. You may gain insight about posting that is helpful. More than that, it allows you to keep tabs on an unlimited number of profiles and pages. The actions of the users’ fans and followers can be analyzed. Important information from other websites, including your competitors, can be compared and analyzed.

12. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is an excellent social media dashboard and analytics tool. It might be helpful for marketing on that platform when used with Facebook advertisements. The tool helps you optimize your ad campaign. What’s more, you ask? It aids in identifying potential customers and reaching out to them again. Get genuine leads and conversions from your Facebook ads and dominate in analytics. Hootsuite also allows you to understand your Facebook page’s readership better and interact with them.

13. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

It automatically recycles your Facebook page changes over time, so they are optimal. Meet Edgar has a Facebook integration plugin, so you can easily link the two services. Using this tool, you can easily plan and keep tabs on your Facebook page’s updates. It remembers the content you’ve already posted and automatically adds more to the queue as you go. The time and energy you save using this application will allow you to focus on generating more leads.

14. Post Planner

Plan all of your social media updates and interactions using Post Planner. You may use it to discover, organize, and share engaging information on your Facebook profile. The suggestion engine in Post Planner finds the posts that will get the most likes and shares on your Facebook page. It speeds up the process of reaching your target audience. Every interaction is a data point that contributes to your overall improvement—schedule posts on your Facebook page and more with this helpful tool.

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15. Qwaya

Qwaya- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

Qwaya is a useful application for managing your Facebook advertisements. It’s got some serious firepower, plus a slick web-based interface. And it can help increase visits to blogs or Facebook profiles. Ads may be made quickly and easily with this tool. The campaigns can be set to begin at a specific time of day. Additionally, ineffective advertisements and movements might be temporarily suspended to boost overall efficiency.

16. Agorapulse

Agorapulse- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

Agorapulse is an easy-to-use but powerful program that lets you control what is posted on and interacted with on a Facebook page. Agorapulse is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to track and compare the performance of your competitors’ Facebook pages. It offers numerous reports for monitoring progress. Additionally, it includes teamwork enhancements for complex workflows.

17. Socedo

Socedo is a social media marketing tool that runs in the cloud and generates high-quality leads in real-time. Analyzing social intent data aids in the formation of more sound judgments. Finding information is easy with Socedo. Its lead monitoring functionality is excellent for keeping tabs on how prospects behave. It’s able to produce in-depth reports that are useful to marketers.

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18. Socialbakers- Facebook Marketing Tools

The Socialbakers suite is an AI-driven tool for social media advertising. The Facebook marketing tools are excellent. You can communicate more effectively when you know who you’re talking to. Constructing enduring bonds with your clientele is possible. If you want to compare how well you’re doing on Facebook to the industry standard, use their benchmarking tool. There is now an artificial intelligence-powered tool to help you determine which content to promote—this aids in developing a more effective advertising method.

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19. Sprout Social- Facebook Marketing Tools

Connections are easier to make with the aid of Sprout Social. It aids in initiating and keeping tabs on social dialogues and providing valuable data for improved decision-making. Sprout Social’s analytical tools are a significant aid for marketers because they provide data and insights into Facebook’s user base. It explains the reactions people have on Facebook. Segmenting impressions data by geography, age, and gender allows for more precise targeting.

20. Timeline Contest AgoraPulse

Timeline Contest AgoraPulse- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

To boost Facebook engagement, this is a fantastic marketing strategy. Facebook now allows you to host contests, quizzes, and photo albums on your page. Filter participation using the AgoraPulse Timeline Contest app. It separates “likes” and “comments” so you may examine them independently. You can hold as many or as few contests as you like. The amount of pages under your control that you can use them on is irrelevant.

21. InVideo

InVideo- Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing Tools

Have you ever wished you could make videos that attract attention and result in sales? Stop right there! Using InVideo, you can make Facebook ads that get people’s attention. If you’ve ever wanted to make professional videos for advertising but thought it was impossible, InVideo is here to help. Their carefully curated template library lets you get started with just a few clicks, and you can add text and media by dragging and dropping. What’s more, Text boxes, animations, graphics, and audio can all be customized in each frame in InVideo. It costs nothing to utilize their core services. However, upgrading to their business plan costs $10 per month.

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Conclusion of Facebook Marketing Tools

According to Facebook’s latest improvements, using these marketing techniques can help attract new clients and customers effectively. You may start discussions, make lasting connections, track the performance of your articles, and optimize them for optimum impact. You can reach more people and broaden your audience with the right Facebook marketing tools. The resources above are all meant to aid in the accomplishment of your objectives. You only need to zero in on the resources that work best for you. And begin using them as part of your Facebook advertising campaign immediately. At the same time, a comprehensive evaluation of one of the most reliable Postfity substitutes. It’s a great alternative to Hootsuite because it has features like scheduling posts in bulk and creating white-label reports.

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