7+ Best Commenting Plugins for WordPress In 2024

Best Commenting Plugins

Are you looking for the best Commenting Plugins? if you are running a Social networking site, then Commenting Plugins are essential for your website. Comments on your blogs play an important role in creating engagements and building a community on your website. Nothing works better than a commenting plugin on your website to identify and acknowledge what’s happening in your different blog forums.


Commenting Plugins for WordPress

In this article, I will discuss with you some of the best WordPress commenting systems – to see which is the best choice for your site. Let’s get started.

1. JetPack Comments

Commenting Plugins

Jetpack is another recognized plugin released by Automattic, the team behind the WordPress Platform. The good part of Jetpack is its User Interface which is credibly good. It can be improved by enabling visitors to use different social platforms for commenting. It has a good developer support team for backing it up and is regularly updated making a website free of bugs and multiple other issues. As far as spammers are concerned, with this plugin, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Furthermore, this plugin removes concerns encircling SEO scores for your website.

Jetpack Comments is easy to install, too. Just like any other WordPress plugin, just sync it up to a WordPress.com account, and then activate the Jetpack Comments module.

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2. Facebook Comments

Commenting Plugins

With over 1.8 billion users, most of the world’s Internet population is familiar with Facebook’s interface. Facebook Comments lets you bring that same interface to your WordPress comments section.

Facebook Comments uses the same commenting system found on your Facebook wall. The first benefit of Facebook Comments is visitors will recognize this format immediately, and instinctively know how to leave comments.

Other advantages include one-click social logins and reply notifications. the Facebook Comments plugin does not install Facebook Comments by itself — it just makes it easier to integrate your app with your WordPress website once you’ve created it.

3. wpDiscuz

Commenting Plugins

This is another best-commenting Plugins. This plugin comes super fast and responsive with dozens of features which include- wpDiscuz also the best alternative to Livefyre, Jetpack, and Facebook comments. Making comments has never been so awesome! Integration with Postmatic for subscriptions and comments by email. It also can add a comment system on attachment pages if it’s allowed by WordPress. It has the option to load all comments on the first load.

wpDiscuz offers loads of integrations, too. It’s compatible with a number of the top anti-spam plugins — including Akismet — and will also pull avatars and profile details from top member plugins like BuddyPress.

4. Postmatic

Commenting Plugins

Postmatic adds a super helpful engagement-boosting feature to your comments. It lets readers subscribe to both new posts and comment replies via email. And when your readers get a notification email – magic happens:

To maximize the effectiveness of this process, Postmatic doubles up as an opt-in plugin, with pop-ups, slide-ins, and top bars all supported. Visitors leaving comments the old-fashioned way — at the bottom of blog posts — are signed up to your email list, too.

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5. Simple Comment Editing

Commenting Plugins

Simple comment Editing is one of the best Commenting plugins. Users can edit their comments for up to five minutes after posting. This plugin simply tracks who submits a comment and gives that user the ability to edit the comment, in case they made a typo, wanted to add another thought, or generally just wanted to fix a mistake they made.

6. Comment Popularity

When it comes to voting on your comment, then this plugin proves best. With the comment Popularity plugin, members of your site will be able to vote comments up or down.

Users can vote on each comment. Comments with higher aggregate scores are displayed at the top of the list. It’s a nice way to crowd-source quality sorting for your comments section.

7. CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a WordPress commenting plugin that enhances user engagement by rewarding commenters with a backlink to their latest blog post. Developed by Andy Bailey, CommentLuv encourages a sense of community on a website by allowing commenters to showcase their content alongside their comments.

This plugin not only fosters interaction but also provides a way for bloggers to discover and connect with each other’s latest posts.

CommentLuv typically supports various blogging platforms, making it a popular choice for those seeking to boost their online presence and promote content through active participation in discussions.

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8. GraphComment

GraphComment is a WordPress commenting plugin that provides an interactive and modern commenting system for websites. This plugin aims to improve the commenting experience by incorporating social media features and a visually engaging design. Users can log in with their social media accounts, and comments are displayed in a threaded, nested format.

GraphComment also includes upvoting and downvoting features, enabling users to express their opinions on comments.

It is designed to foster community engagement and enhance the overall user experience by offering a more dynamic and visually appealing comment section.

9. Replyable for WordPress

Replyable for WordPress is a commenting plugin designed to enhance communication and interaction within a WordPress website’s comment section. Developed by Postmatic, Replyable facilitates dynamic conversations by allowing users to subscribe to comment threads.

This means that users receive email notifications for ongoing discussions, enabling them to stay updated on replies and actively participate in the conversation without revisiting the website.

The plugin aims to improve user engagement and build a sense of community by making it easier for users to follow and contribute to discussions within the comment section.

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What do you choose?

This was all about the Commenting plugins. Trust me these free Plugins can easily grow engagement with your website. Now it is all up to you which Plugin you choose for your website. When in doubt, pick the most lightweight plugin. A bloated comments section can easily drag down your site’s performance – don’t let it. Did I miss any plugins? if yes, then please feel free to comment below.

Final Thought On Commenting Plugins

WordPress commenting plugins play a crucial role in fostering engagement and interaction on websites. They enhance the user experience by providing dynamic and feature-rich comment sections. Whether it’s encouraging discussion, rewarding commenters with backlinks, or integrating social media features, these plugins contribute to building a vibrant online community. CommentLuv, Disqus, wpDiscuz, and others offer diverse functionalities catering to various needs. Site owners need to choose a commenting plugin that aligns with their specific goals and audience preferences.

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