Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

Woo Price Quotes helps in quoting the products that admin wishes to hide like its purchasing details. As a result, the user will be unable to view the product details anymore. Hence, in this case, the user has to send an inquiry regarding the product. The author then sends the product details to the user regarding the same product only. Whenever the user sends an inquiry the product author receives a mail and therefore he can contact the customer accordingly.

Features of Woo Price Quotes

  • Adds Enquiry Form: with the help of Woo Price Quotes an inquiry form on a single description page so that the user can fill in the product related inquiry.
  • Send Email: By this, the user can send an email related to the inquiry of the product he wishes to buy.
  • Hide Price: with the help of this plugin, the admin can hide the price of selective products or all the products.

Installation of Woo Price Quotes

In the article below, we have described the step by step procedure of installing this plugin.

I Step Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

II Step: On the Dashboard of your website, scroll down the left-hand sidebar and click on Plugins.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

III Step: From the Installed Plugins page, click on Add New at the top of the page. Alternatively, click on Add New from the drop-down menu under Plugins on the sidebar.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

IV Step: On the Add Plugins page, type in the name of your plugin in the search box on the right-hand side, at the top of the page.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

V Step: After click upload button, you can upload plugin zip & install.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

VI Step: The plugin is now installed and unpacked into your website. The last thing to do now is click Activate Plugin.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce


How Do Woo Price Quotes Works?

The user has to follow the following procedure to activate Woo Price Quotes.

I Step: Install Woo Price Quotes Plugin and activate this plugin.

II Step: Click Price Quotes On Admin dashboard sidebar.

Woo Price Quotes for WooCommerce

As soon as the plugin gets activated, the user will get 2 options that are as follows:

  • The first option will be to select all the products, which in turns makes all the products non-purchasable by the user.
  • Secondly, admin can show or hide the price of selected products. Admin can choose the products from the list provided on the admin the page.
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Wrapping Words!

As a conclusion this plugin is to install and activate. For sending an inquiry for the product you can view the product from the store then go to it”s single description page. All you have to do is fill up the inquiry form present at the bottom of the page and your details will be redirected to the author of the page. In this manner, a user can get complete details of the product. In case of any suggestion or feedback please write to us in the comment section below.



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