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The old saying goes: “Better safe than sorry!” We’re sure that everybody agrees with it. When it comes to WordPress sites, the saying applies to good security solutions against vulnerabilities of this platform. However, the bad guys seem to know exactly where to attack and intrude on your website. Even with the best security plugins, they manage to hack the website.

Whether you are new to WordPress or already have a lot of experience, you always have to work on strengthening your security so that you don’t have to repair the site when it’s already destroyed. How to make the WordPress database of our online business presentation intact even when hacked?

Invest in Good Hosting

Invest in Good Hosting

Choosing quality web hosting is the No.1 priority when it comes to keeping your WordPress site safe and sound. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a hosting provider that will send the message to potential hackers: “Back off!”

Price / Quality Ratio

First of all, you shouldn’t save a single dime on a hosting solution. Low prices can be tempting, but also cause a problem in the near future. It’s very simple: Would you rather give 5 dollars a month for web hosting and risk being hacked (and getting bad service) or 15 dollars and have a great and personalized service that’s tailored to the needs of your business? We’re sure the answer imposes itself with no due explanation needed.

What Is the Price of Your Tranquility?

Up until recently, people were convinced they’ll save money by paying 5 dollars a month for shared hosting. Those who faced security issues painfully learned that they need to migrate their websites to dedicated WordPress hosting. You need to consider opting for dedicated, fully managed WordPress hosting if you don’t want to lose business.

Speaking of tranquillity, no other type of hosting but DMCA-ignored hosting will keep you calm in case you published content that turns out to violate copyright guidelines determined under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Of course, not all of these hosting providers were created equal. They differ from one another by their many features but the most important difference between them is their genuine reaction when a formal takedown request arrives. Some will fight for your rights, while others will shut down your web page without getting into legal battles.

The problem with 5-dollar-a-month hosting is that, in that case, your website is on the same server as a million other websites, which means if one website is compromised, there’s little chance of avoiding the hacking attacks. So, shared hosting can be an acceptable solution for WordPress sites in case providers properly separate user accounts on their servers.

Why did we say that you might lose your business by opting for hosting that turns out to be wrong? If you collect or store customer data on your website, you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. If you have invested time and money into creating extensive content, you don’t want a hacker to reduce it to a meaningless website or destroy everything.

Switching to dedicated WordPress hosting may save you the misery of failure. Dedicated hosting packages are more expensive than shared packages but since there are many hosting companies already on the global market, the competition is huge and it’s possible to purchase highly affordable dedicated hosting plans.

Support for Quality

Is there any need to talk about why hosting should provide good tech support? Being available at all times is great, and that’s how hosting providers advertise themselves – as having 24/7 available tech support.

However, in some cases, you can wait 20-30 minutes for feedback from support or chat live with a representative. And when he finally shows up, he comments that he was doing multiple conversations at the same time. It’s like it’s up to you as a client to apologize for disturbing him/her. Not cool at all! So you’re wasting time on trivialities while they dealt with other cases. Maybe that’s why they sometimes have a bold attitude.

Yet again, maybe you expect too much for 5 dollars a month and want tech support to actually be at your disposal the same second you report an issue like you’re the only client that has technical or other issues at that exact moment. Choose your hosting carefully or you’ll pay for the mistake by losing traffic, or even – as we said – your business.

All that aside, does your hosting provider have backup servers? What other security measures do they offer? Will you be able to recover your website in the event of a hacking attack or will they tell you that your backup has been compromised as well? Will they notice the attack before any major damage is done, or will they just shut down your site and notify you when it’s too late? Is your web host secure or vulnerable to all kinds of attacks?

The only way to find answers to all these questions is to inform yourself by reading the reviews and doing the necessary research. Do it and you’ll be surprised by what you can find about hosting companies by googling them.

Avoid Falling Into the Trap of Bad Hosting Recommendation

Bad Hosting Recommendation

How to avoid falling into the trap of bad hosting recommendations? Yes, do the research, and visit review pages of hosting providers, specialized blogs, and tech websites. But… there’s no chance that one host can fulfill every need of every website. Many respectable bloggers and tech websites point out one hosting company but they do it because they have working relationships with them, some sort of sponsor agreement, or they simply do affiliate marketing for the specific hosting provider.

When you ask a question on some forum, don’t just ask “What do you think about ‘this and this’ host?” Be more insightful and ask something that’s closer to what’s the exact problem for which you need a web hosting provider, like “Which hosting provider would you recommend for ‘this and this’ problem that reflects in ‘this and this’?”

It’s never pleasant when someone hacks your website, and the world would truly be a nicer place without hackers doing it out of malice (we’re not talking about “ethical” hackers who do what they do to protect us). However, you shouldn’t panic when a villain attacks your WordPress site. With proper hosting security solutions and the right steps at the right time, you can recover a hacked WordPress site in no time.

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