Spam comments are a very common problem for WordPress users. These comments have a negative impact on user experience. They may also affect the SEO rank of your website. Akismet is a very popular WordPress plugin that will keep your website spam-free. It will give your users an excellent browsing experience and will also improve the SEO rank of your website. However, Akismet is only meant for personal use and non-profit organizations. 

So, here we are with some of the best Akismet alternatives. These plugins will help to stop spam comments, emails and spambots. They will also prevent spammers from getting access to your website. Let us have a look a each of these akismet WordPress plugins alternative in details:

#1 CleanTalk


CleanTalk is an anti-spam solution. It is basically a cloud-based solution and is regarded as one of the most powerful Akismet alternatives available to us. This tool can be used to stop spams in contact emails, comments, registrations, orders, subscriptions, widgets and services. It can do all these without the use of CAPTCHAs.

CleanTalk can remove existing spam comments. You will also be able to block the users by their countries. Another excellent feature of CleanTalk is the SpamFireWall option which lets you block active spambots before they enter your website. It can also be used to reduce the load on your web server.

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#2 Titan Anti-spam & Security

titan security

Anti-spam is used to add an extra field to the comments section. This field will only be visible to the spammers and not to the regular users. As soon as the spammers fill this trap-field, their comments will be blocked because it is spam.

Anti-spam is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is install it on your website and it will work fine. It is also compatible with all popular WordPress themes. Anti-spam also includes firewalls, anti-spam malware scan security as well as site accessibility checking for your WordPress website. It has a number of other useful features as well. No CAPTCHA is required.

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#3 Antispam Bee

antispam bee

Antispam Bee is considered to be another very popular Akismet alternative. This plugin is used to block spam comments without the use of any kind of CAPTCHA. The plugin comes with a number of useful settings and features. You will be able to allow comments in a particular language only. In this way, you will be able to block the comments from certain countries.

Antispam Bee also regards BBCode as spam. It can validate the IP address of your commenters. The plugin will also notify the admin about upcoming spams through emails. You will be able to delete your existing spams automatically. It is completely free of charge and is ad-free as well.

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#4 Stop Spammers

stop spammer

Stop Spammers is a very aggressive tool which can protect your website against login attempts and comment spams. The plugin also prevents bot user registrations as soon as you activate it. Stop Spammers is easy to use and provides you with a number of useful options. It also works well with the WooCommerce plugin.

In order to prevent users from being completely blocked, Stop Spammers will also offer the denied users another chance to post their comments. A CAPTCHA screen will be presented which can be configured as Google reCAPTCHA, OpenCaptcha or SolveMedia CAPTCHA.

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#5 WPBruiser

wp bruiser

WPBruiser is another very popular anti-spam plugin which is based on a particular algorithm. The plugin will help you to identify spambots without the use of any CAPTCHA image. WPBruiser can eliminate spam comments and brute force attacks on your WordPress website. It is completely visible to the end-users.

You need not require any human detection field on your website. WPBruiser is extremely reliable and helps to keep your website secure. It will also prevent all the bots without the need to read CAPTCHA images. Your website will not only become spam-free but it also becomes a lot more secure and faster. 

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#6 Spam Destroyer

spam destroyer

Spam Destroyer is an excellent spam prevention plugin. It is quite simple yet very powerful. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin and it will work fine on your website. You need not require any additional settings to use this plugin. Spam Destroyer will keep all types of automatic spam away from your website. It will, however, remain invisible to the genuine commenters.

Spam Destroyer is a great Akismet alternative and has hundreds of active installs. It will allow you to enjoy a spam-free website. Your plugin will work well with other popular web browsers. It also automatically blocks the IP addresses of spam users.

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#7 Spam Master

spam master

Spam Master is a highly efficient spam remover plugin which can protect your website against spam comments and malicious spam registrations. It is coded in a great way and does not have any negative impact on the speed of your website. It helps to keep your website clean and safe. It also protects your website against email spams.

The plugin can be used to block certain IP ranges. The plugin uses RBL technology which is also constantly being updated. The plugin works well with other popular WordPress plugins also.

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#8 WordPress Zero Spam

wordpress zero spam

WordPress Zero Spam is another popular spam protection plugin that is capable of blocking spams in comments as well as registration forms. All the spams will be blocked automatically without requiring any additional set of your configuration. You just need to install and activate the plugin and you can enjoy a spam-free website experience.

No captcha is required in order to remove the spams. WordPress Zero Spam can remove up to 99.9% spam from your website. It also supports various caching plugins. the zero of spam is also capable of blocking various IP ranges. The plugin comes with an optional locking feature using which you will be able to see who is trying to spam your website.

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These are some of the best Akismet Alternatives  that are widely popular among WordPress users. If you have any other similar plugins in mind, then don’t forget to let us know of it.

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