10 Best Artificial intelligence (AI) Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce Management

AI Plugin

Artificial intelligence (AI) improves our daily lives by making some procedures more efficient and allowing a machines to do complex jobs automatically. As a firm expands, several factors must be considered. Customers and their needs must be catered to adequately, which requires great care and attention.


AI Plugin

This will ensure that your company continues to expand and thrive in the coming years. If you want to deliver the most outstanding and professional assistance and services to your consumers, you must leverage Artificial Intelligence technology.

Among the many everyday applications of artificial intelligence are:

  • Intelligent assistants
  • Customer service Chatbots, recommendation algorithms, content curation, and picture recognition are examples of artificial intelligence.
  • Spam detectors
  • language translators from text-to-speech

In this post, we’ll look at AI-powered WordPress plugins that will allow artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to lift your company beyond its competition.

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1. WP Chatbot by MobileMonkey

WP Chatbot by MobileMonkey
AI Plugin

WP Chatbot is a WordPress Plugin that allows website owners to integrate Facebook Messenger into their site. It enables the site to automatically distribute news and updates to individuals who have subscribed to it via Facebook Messenger.

The OmniChat widget is the quickest and easiest way to add live Chat to your WordPress website, convert more leads, and engage your consumers even after they leave your site.
With the aid of this plugin, you can communicate with your customers via Messenger chat, alter the color of the Messenger theme, and do a lot more.

2. Akismet

AI Plugin

Akismet is just two plugins that come standard with every WordPress installation. To detect spam comments, it employs artificial intelligence and machine learning.
This is when Akismet can come in handy. The WordPress plugin will automatically detect spam comments before they are marked as pending in your moderation queue. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on filtering comments made by actual users.

When Akismet flags a remark as spam, it does not display the Awaiting Moderation message that other comments do. Instead, it will send them to the spam folder automatically.
Akismet, which millions of websites use, has improved over time to recognize virtually all spam uploaded by bots. It can even detect spam comments sent manually by genuine human users by learning from their failures and finding similarities across millions of websites.

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3. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount With AI

This feature-rich plugin includes an extensive pricing and discount toolkit that allows you to change the pricing structure on your WooCommerce site, implement several sorts of discount-based prices, and apply coupons to any product or category. You can eliminate the time-consuming manual procedure of arranging prices and discounts.

4. WordLift

WordLift- AI Plugin
AI Plugin

WordLift is a cutting-edge SEO solution that automates the processing of structured data markup. That is, WordLift transforms your content into the language that Google understands. Consider it a type of search engine translator. This semantic text editor enables you to create content relevant to your audience and will stand out in Google searches.

When examining distinct words and phrases that can be defined, WordLift employs artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence system analyzes website material and converts it into metadata while using cloud data. Voicer: Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress has an extensive collection of words that may be grouped into different categories to assist users in learning more.

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5. Voicer: Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress

Voicer: Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress
AI Plugin

Voicer is a WordPress plugin that converts text into a natural-sounding voice. The Google Cloud Platform serves as the plugin’s foundation, ensuring the plugin’s dependability and performance everywhere around the globe.

The Voicer WordPress Plugin turns text into human-like speech in over 275 voices and 45+ languages and dialects. It delivers high-fidelity audio by combining revolutionary research in voice synthesis (WaveNet) and Google’s neural solid networks. With this simple plugin, you can build lifelike conversations with your users, which transforms customer service and device interaction.

Voicer Text-to-Speech Plugin has been tested and is compatible with all major WordPress plugins. Additionally, the plugin works flawlessly with all-powerful WordPress frameworks.

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6. WooCommerce Chat Bot and Marketing App for Support Board

WooCommerce Chat Bot and Marketing App for Support Board
AI Plugin

With this Support Board add-on, you can now take conversational marketing to a whole new level by using automated chatbots. People enjoy talking via Chat because it is quick, simple, and seems like a discussion. The chatbot may be used to replace or supplement traditional marketing methods such as emails and forms. Send conversational discounts, follow-up communications, returning visitor messaging, abandoned cart reminders, and cross-selling.

This plugin includes cutting-edge solutions for expanding your shop, increasing your consumer base, and increasing your earnings. Waiting List, Cart Recovery, Returning Visitor Message, Follow-up, and Cross-Selling.

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7. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner- AI Plugin
AI Plugin

Quttera Web Malware Scanner security plugin checks your website for malware, trojans, viruses, spyware, and other threats.
Quttera Scanner does all of these things using artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. The AI enables it to spot recognized dangers and previously undiscovered ones.

This plugin will scan, identify, prevent, and repair any malware and security concerns on your WordPress website. However, this is only a scanning tool and will not safeguard your website from being compromised. Other security measures may be required for complete security.

8. After The Deadline Proofreading

After The Deadline Proofreading
AI Plugin

After The Deadline Proofreading is a language checker built into the Jetpack plugin. It validates any material’s grammar, spelling, and style on your website.
This intelligent technology takes advantage of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing systems, and it can detect flaws and provide smart suggestions. If you don’t want to install Jetpack after the Deadline is also available as a Google Chrome addition.

This AI plugin works immediately from the WordPress editor after being installed and active. Spelling errors are highlighted in red, grammatical issues are highlighted in green, and style recommendations are highlighted in blue.

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9. MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator Content Curation- AI Plugin
AI Plugin

MyCurator Content Curation is a cloud-based, AI-powered content curation platform. MyCurator employs a Machine Learning Relevance engine to identify the most significant information from around the web while filtering out the garbage. It may be trained using our Machine Learning Relevance engine.

A simple yes/no vote on an item MyCurator will categorize the excellent content after only a few articles, cleaning out 90% or more of the garbage and spam articles and saving you a lot of time. My Curator can automatically curate articles in your WordPress editor with excerpts, photos, and attributions once it has enough information.

10. Yet another related post plugin

YARPP AI plugin
AI Plugin

To engage your visitor on your website you can use related post plugins. It will decrease the bounce rate on your website and that will help you rank higher in Google search results. By using this plugin you show your users related posts or pages so they can spend more time on your website.

Yet another related post plugin is the most popular plugin for related posts. Its in-built cache system will set sequences more effectively and frequently. Whatever language your website has it will support every language. You can use a pre-built list or YARPP custom templating system. It is 100% customizable you can change its display style such as template size if you want to show text only on the front end.

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