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Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Content and design management are the two most important components of every WordPress site. The success of your site depends largely on these factors. Hence, WordPress being the best CMS keeps improving and updating the content and design elements to ensure that its users can create the most efficient and impressive websites in the easiest way possible. The content quality and the design on your site totally depends on you. However, to err is human and it is also difficult for an individual to keep track of every little detail on their WordPress site. To combat this and make website development and management easier, Artificial Intelligence wordpress and machine learning in its plugins and other add-ons.


Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Well, don’t be because you might have already used some of these plugins and functionalities without even knowing. There are a lot of unknown ways in which WordPress uses AI and machine learning to play crucial roles and deliver the best user experience to visitors.

WordPress functionalities that are equipped with AI range from content curation to smart analytics and a lot more. Hence, to help you understand how AI is transforming WordPress, we have compiled a list of 5 major areas in which WordPress uses AI extensively. We have also listed the best plugins that will enable you to adopt the same features on your site instantly. Take a look.

Content Curation and SEO with Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

WordPress has plugins like WordLift – AI-powered SEO that processes the human language to understand the type of content and information that your visitors are looking for. Not only this, but it also helps you to improve your SEO by providing simple SEO tips. These tips are represented in the form of a knowledge graph. Since it converts the entered text into machine-friendly context, it is able to provide relevant facts, images, links, and visuals. This makes your site content user-centric and engaging and results in increased site traffic and conversions.

Grammar and Relevance

Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Grammar plays an important role in your blogs. Sometimes small mistakes can change the complete context of the information you want to supply to your users. Hence, a plugin like Mycurator Content Curation, is very useful for your WordPress site as it enables you to add a content aggregator that shows relevant content for all topics on your site. Powered by artificial intelligence, it also helps you improve your search engine rankings.

Suggestions for your users

Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Most of you must have seen big sites like Youtube and Amazon recommending you different kinds of content and products based on your previous usage. This is exactly what you can do on your site for all users with a simple plugin like Kindred Posts. An incredible plugin that helps you know and understands your clients better, this AI-powered plugin suggests all content according to the preferences of every user. This helps you to deliver a more personalized experience to your customers and ensure targeted branding.


Spam And Malware Identification

Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

To protect this spam and malware, you don’t even need to do anything as WordPress offers a pre-installed plugin named Akismet Anti-Spam. Powered by AI, this spam and malware detection plugin detects human as well as robotic spams instantly. Equipped with machine learning, it keeps on updating itself by learning from the errors and tracing patterns via multiple websites. Saving your time and efforts, this plugin is an unseen blessing for all WordPress users.

Sentimental Analysis

Artificial Intelligence WordPress
Artificial Intelligence WordPress

Sentimental Analysis is the process of identifying and categorizing opinions to determine the sentiments or emotions of your visitors. This is a very strong technique for healthy conversions instantly. Sentiment analysis on WordPress is unique due to plugins like Watsonfinds that help you to improve your site content by indicating the kind of user response generated after reading that content. It predicts emotions like joy, fear, disgust and many others with the help of IBM Watson and enhances your content miraculously to deliver the best results.

Is AI good for WordPress or not?

These are not the only areas in which AI has affected WordPress. In fact, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have transformed WordPress in more ways than you can even think. It’s a rapidly advancing technology and a growing number of plugins use it to improve their performance and offer services that were not available before. However, there are still debates going on as to whether AI is good or bad.

What do you think is AI good for WordPress or not?

Tell us in the comments below.



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