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As we are aware, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use today for building a website. Over 26% of websites built on the Internet have used WordPress as their first choice website development software. The plugin feature of WordPress makes it widely accepted both by users and website developers. With this extensibility feature, the core functionality of WordPress can be enhanced in many ways. Best WordPress plugins will offer some amazing enhancement that makes WordPress more appealing to users, so between thousands of different WordPress plugins, there is the limitless possibility of enhancing the looks and functionalities of your website.


WordPress Plugins You May Consider Installing

Essential WordPress Plugins

1. Contact Form 7

A contact form is a direct way of communication between the website viewer and you. Contact Form 7 is the WordPress plugin for managing multiple contact forms. Also, you can customize your website’s contact form by using simple codes.

2. Google Analytics WD

This powerful plugin will enable users to access Google Analytics data from the dashboard of WordPress itself. With this WordPress plugin, you can follow the logged-in data of individual users or authors, type of post, and categories. This will allow you to research and produce more effective marketing strategies.  It is one of the best WordPress plugins for Google Analytics.

3. WP Rocket- Best WordPress Plugins

This WordPress plugin is essential to decrease the page loading time of your website. Page loading speed is one of the criteria used by Google to rank your site in search engine result pages (SERP). WP Rocket plugin uses page caching to speed up uploading time.

4. Disqus Comment System

This WordPress plugin is important, especially for websites that generate lots of content regularly. Disqus can turn a blog post into a social media site and takes care of proper integration with all the top online social media also.

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5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

If you want to improve your site’s SEO, Yoast SEO can be great for you. With this plugin you will get a complete guide from keyword density to readability, metadata, headings tags, and focus keywords, you will get a detailed overview of each in an easy-to-understand form.

6. Smush

Another essential WordPress plugin, Smush ensures maximum optimization of all the images on your website. Image optimization is also another criterion for increasing the SERP of your website.

This WordPress plugin ensures eCommerce functionality on your website. You can enable electronic payment receipts from customers for online purchases. There is a host of other plugins which provide lots of e-commerce-related functionalities, provided your site has WooCommerce installed.

7. Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is the perfect solution for expanding your WooCommerce coupon features and marketing your store more effectively. Thanks to this fantastic plugin, about 15,000+ store owners have taken their coupon marketing game to a new level.

8. BackWPup

One of the most common reasons for website crashes is the improper installation of software or plugins. BackWPup WordPress plugin provides an automated backup facility for your website. You need to confirm the data to be saved and time settings; the rest is taken care of by this versatile plugin.

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9. Sumome- Best WordPress Plugins

Sumo is a versatile WordPress plugin that helps in many ways to market your website online. Essential features like Heatmap and Social Sharing are part of this powerful plugin. You can use the data collected in more targeted customer marketing.

10. Zendesk Chat

You can incorporate the live chat feature on your website with this WordPress plugin. Zendesk Chat will enable viewers or customers to talk with you in real-time.

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Best WordPress Plugins-Final Thoughts

You should use these plugins to enhance your website in many ways. Only remember that too many plugins may ultimately slow down and create conflicts within your website.

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