In the new era of technology along with WordPress being the best friend of a blogger, it is not much of a problem to create a new blogging site. But the maintenance of the site and the audience-building process is not a piece of cake. Without the knowledge of the key tools or WordPress Plugins making a living out of such a profession seems to be a difficult task.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins which may come to the rescue of the bloggers.

Disable Comments -WordPress Plugins

This handy WordPress plugin helps the bloggers to remove any comment or the whole comment section from any posts such as pages, attachments or blogs. The comment related field in the quick-editing section is completely disabled so that the settings cannot be overridden. The comment related issues can be removed from the Dashboard, admin menu, Admin Bar or widgets. Keep in mind that the WordPress plugin is not helpful for disabling selected comments from a website.

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Theme Check

This is a simple plugin for testing the theme’s spec quality. The test takes place in an easy admin menu with all results displayed in a single window. The plugin comes to great use for theme developers and bloggers who are enthusiastic about getting support for their newly created or updated website theme. Do not forget to check the themes bought from external sources.

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Google XML Sitemaps

A special XML sitemap is generated through the use of this plugin which assists the bloggers to improve the indexing of one’s blog in search engines like Google,, and Yahoo. You can easily check and preview the complete structure of your blog post site and plan your next update accordingly. The WordPress plugin supports all kinds of created pages and custom URLs. The best part is that the well-rated plugin neither harms any website nor slows it down.

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Event Organiser

This WordPress plugin helps in adding events to the blog post site that blends well with both the posts and the readers. The plugins allow creating such events that have the same function as the blogs. The further features include managing the events, repeating the event schedule according to need, adjusting complex schedules and assigning venues. The reliable user interface allows the blogger to view the events on the calendar page or admin area of the WordPress site.

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As a blogger, it’s important you stick to a regular publishing schedule, but this is easier said than done. The Strive plugin can help you publish consistently by giving you a visual calendar with all your upcoming posts. In a few clicks, you can add, edit, and reschedule your blog posts. There are also statuses used to color-code the posts, revisions for republishing older posts, and a checklist system that adds a “To Do” list right in the post editor (works with Gutenberg and the Classic Editor.

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Disqus Comment System

Disqus is a very popular commenting plugin which allows you to increase reader engagement, grow your audience traffic and monetize your content. If you have a blogging website, you will be very much benefitted by this plugin as it lets you easily add Disqus comment system to your sites, replacing the default WP comment system.
This plugin offers various features to engage your readers in real-time. These include realtime comments, comment text formatting, threaded comment display, sort discussion and more.

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Amidst thousands of WordPress plugins, these are some of the most useful ones, especially for the bloggers. They help in improving user experience, security, and quality of content that results in saving time and avoiding flaws.

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