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Building up a perfect website from mere scratch may sound the most intimidating task to anyone. But with the help of proper tools and features, the whole troublesome project can be executed without any difficulty. WordPress starter themes are the ideal tools that can save you from the struggles to make your own website. The basic idea of the starter theme is to give a boost to your will of building a website.

WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

Here are the top 7 WordPress starter themes in 2020 that can totally help out any starting developers.

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  1.  Underscores
  2.  Sage
  3.  Nebula
  4.  Cornerstone
  5.  JointsWP
  6.  StartWP
  7.  CyberChimps

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UNDERSCORES WordPress Starter Theme, Starter Themes

Being one of the most effective WordPress starter themes, Underscores uses clean code languages, such as CSS and HTML5. Developed and maintained by the company named Automatic, its main objective is to provide a blank slate in front of you; so that you can build whatever designs you like without any impediments. Though it isn’t a heavy feature theme, Underscores can help you with building your standard WordPress themes more quickly than any other themes.

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Sage WordPress Starter Theme

Formerly known as roots, Sage is a modern starter theme in WordPress that is based on Bower, Gulp, and Bootstrap. It offers you Theme Wrapper for avoiding the repetition of same code in all the templates. Instead of spending loads of time in writing codes to spot any bug; with the help of the easy compilation process of Sage you can easily detect any possible mistakes in your themes. This theme is one of the top most favorites among the front-end developers in WordPress.



Nebula WordPress Starter Theme, Starter Themes

Nebula is an advanced multipurpose starter theme in WordPress that appears like a framework.  With this responsive theme option, you can give your site clean and minimalistic design attributes. Not being mean for the end-users, it offers custom-functionality built-ins, like JS/PHP functions, shortcodes etc. Carefully selected plugins have been compiled with it; so that Nebula can offer the best feature set to its users.


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Cornerstone WordPress Starter Theme, Starter Themes

Cornerstone basically helps to enhance the capabilities of content management in any website. Based on the popular framework of Foundation, this modern WordPress starter theme possesses both the front-end and intuitive features. It usually comes with pre-defined navigation menu locations, custom header, and widgets.



JointsWP : WordPress Starter Theme, Starter Themes

JointsWp is a powerful starter theme in WordPress that comes in Sass and CSS codes. Based on the framework of Foundation 6, this blank WordPress theme gives you the total flexibility and power to create the most attractive websites. It includes the Gulp setup; so that you can save more of your valuable time while relying on a modern workflow.


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StartWP is a user-friendly WordPress theme which is now fully compatible with Gutenberg. With this theme you can create easier and faster website. This theme is suitable for creative business, small businesses, startups, corporate businesses, online firms and more.




A responsive drag and drop starter WordPress theme by CyberChimps, this theme is a free HTML5 theme that features Twitter Bootstrap, and a responsive layout and various theme options to customize a number of elements. This theme is also Gutenberg compatible.


The Takeaway

From simplifying your creation process to saving a lot of your time, the WordPress starter themes are meant to be the invaluable tools to help you create your own themes in WordPress. To skip the early stages of complex coding and the most time-consuming parts, there cannot be anything better than the WordPress starter themes. If you have a feedback or a suggestion, feel free to share your views by dropping a comment below.

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