How WordPress Community Reacting On Gutenberg

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Here we are. Gutenberg has been in development for six months and now it is ready for testing. Excited?Anyone interested in the future of WordPress will want to take it for a test drive, as the new editor will revolutionize the way users think about creating and editing content. Let’s check out what WordPress world is gossiping about Gutenberg. But before that, it’s my duty to make you understand what Gutenberg is all about? Let’s get started-

What is Gutenberg


Gutenberg is a WordPress plugin, which takes place as a new editor on WordPress. Let understand in a bit deep from where this word comes from? Did you know?  It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. The main aim of this plugin is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable especially for entrepreneurs. With the help of this plugin, you can have an amazing experience of page building.

It makes rich posts into easier ones. This mind-blowing visual editor requires a lot of us to utilize shortcodes and HTML to make things work. This plugin is active with more than 2000 installation. Gutenberg also offers a somewhat unique testing experience in that it creates its own menu inside WordPress, so users don’t have to choose between the old editor and the new one.

Features of Gutenberg

This amazing plugin carries loads of features. But here I’ll discuss with you some of them –

  1. Drag & drop – Gutenberg has mind-blowing drag and drop facility. Images directly into an image block, just like you are used to with the visual editor.
  2. Live HTML Block- You can insert your code and then can easily see a preview from right within the block. This is actually a pretty cool idea isn’t ?
  3. Easy Table Block- Simple tables are much easier now, as you can insert them as blocks within the editor.
  4. Cover Text Options- Gutenberg has some new visual styles and options for cover text. You can easily change the font size, turn it into a Drop Cap, and change the color with their new custom color palette component.
  5. Table of Contents and Anchor Support- Table of Contents option is also added on the sidebar. They are clickable links so you can easily jump to a section in your article. Another feature you can now use on blocks is anchors. Adding anchors allows you to then link directly to a certain section or header in the article.

Excited to know more about Gutenberg. Test it and find it all.

What is the community reaction


As Gutenberg is still in the testing phase, the team working on it are encouraging people to try it out and leave comments and feedback in the WordPress support forum. There are bulks of people who daily testing Gutenberg and reviewing its pros and cons. Today I’ll discuss some of the latest reviews.So that you can get the idea is Gutenberg is suitable for you or not- Some are writing in favor and some are in disfavor. Let’s first start where Gutenberg is lacking.

  • Some are facing problems with customers’ websites and performance penalty.
  • Some don’t it much interesting. “I really liked the concept of blocks – although not new – and how was it applied in an interesting way. I think that just adding a couple of extra customization possibilities (padding, line-height!?) would change my mind about using Gutenberg for a project.”
  • Some of the people really dislike this plugin – “Please don’t make it as a default editor on WordPress, it really sucks. I’ve used a lot of editors in the past and this is by far the worst one.”
  • It is currently missing Markdown support.
  • Some are worried about the accessibility of Gutenberg.

This was all about the negative response of Gutenberg. Now we will see who it proves best in most of the aspects




  • Gutenberg is future – ‘’Yes, Gutenberg will make it easier to handle the Layout for non-coders’’.
  • Deserves best – ‘’As for me it’s this plugin development have correct direction. When it’s gonna be finished would be a really nice plugin. But I think it deserves 5 stars for a great job!’’
  • Getting better – ‘’It’s getting better with each release. The new Gutenberg editor is going make them onboarding experience of WordPress 100% easier. The existing editor is by far the biggest frustration that WP newbies have, and I can see that Gutenberg is going to solve many of their issues’’.
  • Great plugin- ‘’This is great – nice minimal way of extending the editor. I’ve just discovered I can integrate this into Magento using the Fishpig module and including the Gutenberg CSS stylesheet. Good work – hope it becomes the standard WordPress editor soon’’.
  • Good Blocking – “It’s very good to move blocks. I use it in a Japanese environment. Very good’’.

Now what you feel umm?? I think it is the best plugin after seeing the amazing reviews. Test Gutenberg you will get to know the results. I hope this article made you learn about Gutenberg plugin. Share your experience after testing.For any query feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading. Have a happy testing.



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