5 Best WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugins 2024

Product bundling in e-commerce refers to the practice of offering multiple products or services together as a single package or bundle. This strategy allows businesses to create value for customers by offering complementary items or related products at a discounted price when purchased together.


Product bundles can range from simple combinations of two or more items to more complex packages that include a variety of products, add-ons, or services. By leveraging product bundling, e-commerce businesses can increase average order value, promote cross-selling and upselling, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace. Additionally, product bundling can also help businesses manage inventory, reduce shipping costs, and improve overall profitability.

What is the WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin?

The WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin is a powerful tool designed to facilitate product bundling within WooCommerce-powered e-commerce stores. With this plugin, businesses can create and offer bundled products consisting of multiple items or variations, allowing customers to purchase them together as a single package. Whether it’s combining related products, offering complementary items, or creating custom product sets, the WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin enables businesses to increase sales by incentivizing customers to buy more items at once.

This plugin offers flexibility in bundling options, allowing businesses to set pricing rules, discounts, and product configurations to suit their specific needs and strategies. Additionally, the plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience for both businesses and customers. Overall, the WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin empowers e-commerce businesses to implement effective product bundling strategies, drive sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

List of WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugins

1. YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

The YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses seeking to implement effective upselling strategies and increase sales of product combinations. By analyzing customer behavior and purchase patterns, businesses can identify complementary products that customers are likely to buy together. With this plugin, businesses can create custom bundles of related products and offer discounts on the final sale price, encouraging customers to purchase additional items.

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

  • Customize bundle contents and presentation, tailoring them to your preferences.
  • Include product variations, enabling users to select options like color and size before adding the bundle to the cart.
  • Designate products as optional, giving users the choice to add them to the bundle.
  • Establish purchase rules for the bundle, ensuring flexibility and control over the buying process.


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2. Chained Products by Store Apps

Chained Products by Store Apps simplifies product bundling by allowing store owners to link multiple products to a main product. Customers purchase the main product but automatically receive all linked products. The plugin offers flexibility in quantity, pricing, and display options. It seamlessly manages variable products, subscriptions, discounts, and is compatible with popular WooCommerce extensions like Subscriptions and Smart Coupons.

Chained Products by Store Apps

Key Features of Chained Products by Store Apps

  • Compatible with various WooCommerce product types for versatile bundling options.
  • Ability to create bundles with different types of WooCommerce products.
  • Option to set and display individual prices for chained products, ensuring transparency.
  • Capability to reuse and nest chained product packages for efficient product management and promotion.


$6.59/ Monthly

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3. Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles

The Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles plugin for WooCommerce encourages customers to buy assortments in bundled packages. With easy product addition and interactive display options, it boosts average order value and conversions. Customers can create custom bundles for gifts or practical purposes, such as assembling first-aid kits. The plugin adds a new revenue stream by allowing custom product boxes and enables customers to include gift notes with the WooCommerce Mix and Match feature.

WooCommerce plugin

Key Features of Custom Mix & Match Product Boxes & Bundles

  • Simplify ordering with boxes and bundles, facilitating customer purchases.
  • Enable customers to create new boxes after filling one, enhancing flexibility.
  • Display custom boxes below product images and descriptions for easy selection.
  • Choose between list or grid layout to display products in boxes, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Provide a quick product view in a popup for seamless browsing.
  • Set fixed or dynamic pricing for WooCommerce bundles, offering pricing flexibility.
  • Create boxes with pre-filled products, streamlining the selection process for customers.


$6.59/ Monthly

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4. Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce

Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce is a versatile tool that helps store owners increase sales revenue and engage customers effectively. By offering customized product packages, businesses provide unbeatable deals and incentives that keep customers coming back. With flexible bundling options, seamless integration with WooCommerce, and advanced features like dynamic pricing, this plugin enhances the shopping experience and drives sales growth.

Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce

Key Features of Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce

  • Choose fixed, bundled, or unbundled pricing for product bundles.
  • Apply discounts based on quantity restrictions.
  • Offer discounts and varied prices for bundles.
  • Add products individually or by category to create bundles.
  • Manage visibility of bundle prices on key pages like cart and checkout.


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5. Product Bundles

The Product Bundles is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the functionality and performance of WooCommerce stores. This bundle includes a collection of powerful plugins that address various aspects of e-commerce operations, such as marketing, sales, customer experience, and store management.

Product Bundles

Key Features of WooCommerce Plugin Bundle

  • Create packages with physical, virtual, or downloadable products.
  • Customize package prices and shipping methods to suit your requirements.
  • Group simple, variable, or subscription products, and select specific variations for inclusion.
  • Recommend optional items and enable customers to select desired quantities.
  • Provide batch discounts through dynamic pricing rules for bundled products.


$6.59/ Monthly

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Final Words on Best WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugins

Investing in the best WooCommerce product bundle plugins can significantly enhance the functionality and profitability of your e-commerce store. These plugins offer a range of features designed to streamline the process of creating and selling bundled products, providing convenience for both store owners and customers. By allowing customization of bundle contents, pricing, shipping options, and discounts, these plugins empower businesses to offer attractive deals that drive sales and increase average order value.

The ability to recommend optional items and provide batch discounts adds further flexibility and value to the customer shopping experience. With the right WooCommerce product bundles plugin, you can unlock new revenue streams, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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