9 Necessary Components For Your Company’s About Page

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The most neglected page of a Companies Website is the About Page. Yet, this page is the most crucial customer engaging tool a company has.  The About Us of a website helps in telling the visitors everything about your business and in establishing confidence in your business or brand. Putting effort in writing a great About Us is as important as the other pages. Let’s take a look at all the necessary components required for your company’s about page.

Important Components For Your Company’s About Page

Share your Story

Including a visual presentation of the information is a great way to share your journey so far. It is visually appealing and saves the visitor’s time as well. Including details of employees and customers who helped in the company’s success or in developing a new product is a nice way to thank them. It also shows that you care and respect your customer’s views and opinions.

Write about the Company’s Mission

Including the company’s mission in the about page is very essential. It allows you to share with your audience what your business is about, what you do and why you are doing it. Write about how your business helps the world and how you will regulate your business so that it coordinates with your values.

Share Reviews and Endorsements

Share reviews of people about your business. Sharing people’s views signifies that you are interested in building relationships with your customers and that you value their opinions. By including who trusts your brand in your about page, your potential customers will get to know you better and have faith in your brand.

About Page of a company

Include a Section about your Team

By sharing information about your team you make it evident to the audience that your business is not run by automated messages. You could include the employee’s picture and a brief bio. That would also mean that you value your employees and give a nice impression to the visitors.

Your Contact Information

You should always make it easier for the audience to connect with you. Provide your up-to-date contact information in the about page to make it easier for the potential customers to reach out to you with any queries. Include secure email forms and chat widgets. You could also add an embedded map of your location so that people can easily get the directions.

Showcase your Personality

The about page is a great ay to showcase your personality. You don’t have to be professional. Use the casual approach to reach out to your audience. You can use bright or traditional color tones according to your brand. You can even use images or cartoons to share your personality with the audience.

Include Visual Elements

Including visual elements such as photos, videos, infographics helps in capturing a visitor’s attention faster than normal text. Using it in your about page will help the audience to know more about you in a shorter time.

About Page of a company

Write Concise Content

Writing content that is clear and easy to understand is very crucial. Writing about three pages about your company would be useless if you cannot be clear about what you want to express. Keep your content professional and short so that it is easier for the audience to understand you.

Include Trust Badges

Trust Badges are the symbols that show that your website is secure. It helps in building the confidence of the visitors. With a trust badge, they will be sure that your website is safe to purchase from. It is often seen that most of the visitors do not shop because a website is missing a trust badge.

Remember that a great about page will help in creating the necessary difference from your competitor’s website.

Conclusion For Company’s About Page

All above shared component for company about page are very important while creating it. You should include all these points in your company about page so that anyone can easily know about your company domain, what you do, etc. It also help you to build trust between you and your customer.

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