Enhance your WooCommerce experience with these Outstanding popup plugins!

Elevate your online store with the WooCommerce popup plugins

Explore a variety of WooCommerce popup plugins designed to empower customers in discovering more about products within your store. These plugins facilitate the selection of multiple product options and enable customers to seamlessly add items to their cart without navigating to individual product pages or the shopping cart. Leveraging pop-ups stands as an effective strategy to instill a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in your WooCommerce store. This guide will offer insights into optimal WooCommerce popup plugins and elaborate on utilizing product popups to enhance conversion rates and elevate the average order value.

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Varieties of WooCommerce Product Popups

Let’s elaborate on some common types mentioned earlier:

1. Add to List Popup

Trigger: Activated when a user selects an “Add to List” button or icon.
Purpose: Allows users to specify the desired list for adding an item, along with additional notes or information.

2. Quick View Information Popup

Trigger: Activated when a user hovers over or clicks on a product image.
Purpose: Offers a brief overview of the product, typically including essential details like name, price, and a short description.

3. Related Products Popup

Trigger: Appears when a user adds a product to their cart or explores a product page.
Purpose: Displays relevant products based on the user’s current choices or browsing history, encouraging additional purchases.

4. Product Options Popup

Trigger: Occurs when a user clicks on a product to access detailed information.
Purpose: Presents various product options (e.g., size, color, material), allowing users to choose specific specifications before making a purchase decision.

5. Newsletter Signup Popup

Trigger: Appears on the website to prompt users to subscribe to the store’s newsletter.
Purpose: Encourages user engagement and loyalty by offering incentives like discount coupons or free shipping for newsletter sign-ups.

Each type serves a distinct purpose in enhancing user interaction, providing information, and optimizing the overall shopping experience within a WooCommerce store.

Top Woocommerce popup plugins

Utilize WooCommerce popup plugins to design and display popups on your websites. These versatile popups serve multiple purposes, such as promoting products, collecting email addresses, offering discounts, and more.

Explore the functionalities of these plugins in the following sections:

1. MC Lists- WooCommerce popup plugins

MC Lists is a comprehensive add-to-lists builder that provides all the essential tools for lead generation and sales growth through Email Automation, campaigns, Analytics, and other powerful features. Addressing the common concern where 67% of users hesitate to complete their purchases, MC Lists strategically employs add-to-list buttons on product pages and carts. This strategic approach increases the likelihood of converting visitors into customers through associated pop-ups.

Key Features:

Ultimate Wishlists

  • Customization and Organization: Users can personalize list names and descriptions, facilitating efficient organization of products across multiple wishlists.
  • Privacy Control: Choose between public and private lists, ensuring flexibility and privacy for users.
    User-Friendly Display: Enjoy an attractive display of wishlists within the WooCommerce My Account section, enhancing the overall user experience.

Save For Later

  • Temporary Cart Adjustment: The “Save For Later” feature empowers users to temporarily move items from their cart to a designated list.
  • Sales Opportunities: Facilitate additional sales opportunities by allowing customers to save items they’re interested in but not ready to purchase immediately.

Email Automation

  • Personalized Coupons: Design and customize personalized coupons with various parameters such as time, free shipping, price, and expiration.
  • Behavior-Driven Automation: Establish multiple email automations triggered by specific user actions, such as adding a particular product to their wishlist.

Email Campaign

  • Targeted Communication: Conduct targeted email campaigns to boost sales, with customizable designs tailored to specific parameters like time, free shipping, price, and expiration date.
  • Personalized Content: Include personalized content using placeholders, ensuring that communications resonate effectively with users.


  • Basic: $9/mo
  • Plus: $19/mo
  • Pro: $29/mo
  • Growth: $49/mo

2. OptinMonster- WooCommerce popup plugins

OptinMonster- WooCommerce popup plugins
WooCommerce popup plugins

OptinMonster, a WordPress plugin, specializes in crafting distinctive forms like pop-ups, full-screen lead mats, floating bars, slide-ins, and various others to aid website owners in effectively generating leads. Packed with a multitude of features, this WooCommerce popup plugin is designed to elevate user interaction, foster email list growth, and potentially enhance conversion rates.

Key attributes of OptinMonster include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Construct tailored opt-in forms effortlessly with OptinMonster’s user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, eliminating the need for coding experience.
  • Diverse Campaign Types: Enjoy support for a broad spectrum of campaign types, encompassing Pop-ups, Fullscreen Overlays, Floating Bars, Countdown Timers, Sidebar Forms, and more, providing versatility for various engagement strategies.
  • Advanced Targeting and Segmentation:Utilize OptinMonster’s advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities to precisely target campaigns based on factors such as website visitor behavior, location, referral source, device type, and user status (returning vs. new visitors).
  • A/B Testing: Leverage OptinMonster’s A/B testing capabilities to experiment with several versions of your campaigns. This feature allows you to discern which campaign variation yields superior conversion rates.


  • Basic: $9/mo
  • Plus: $19/mo
  • Pro: $29/mo
  • Growth: $49/mo

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3. TrustPulse- WooCommerce popup plugins

TrustPulse- WooCommerce popup plugins
WooCommerce popup plugins

TrustPulse is a WooCommerce plugin featuring a social proof notification popup that showcases real-time notifications of recent consumer actions, including sales or sign-ups, directly on a website. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing the creation of product-specific popups that highlight recent purchases or other consumer interactions related to a particular product.


  • Real-Time Activity Updates: TrustPulse provides real-time notifications, keeping you informed about recent activities and actions taken by visitors on your website.
  • Customizable Design: TrustPulse offers the flexibility to customize the design of notifications, ensuring they seamlessly blend with the overall look and feel of your website.
  • Versatile Notification Types: TrustPulse supports various notification types, including on-site alerts, email notifications, desktop notifications, and mobile push notifications. This versatility allows you to engage with your audience across multiple channels.
  • Targeting and Segmentation Capabilities: TrustPulse enables personalized notifications based on visitor attributes such as location, device, behavior, or specific pages viewed. This advanced targeting ensures tailored communication to different segments of your audience.
  • Integration with Other Platforms: TrustPulse seamlessly integrates with essential tools such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Hubspot, Shopify, and more. This integration enhances the plugin’s compatibility and utility within your existing ecosystem.


  • Basic: $5/mo
  • Plus: $10/mo
  • Pro: $19/mo
  • Growth: $39/mo

YITH WooCommerce Popup

YITH WooCommerce Popup is a plugin designed for WooCommerce that enables you to capture the interest of your website visitors and transform them into customers through the presentation of customizable popups on your site.

Key Features 

  • Presentation Settings: Effortlessly modify the display parameters of your popups, including their location, timing, positioning, and scrolling control, to suit your preferences.
  • Adjustable Trigger Options: YITH WooCommerce Popup offers a variety of customizable triggers, ensuring that the popup is shown exclusively to users exhibiting specific behaviors or characteristics.
  • Built-in Form Builder: The plugin comes equipped with a user-friendly form builder, empowering you to create dynamic popups capable of collecting visitor information seamlessly and integrating with your email marketing campaign.
  • Conditional Rules: Exercise control over the appearance of popups with conditional rules, dictating when and where a popup should be showcased based on predefined criteria.


€ 59,99/year

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MailOptin- WooCommerce popup plugins

MailOptin stands as a specialized WooCommerce popup plugin meticulously crafted for the dual objectives of lead generation and email marketing. With its robust capabilities, this tool not only facilitates the expansion of your email list but also actively fosters engagement with website visitors. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly convert these engaged visitors into valuable and responsive email subscribers. Harness the power of MailOptin to optimize your WooCommerce platform for enhanced audience outreach and conversion potential.

  • Lead Generation Forms: MailOptin delivers tailored opt-in forms that can be strategically placed across your website, encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and effectively boosting your lead generation efforts.
  • Email Automation: Upon a visitor’s newsletter subscription, MailOptin seamlessly triggers actions like sending a welcome email or notification, granting access to downloads, or initiating a series of personalized emails based on individual user behaviors.
  • Exit-Intent Popup: Featuring an exit-intent functionality, MailOptin actively identifies user behavior, triggering a popup that displays a personalized message precisely when visitors are preparing to leave the site.
  • Optin Analytics: MailOptin goes the extra mile by providing analytics and reporting tools that showcase the performance and conversion rates of opt-in forms. This invaluable data empowers you to fine-tune your campaigns and elevate overall user engagement.
  • Page-Level Targeting: With MailOptin, you have the flexibility to craft campaigns with pinpoint accuracy, targeting specific pages, categories, or sections of your website using the plugin’s advanced page-level targeting rules. This strategic approach ensures a tailored and effective opt-in strategy for different segments of your audience.


  • Standard: $99/year
  • Pro: $249/year
  • Agency: $499/year

Conclusion on WooCommerce popup plugins

In conclusion, elevating your WooCommerce experience is within reach through the integration of these exceptional popup plugins. Each of these tools brings unique features and functionalities to the table, designed to enhance user engagement, boost lead generation, and ultimately increase conversions. Whether it’s the customizable popups of YITH WooCommerce Popup, the social proof notifications from TrustPulse, or the versatile options provided by OptinMonster, these plugins offer a diverse set of capabilities to cater to various aspects of your online store.

Furthermore, the email-focused solutions such as MailOptin and MC Lists add another layer of sophistication by seamlessly combining lead generation forms, email automation, and analytics. By strategically implementing these plugins, you not only capture the attention of your audience but also actively nurture and convert them into loyal customers.

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