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A profitable email list building is only possible using two methods. Firstly, you need to show value to your visitors and ask them for something in return, which is their email addresses.
Now, your value should obviously be great content, it could be a well-researched article, free reports, visualizations, audio effects, photoshop file and lots more. The list of what makes great content is endless but while you are in the middle of all these, you need the next most important thing; a lead generation plugin that actually works.
There are so many email list building plugins for WordPress out there but just a handful of them actually stands out and in a bid to discover what really works, we’ll take an in-depth look at MailOptin Newsletter & Automation

MailOptin is a WordPress plugin for building email lists. It comes with a variety of customization features such as Page Targeting, Exit Intent, Multiple form types, A/B split testing and more. It makes creating high converting optin forms happen on the fly, thanks to its built-in live editing capabilities and animation effects.

The essence of using this plugin is to primarily display attractive email optin forms on your website in a way and manner that is not intrusive yet effective with several approaches in collecting contact details of your email marketing services so you can easily add them to your email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, MailerLite etc.
Unlike other alternatives in the market, MailOptin goes a step further to ensure your email list subscribers, readers or customers are nurtured and constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification and email digest with lots of other automation constantly being added.

MailOptin: The Features

Here, we will talk about some of the cool stuff you can do to start growing your list immediately.

MailOptin Lead Generation Features

Firstly, let’s get a quick rundown of what you tend to achieve:

  • Lightbox, In-Post, Slide-in, Widget/Sidebar, and Notification bar optin form types
  • Beautiful and attractive custom-designed form templates
  • Live editor – design your optin forms in real-time and view the changes instantly
  • Exit Intent to show your popup forms only to visitors who are about to leave your website
  • Integration with all leading email marketing services
  • Easy to use WordPress user interface
  • Send out newsletters using its pre-designed templates
  • A/B testing and analytical reporting system built-in
  • Ability to create a segmented email list using a combination of display rules
  • Target visitors using Adblock

Already, there are so many things included in this plugin, enough to get you started and start seeing results in next to no time. So, it doesn’t really matter if you are new to list building or if you have already started and need a better tool to maximize conversions.

Importance of Email Marketing, That Get Results!!

Multiple Optin Form Types

WordPress Email Optin FormA variety of form types are available to be deployed to your website. As discussed earlier, you can create a popup, add your optin forms in between posts, or your sidebar. You can also create Notification bar optin forms or optins that slide-in from the bottom of your website. It is also possible to have more than one form type displayed on your site. It is all left to you, there are no restrictions in this aspect.

Without having to get discouraged with a blank template and sweating over where to start from, there are several beautiful templates you can make a choice from. However, these templates depend largely on the form types you want to create but there are always multiple options available for you.

Another addition to the plugin’s list of rich features is the freedom to embed your optin forms to any part of your website.

Editing and Customization

Once you have chosen a template, you can have a full custom design. This is simply to say that using the built-in customizer or live editor, you can make any kind of changes to your templates, especially when you want to blend your form design to your existing website design sense.

WordPress Email form

Every element of your template can be customized; including things like the message, image, image orientations, borders, and color. Another impressive thing you can do to your template is to add animation effects, which are triggered when the form is being displayed.

When you are done with modifying your templates, you need to save your design and view it on your website. Obviously, it saves time rather than going back and forth on your website when a change is made. Everything happens in real-time on your live-editor, then deployed to your website when you eventually hit the save button.

Elaborate Display Rules And Trigger Options

The display rules are a set of options that determine how and where your optin forms should be displayed on your website. There are a lot of options available to you and all these are geared towards improving your conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at some of the display rules in the plugin;

Exit Intent: This feature allows you to trigger your optin forms at the precise moment a visitor is about to leave your website. It is able to detect a visitor’s mouse behavior, which it uses to perform the trigger option.

After Conversion: Determine the status message to be shown to visitors after they subscribe to your email list. You can also decide to close the optin or redirect subscribed users to another page.

Schedule: With this option, you can schedule when you want your optin forms to be displayed.

Scroll Trigger: Another thing you can do is to display your optin form only when a user has scrolled a certain percentage of your content.

Click Launch: In the instance that you have great content which could be a pdf file or photoshop resources, you could hide such content and give it out only when a visitor subscribes to your email list. This is what the feature helps in achieving, it is more like using bait to catch a fish.

Device Detention: Use this feature to restrict users of tablets, mobile phones or PC from viewing your optin form. You can also decide to allow more than one of those devices.

New vs Returning Visitors: Trigger your optin forms to new visitors or returning visitors.

Visitors Using Adblock: Force your optin forms to visitors who have installed AdBlock on their browser.

A/B Split Testing

At this juncture, you already know that there are so many optin form types, targeting options and beautiful templates to choose from, including the customization settings that are available. Obviously, you may have a hard time determining if you have selected the best optin form and placement, but thanks to the split testing engine, you can compare multiple variations of your designs to find the highest converting optin forms.

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Several Email Marketing Service Providers

You will find support for all the popular email marketing providers like AWeber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Sendy, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse and lots more. It comes with an integration framework that makes it quite easy to establish a connection with any of your email list management services. Within the integration panel, you can quickly get access to several API’s that will make the process work.


Unlike some other plugins, you can integrate MailOption with multiple email marketing service providers, thereby allowing you to subscribe to your visitors to a different list.

Statistical Data And Performance Report

For each of your active forms, you can get analytical reports showing their conversions, conversion rate as well as a number of impressions.

Aside from these important data, you can also get top converting pages, top converting optin forms and the best-displayed optin. You can equally refresh your statistical data or clear everything.

Autoresponder And Email Automation

When someone subscribes to your email list, you can enable the autoresponder feature which will automatically send a welcome email to your new subscriber. The information contained in this email can also be edited.

In addition to the autoresponder which is very handy, it is possible to send out newsletters using a pre-defined template. For example, you post a new article on your site, the plugin can automatically send out New Post Notification and email digests to your subscribers. Have it in mind that you can also build your newsletter template from scratch, but if you have little or no idea about coding, the built-in template should keep you going for a long time.

MailOptin Review: Creating An Optin Form

A lot has been said already about MailOptin but it’s won’t be complete if you have no idea how it works in real-time. For that reason, let’s get a walkthrough of the process of creating a popup optin form.

The Dashboard

In the dashboard, there are six important pages for the creation and management of your email optin forms.

Right in the Settings page, you have five inner pages where you can set general stuff like allowing usage tracking, email notification of new conversion as well as inserting your license.
The next thing is to access the Integrations page and I have already connected the plugin with ActiveCampaign by entering the API URL and API Keys which MailOptin will help you to locate. Like I said earlier, there are over twenty email management services supported and every one of them can be found on the Integrations page.

In the Optin Campaigns page, you can create several form types like popups, in-posts, slide-in, notification bar, and sidebar optins. Here, I am going to create a popup email form and it’s labeled as “Lightbox”.

Create a new optin, give it a title and select a theme. For the purpose of this review, I have selected the Elegance theme.
Once the optin form has been created, you will be redirected to the customization and form settings area. By entering any of the tabs, from Design, Headline to Display Rules you can completely modify and trigger your optin forms.
Save your changes, activate it in the Optin Form lists and you have your first optin live on your website.
So, here is what the optin form looks like on a live website:

Creating A/B Split Test

On the optin form list, simply find the optin form you want to create an A/B split testing on. Click on the “More” button > “A/B Split Test.

Give the variation a name and add notes to it, then click the “Create Split Test” button. You will be redirected to the customization and settings page where you can make further changes to the optin form.
Thereafter, you can go back to the Optin Form lists, you will see your variation. You just need to give it some time to receive some data, then you can “Pause” or “End test and Pick a Winner”.


MailOptin is a freemium WordPress plugin. You can try out the plugin by downloading the lite version on WordPress.org repository or purchase a premium license to unlock more powerful features and top-notch customer support.
There are three options for purchasing MailOptin:

  • $79 – Standard plan for use on one website.
  • $179 – Pro plan for use on three sites.

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You can also check out the pricing page for a full breakdown of the prices and what each plan includes.

Final Thoughts

MailOptin is a well-designed email optin form plugin that is packed with a lot of rich features, aimed at making you a build email list like a pro. It comes pre-loaded with all major form types and a solid section of beautiful and attractive templates.
Features like Exit Intent really makes list building interesting because you are not forcing your forms on your visitors but showing value to them with your content and when they are about to leave, you can trigger your optin forms. Visitors who enjoy your content and are captivated by the information on your optin form will more than likely be an instant subscriber.
The ability to control where your forms will be placed on your website, paired with equal rights to fully customize your optin form templates is a major deciding factor in using this plugin.
With so much said, it is almost impossible to find a feature that can grow your list that is not already existing in MailOptin and judging by what’s available and the extra length the developers went into making the plugin as feature-packed as possible, you would be missing out if you are keen to grow your email list. MailOptin is definitely what you should consider and start using as part of your list building strategy.

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