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Digital marketing plays an important role in the new normal of electronic marketing these days. Much of digital-link marketing is rooted in search engine optimization (SEO). One of the proven techniques of SEO is link building. After completing your website with the best design and content, check if the website includes link bait or content that attracts backlinks. A backlink is a link that allows you to go to another website in just one click. Creating these backlinks to promote something is a process called link building. 

Among the most common link-worthy content baits are informative guides, an in-depth analysis, newsworthy videos or articles, controversial writeups, or anything that helps people visualize something that is hard to grasp. You don’t need to ask; people will want to refer to you by creating backlinks.

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Different Types Of Link Building

If you are a first-timer and you feel that link building is something difficult, no worries. This article summarizes seven (7) different types of link building to try.

1. Community Site Link Building

Link Building

In digital marketing, there are so many channels that you can use, so you need to pick the right platforms and channels. If your website has a community and you want people to discuss your products, services, or contents, one type of link building that will suit you is called community site link building.

In community site link building, you’ll be building your links on forums and message boards such as Reddit or Quora. On these social media platforms, you’ll find communities that share the same passions and interests as the ones on your site. This way, you’ll be able to target specific audiences on these forums and message boards.

For example, on Reddit, find a forum with a topic related to your website. When you find people in that forum who are interested in what you write about, engage with them, and create a link to your website.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most common types of link building. You write an article for another website with content that relates to your website. Then, in the article, you create a link to your website. This link should look natural or organic and not out of place. You can benefit from the viewers and followers of that website. This has proven to be an effective method for building links.

For instance, the XXX website is more popular than yours. You can write an article featuring a topic that involves your blog’s specialty. Then, with the approval of the owner of the XXX website, it will be published on the XXX website.

3. Outreach Link Building

Another common type of link building is called outreach link building. This is perfect when you’re just starting out in digital marketing for your website. Try and contact as many bloggers and website owners as you can.

You need to contact blogs or website owners to help and create links from their websites to yours. The challenge is convincing them and giving them a reason to do so. You need to be relevant so that people will be interested in linking to your website.

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4. Advertorials

Advertorials are another type of link building where articles are published on a website as a form of advertisement. You will need to pay someone to write an article about you and then pay to post it on a website to get more traffic to your website. For instance, you can find influencers who accept payment and write testimonials, reviews, or how-tos about your products or services.

5. Self-Created, Non-Editorial Link Building

Self-created, non-editorial link building uses different ways to insert your links through unconventional ways. Some examples of these are:

Article directories
Blog comments
Press releases with anchor text
Guest post signatures
Embeddable widgets
Embeddable infographics
Guest books
User profile pages
Forum signatures

6. Top-List Link Building

Top-list link building is another type of link building where you find major keywords and use these in your content to draw more visitors to your website.

To do this, you need to check your website and analyze its major keywords. Then, identify the top keywords that the members of your target market often use. Combine the two and create content that includes these top keywords.

If your article is time-sensitive, then you need to pick the right time to post your content. Utilize the right keywords at the right time to get the most views and visits to your website. Link bait can help you out with this type of link-building.

7. Podcast Guesting

A digital audio file that you upload for others to download is called a podcast. There are websites dedicated to podcasts that serve as avenues where you can build your link. Podcasts have become very popular around the world, and podcast audiences are people who love listening to them.

Participating as a guest on a podcast platform will let you speak to your targeted audience. Try and access one of the podcast sites and ask if you can be a guest. Of course, a little research can help you choose the podcast sites that best fit the niche of your website. You can even provide a pitch and see how it works out.

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Link building is not rocket science. The types of link building that are summarized in this article should help you get a head start on your best SEO practices. You only need to test which type of link building best suits your needs. With a little research and practice, you’ll know what works best for your site.

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