Title Your Membership Levels

Naming membership levels effectively can be a captivating way to cross-promote your products and inspire members to experiment with your membership site. While titling your membership levels you have to understand the desires of your customer and ask yourself that what your customer prefers to be and the way you can help them in their journey. Advancing through your program should mirror the journey of a customer or member towards attaining their desired self.
In fact, the manner in which you set up your membership levels affects the conversions of your membership website.

Here, we offer you some tips that help you to craft compelling level titles that will motivate your consumers to join and become a subscriber of your membership program!

Take A Look At The Offerings Of Your Membership Site

What you are interested in while creating and generating your membership levels is to focus on what exactly your membership business represents. Do you sell your courses online? Materials and resources? Sponsorships? The facilities that you offer through your membership business is integral and impacts the way you label the levels of your membership.

Going Simple Is The Best Way

Keep away long, confusing and complicated words from your membership titles. While taking a look at different membership sites, you can see that they prefer to be brief, short and direct. Generally, the titles consist of one or two words and are kept simple. Short and pleasant is the rule of the thumb when you title your tiers of membership.

Learn To Be Expressive

As you tier your membership, ensure that your prospective customer easily understands the things they are receiving. When you label your membership level, do not simply use “Level 1”, or “Level 2” for labelling your membership tiers, rather go for titles that express what they offer and the way it is different from others. Your title for level one can be “Starter” or “Neophyte”, hinting that this level is for beginners or new learners who prefer to skim through and learn from few of your courses, while your “Acquirers“ or “Sophomore” level will denote a more progressive level where your course signees can have greater academic interaction with the mentors of the course.

Arouse Curiosity And Interest Of Potential Members

Certainly, “Level 1” or “Level 2” titles do not arouse curiosity and excitement, and not likely to motivate potential customers to subscribe and join your site. Make your membership levels appealing so that your likely customers feel thrilled and interested in joining your membership. Such titles can also assist you to convince your present customers to improve upon their memberships.

Reflect The Journey Of Your Customer

You can make the titles of your levels more value-oriented by selecting names that show the way your brand perception changes as consumers advance through the levels. Titling the first level as representing the status-quo experience of the brands places you in a state where your name every higher level as something that offers a heightened brand experience.
Starbucks performs amazing work with its two-tiered Rewards program. Customers begin at the Green level that illustrates the main brand colour of Starbucks and then advances to the Gold level which represents an enhanced and distinctive Starbucks experience that cannot be availed by any outsider.

Think About What Attracts You As A Customer

Imagine yourself in the position of your customer and visualize what you expect from a business from the viewpoint of a customer. No person prefers boring, stereotyped and uninventive alternatives. These make a customer wean away and discard your site. Wait and think about how a customer would experience with regard to the titles you choose for your membership levels, which helps you to decide whether your titles serve the best purpose or needs to be upgraded.

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Step Up Your Product Line

If your business has a broad product line, titling the levels of your membership after the products are the best way to motivate consumers to try out your complete catalogue.
The Singer Featherweight Shop tries out this idea through its Featherweight Sewciety. A sewing and quilt retailing outlet, they select their level titles based on the skill acquired by their customer at every phase of their journey. New, fresh customers are called Stitchery Friends, who upgrades into a Patchwork Pal and finally into a Quilting Confidante.
Basically, by blending both kinds of craft they create separate levels of closeness and intimacy. The VIP levels of Singer Featherweight exhibit the investment made by members into their products but also their association with the brand.
The sports cards and souvenir maker Topps Now has a brilliant naming scheme too. The Now Rewards plan takes consumers from Rookie to All StaHall of Fame similar to their favourite sportsperson. Besides, being properly aligned with their product line, the membership levels of Topps appeals to the emotional bonding with fans by making them recall their favourite sporting moments. This makes it a preferred community to join and forge permanent emotional tie-ups with consumers the moment they open an account.

Titles That Work For Price/Payment Structure

This type of title naming structure can be used when all levels of the membership present a similar package of features but maintain difference with regard to payment or term. You require to think of clever and smart titles derived from your particular brand, name or topic related to your site. If your membership site represents a sports team, how would you address your fans? You can make your membership an extensive brand like “Bronies” or “Trekkies. Then utilize your level titles to specify the price or term of payment.

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Title for your membership levels recognizes the facilities received by a member in return for his membership fees. In certain cases, the name acts a badge of honour for your members transforming them from an “unknown visitor” into a member of the inner circle. But, at the end of the day creating titles for your membership site is something of which you are the best judge as no one understands your brand perfectly than you!

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