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The technology and internet play a key role in today’s society, spam registration, and security as well, whether for social, professional, or other reasons. However, it can sometimes be hazardous and inconvenient because you can almost search for any data online. Also, your data is quite easily accessible through the internet. Because of WordPress growing popularity and frequent use, spammers have found it to be an easy target, and these spammers keep on attacking and spamming WordPress sites quite frequently. 

What is exactly ‘Spam’?

Spam refers to describing unsolicited advertising messages. They can be very annoying to deal with because they contain many related messages and statements about unnecessary content, reducing the traffic to your website. That isn’t the only flaw, though. When you send out your personal details in response to spam, you can face unnecessary hassles and, in some cases, dangerous situations such as your site being hacked.

Disadvantages of Spam Registration

Spammers create a large number of spambots to develop them. It’s a machine that can spit out thousands of spam messages all at once. The primary goal of spam is to achieve a low-cost promotion for the associated business or association. These spams are also very useful in generating revenue for the spammers. They can also cause damage to a competitor’s systems by infecting them with malware and viruses. Anti-spam software developers can also build spam to obtain installs for their anti-spam software.

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Spam registrations can come from various places in WordPress, including email registrations, email updates, website comments, and more. The most inconvenient spam to deal with is WordPress registration spam. Thousands of registrations can be done with fake email addresses using spambots. It’s complicated to go through each one by one and identify the spam registrations. So, let us discuss how to prevent WordPress registration spam on your WordPress site.

Tips and Suggestions to eliminate Spam Registrations from a WordPress site

Fully disable the user registrations on your website

user registrations on your website

 As the administrator of a website, you know the site’s intent and the number of users you need. As a result, you must decide whether or not you want public registrations to be a part of your website. If this is the case, simply disable the registration option entirely. Consider that you have a small group and that only a few people need to use the website. In that case, you’ll have to manually build accounts for them and switch off the public registration feature. As a result, your website will be safer, with no chance of being hacked by spammers from the outside.

Approval of registration through Email Confirmation

As the admin, you can enable a feature of email confirmation according to which a new user registers himself or herself every time an email will be sent out to his or her email id. This way, you will get to know if it is a spam registration or not. Because in case that email id would be a fake one, the registered user will not be able to do the email confirmation as the email would not be delivered in the first place. On the other hand, a reliable user will receive the email and confirm it by clicking on the same.

Add CAPTCHA in your website’s registration form.

 Adding a CAPTCHA to the registration form might be another way to fool spammers and keep them away from your website. Because of its unique and clever function of not being shown for legal travelers, Google’s reCAPTCHA service is highly recommended. It is, however, shown for visitors who are suspected to be malicious bots—using an advanced no CAPTCHA and invisible CAPTCHA plugin to apply a reCAPTCHA to your registration form. It’s as simple as visiting your website and selecting the type of CAPTCHA you want to use.

WordPress Plugins to avoid Spam Registrations

Anti-spam multipurpose WordPress plugins can be used to block spam registrations and remove unwanted spam from the website’s comments section and other submissions. Stop Spammers and User Spam Remover are two common and recommended anti-spam plugins. These tools can help you delete spam user registrations from your website automatically. However, the benefits do not stop there. These are multipurpose anti-spam plugins that will block spam emails, spam tweets, spambots, and other spam-related stuff from manipulating your website, as previously mentioned.

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Approval of the Admin

Approval of the Admin

Being the website’s admin, you can also use the feature of admin approval to avoid spam registrations. When you enable the said feature, you will be given an option to admit a user to your website. After taking a look at the registered user’s details, you will be able to figure out if such a user is a fake one. And that way, you can disapprove of such users being admitted to your website. This way, the website will stay safe and secured.

Changing the default registration page to something another website

Any WordPress registration spam is sent to your WordPress website’s login tab, such as a fake link. You can avoid this by redirecting the login link to your website’s registration page. For this, you can use the Redirection plugin, which is a page redirection plugin. Spammers looking for the WordPress default login page will be redirected to the registration page automatically. As a result, they are unable to send spam directly to the administrator. Either of the above-mentioned techniques can also be used to spam-proof the registration page.


Using these methods, you can make your WordPress site free of spam registrations and avoid any risks of manipulating your website. If you’re wondering why spammers search for spam registrations, it’s because they’re attempting to gain entry to your web through abusing it. Furthermore, they can look for a way to spam your community by flooding your forum with spam topics. Using a combination of techniques can help you reduce or even eliminate registration spam. You can always use the multipurpose WordPress plugins to avoid these scammers and make them stay away from every part of your website, such as the comment section or timeline, etc. 

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