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Are you a website publisher who wants to showcase targeted videos, texts, and ads on their WordPress site to earn money(Website Monetization)? Do you want to know how to add google AdSense to WordPress? Google AdSense is here to serve you add AdSense WordPress site. The important thing that you need to keep in mind is that a little technical know-how is required for this particular tool to swiftly add it to a WordPress site. Now, you might be thinking that it would require “rocket science”. Well, no! Here are the steps that can easily let you add this tool to your WordPress site. Let’s look at them.

Verify Your Site to Add AdSense WordPress site

Website Monetization,Add AdSense WordPress site

Well, before you start Add Google AdSense to your WordPress site, make sure that you have an approved and authenticated AdSense account. There are possibilities that another website publisher can scrape your content and your AdSense code too. Thus to ensure privacy and proper functionality first you have to verify your WordPress site. Then add it using the ‘Plus’ button of this tool from the ‘Settings’ option by providing the link to your WordPress site. Keep on reading to know what you need to do hereafter.

Setup the Site Authorization

After verifying your WordPress site you have to authorize AdSense. Follow these steps to setup the authorization.

  • There will be three stacked dots under the manage site tab
  • Click on the “Site Authorization”
  • Then turn the tool on and click on ‘Save’

Now, you have an authorized WordPress site.

Steps To Turn On Features

Once you have authorized your WordPress site, you have to enable the auto-placement feature. Steps to do this are mentioned below

  • Go to “My Ads” in your AdSense account and then “Page-Level Ads”
  • Turn the anchor or overlays using the given sliders
  • Open your site’s dashboard in a new window
  • Now, you have to get the code for your WordPress site to complete the setup. However, you can skip this step, if you are using this tool for a long time

Carry on reading to know what you need to do after ‘Feature’ is turned on.

Procedure to Install Pluginception

To install the Pluginception plugin here are easy steps.

  • From your WordPress site dashboard, click on the plugin and then on the option to add new
  • Find the Pluginception plugin and install it
  • After installation, activate the plugin

Once this is done a new option will arise, which will ask you to create a new plugin. Keep reading to know what you can do next.

Ways to Create a Custom Plugin

Well, if you want to create a custom plugin from the new pop-up option, then follow these steps.

  • Left-click on the “Create New Plugin” link
  • Then, give the plugin name that you want to add
  • Left-click on the “Create Blank Plugin” button
  • Put necessary code in the page and switch back to AdSense
  • Now click on the “Get Code Button”
  • After getting the code, copy it to the clipboard and replace wherever it says “Your AdSense Code”
  • After this, you need to press the “Update File” button and you are done

Now you have successfully Add AdSense WordPress site. However, adding the tool to your site is half of the task. You need to check its functionality and performance too. Keep on reading to know how to check your work.

Remember To Check Your Work

To check your work on mobile and desktop, follow the steps below.

  • Visit your WordPress site from a computer and right-click anywhere on your site’s page to view the resources
  • You can look at the inserted code using “Ctrl+F” or by typing “ads by google”
  • Once this is done on the desktop, you can check it on mobile too. To perform the test, open your WordPress site from a mobile device in the portrait view. Don’t forget to add “#googleads” at the end of the URL
  • Now, select the ad format, which you want to check. Once the test is done, check the outcome on your device

For vignettes, check the highlighted link from your page to check whether ads are working or not. If you find any problems, then visit Google’s guide for testing page and ensure everything is working properly to add AdSense WordPress site

If you don’t have any technical knowledge, then don’t worry! The above-mentioned steps are pretty easy for anyone to follow. Using this you can easily add AdSense WordPress site.

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