Simple WooCommerce Tips To Improve Your Store

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Amongst the easiest decisions, you can make when seeking to build an online store would be to select WordPress WooCommerce as the platform for building it. One reason for this is the immense popularity of the platform with more than 28% of online stores around the world using it.\

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Simple WooCommerce Tips

Simple WooCommerce Tips

Another reason comprises the flexibility of WooCommerce where you can customize different features as per your store’s specific requirements. Nevertheless, simply starting a store won’t be sufficient. Creating an effective business involves some complex aspects that require your consideration. This article highlights a few of the expert eCommerce tips for a store owner to follow for their WordPress WooCommerce store.

1. Make Your WooCommerce Store Easy Yet Useful

While creating a WooCommerce store, you must bear in mind that your site must be user-friendly to the maximum extent possible.

The initial thing you need to assure is that the site doesn’t appear too complicated. Employ a simple, but regular theme that is compliant with WooCommerce.

Maintain the search process for products one step forward of your customer. Incorporate an AJAX search engine with sophisticated filter options to aid customers zero in their search to a handful of items.

Include the feature of showing recommended products resembling the prospects’ search history.

2. Ready Your Store For Holidays

During festivals/holidays, people across the world are in a merry mood. They expect to view something interesting in your store.

A greater number of people discover leisure time and generally conduct more purchases online during the holidays. It is revealed by Statistics that during holidays, online sales rise by 15.5%.

It is wise to gain from it and grow your sales by specifically transforming your WooCommerce store only for the holidays.

Try changing the designs and colors of your store in a manner so as to convey the message to your consumers that you are prepared for sales and improving their holidays. For instance, your can install a colorful holiday banner focussing your greatest sales offers during this period.

If you include some interesting offers to your WooCommerce store during special events, it will certainly shoot your sales up. You can persent discounts on products that underlie the occasions. For instance, a rebate on Santa Hats during Christmas.

You may also present other special rebate offers. For instance, you can proclaim a 10% discount on every $250+ purchase made. Or form bundles of different products and present a discount on the subtotal. A few companies provide free shipping during the holidays.

Holidays also offer a splendid opportunity for you to launch new products and to involve in campaigns to boost your market.

3. Ensure Security Of User

With the growing number of Ecommerce stores, keeping high security has become necessary.

Prospects utilize confidential data like credit/debit card information online and it is extremely important to ensure their data is secured and not abused.

Ensure to include SSL certificates to your store failing which search engines will highlight the site as ‘unsafe’ which will certainly dissuade your prospects from remaining on your site.

You can do some more things to offer greater security to your store. Provide a strong password for your WooCommerce store admin panel to prevent hackers from finding their way in. ensure to keep frequent backups of your site.

Moreover, keep all your themes and plugins updated constantly to keep site security. Restrict the number of administrative roles to the minimum possible, 

4. Accelerate Your Online Store

Simple WooCommerce Tips

On an average, visitors don’t want to wait over 3 seconds for your site to load. So, a slow site can cause you to lose likely prospects on your site.

Track your site’s loading speed on a frequent basis. Tools such as Pingdom & Google PageSpeed Insight aid you keep a record of your site’s speed.

One factor impacting your site’s speed is images. Images are essential contents of your store. But bulkier images will use up more time for your site to load.

Ensure to optimize your image sizes to a medium dimension where it is not excessively heavy while simultaneously presenting you a nice resolution.

Generally, an image doesn’t require to be bigger than 150kb for a big full-width preview. Your image size should be lesser than that.

After you have attempted the basics and your site is still sluggish, it is recommended to consult with your professional developers or hosting provider. But don’t neglect.

5. Adopt Up-Selling And Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling afford you the option to enlighten your customers about the extra products in your store that they may not have come across yet.

Up-selling motivates a prospect to buy a relatively higher-end item than the one in hand. Cross-selling encourages the prospect to purchase goods or accessories associated with the product he is concerned with.

These two procedures are extremely effective in Ecommerce marketing. They highlight inserting customer value which can turn out to be helpful or associated with their lifestyle.

The process is extremely brief and simple. You can include products to your cart page that you want to promote or recommend on your own.

6. Know When To Dispatch E-mails And When To Halt


Simple WooCommerce Tips

Email marketing affords an excellent way to disseminate the word regarding your products and offers to users.

After a user has subscribed, you can dispatch e-mails to the users about any new offers or interesting news you may possess concerning your store.

Furthermore, bear in mind the e-mail marketing also needs correct market analysis. You need to comprehend the latest trends and requirements of prospects and then ascertain on whether it is the proper time to reach out.

Additionally, the products you present on your e-mails should be appropriate to the search history of the prospect or prevalent products in your store.

Nevertheless, sending excessive newsletters and e-mails can annoy your customers. So it is advisable to retain it to a minimum unless you have a decent campaign running. For instance, do not dispatch more than one email per week. However, if you carry a week-long discount offer, you can fire emails perhaps thrice in a week.

Ensure to send emails with the correct purpose; do not spam.

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7. Make The Product Title Suitable

With regard to managing your products, selecting a nice title is vital. Frequently, vendors concentrate on much-complex areas instead of the title itself. However, a proper title is important in grasping your prospect’s attention.

Search for similar products in Google and discover how they are named. Attempt to understand why they are cornering more attention and put several questions to yourself like,

What you like/hate regarding your rival’s product names?

Are the titles excessively short/long/memorable/direct?

Do they observe correct keyword research?

Are they optimized for SEO and how?

How do they adapt to titles for every category (Purchasing, Branding, Packaging) of products?

Conduct proper research on these basics, before entering into details.

Once you obtain a nice idea concerning these products, you can then intend to determine what you can administer to your products which will fetch it more traction.

Check a few times whether your content follows relevant keywords or not. Take aid from online keyword checker tools (like kwfinder) if required.

Research is always nice and assists you recognize what you are omitting.

It will also enable you to know your strong points against your rivals. For instance, you might even discover your competitor’s title extremely long or extremely short.

Perform research and work optimizing your product’s descriptions, title, and other content to obtain more customer attention.

8. Adoption Of GTIN Is Mandatory

The popular trend in the online market is, the majority of the WooCommerce site vendors are resellers. If you belong to them, then GTIN is essential data to consider. GTIN implies Global Trade Item Number.

GTIN is important in the following way:

Google’s algorithm takes GTIN into account. By this, the advertisement of your product feed is extracted from the catalog of the supplier. And then put in the auction with different resellers of the same products. Once you receive your listing in Google’s Product Listing AD, you will be obtaining quality leads for your site. Thus leading to improved CPC and enhanced ROI.

You will be enabled to obtain placements with search queries like “Best” or “Top”, illustrating your products as the better ones.

So it is only reasonable to add GTIN while administering your product feed.

9. Assure Refund Policy

Reliability and trust are vital when operating a WooCommerce store. Therefore, havinga return, refund or exchange policy is essential.

For instance, you may add a 3 day return or exchange policy if not contended with the product, and provide a refund if it is a return.

This will signify that you are confident regarding the quality of your products and value satisfaction of customers. Thereby people will find you more reliable and credible. 

10. Join Up With An AI

The time has come to consider the limitless possibilities that A.I. has to present for WooCommerce stores. In reality, multiple plugins like MyCurator Content Curator, Akismet, WatsonFinds are already adopting A.I.

Among the finest Artificial Intelligence services are chatbots. Chatbots present a live chat service for your store visitors.

They may direct users to their chosen products or aid users match one product with another, all by themselves. They give instant answers to the pertinent queries posed by the users.

Regarding your WooCommerce Store, live chat can be the core to your ultimate customer procurement strategy.

Presently, LiveAgent’s Live Chat Software is among the most sophisticated live chat tools you can include on a WooCommerce or WordPress site.

Consider adding a chatbot on your WooCommerce store, if not contained already.

Simple WooCommerce Tips


WooCommerce is a splendid platform for e-commerce stores. If you adopt the above WooCommerce tactics and tips in your store, you can witness a substantial rise in revenues and customer base.

Consider each point of the marketing sales funnel. Every step of the endeavor should be designed to raise your store sales.

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