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The way your website looks makes a lot of difference in the mind of your visitor. With an increasing number of websites on the web, it is becoming increasingly difficult to increase the browse time of the people who visit your website. Web designers study these kinds of patterns constantly and one of the great ways in which you can make your website feel more alive and active is by adding news tickers on them. If you plan to add them to your site, you can use the many plugins that WordPress provides. Adding a plugin to your website and taking the maximum advantage of its features is extremely simple. To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of some of the top news ticker plugins you can use for your site. Read below: 

1. jQuery News Ticker:

jQuery newsticker

This is a simple yet efficient option for your news ticker plugin. It has a lightweight code, therefore it loads fast and is optimum for your site. A great feature is that you can create multiple news tickers with the help of this simple plugin. It provides you with widgets to get your work done. If you want a fast and easy to use plugin, this is a perfect choice for you! Download it right away to explore its functionalities and other features in detail. 

Check it out – here

2. Live News – Real Time News Ticker:

live news

If you want a simple plugin, this is it. It can be customized too and is highly flexible. The design is smooth and it aims to improve the overall user experience. The best thing is that this plugin has a smart design – which means that it can automatically add items from different sources. Additionally, it has a whopping 72 customization options! So go ahead and change the colors, choose the pages on which you want to display the news ticker, disable or enable elements on different devices, adjust font sizes, and do whatever you wish to do! 

If you want to explore this plugin, click here

3. Ticker Ultimate:

News ticker WordPress Plugins

A free plugin, this has premium like features to make your work so much easier and better looking. It has a customizable shortcode that you can use with ease and can even adjust if you want to change the colors or select specific categories. Moreover, the plugin is compatible and can work with Gutenberg post editor without any hassle. If you want more, you can also opt for a premium version that has extra advantages such as custom colors, higher control and animation, and so on. 

Know more about this amazing plugin – here

4. Ditty News Ticker:

News ticker WordPress Plugins

The most awesome feature of this plugin is that it provides you with a high degree of customization. It is filled with creativity and has features such as multiple animations and vertical tickers. The plugin provides you with ticker modes such as list, rotate, and scroll. You can even choose paid extensions that will automatically source news items from your posts, Instagram, and Twitter. In short, it has everything you need and so much more. 

Check out this simple plugin – here

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5. Modern News Ticker for WordPress:

News ticker WordPress Plugins

With this plugin, you can easily and quickly add a news ticker to your site. It has 15 different themes for you to choose from which then changes the background color and text based on the selection. There are even 4 different animation styles and 4 layouts that help you design a website that will look so much better than your competitors. If you are wondering how it works, let us tell you that it includes a shortcode – which you can then copy and paste anywhere on your site. It is a premium plugin, however, it is extremely affordable! 

Check it out – here

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Choosing the right plugin for your website can become a daunting task. However, when you understand the kind of features you expect from a plugin and your budget restraints, the process becomes simpler. We hope this list has helped you in making a decision regarding which news ticker plugin to use for your brand. We suggest that you go through its functionalities in detail! Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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