Looking for an easy way to reset your WordPress site?

Or not able to return to your default WordPress settings?

If you have any of these questions, then you are at the perfect place. However, before learning how to do this, let us first understand the situations that may lead you to reset your website. If you have not come across any of these situations yet, then you must be thinking that why would anyone delete all their efforts and start over again. Hence, we have outlined a few reasons below that may need you to reset your WordPress site. Take a look.

Why You May Need To Reset WordPress Site

Reset your WordPress
Reset your WordPress

Resetting your WordPress site implies bringing all your site files and databases to their installation state. In simple words, it is uninstalling the existing settings of your WordPress site and reinstalling the default versions. A few reasons that you may need to reset your WordPress site are:

  • The most common reason to reset your WordPress site is to recreate it using the same installation. This helps you to go forth with the same basic guidelines and create a better version of your old website.
  • Repurposing your WordPress site is also another reason that may need you to reset your WordPress site and customize it to provide new features and functionalities that are totally unique from the older version.
  • To reaccess your WordPress website if you are locked out of it due to a security breach or some error. By resetting your WordPress site, you will get access to your site and bring it back to its earlier non-compromised state.
  • For Testing purposes, resetting is the best option to try new plugins, features and functionalities on your WordPress site effortlessly.

Steps To Reset Your WordPress Site With a Plugin

You can reset your WordPress site manually too. However, it is a tedious process. You can also begin with deleting everything and then starting over with your WordPress website. Although, there can be situations where you need to do only a partial reset and keep other things intact. Hence, to enable you to accomplish all these tasks easily in the most user-friendly way we have compiled a list of few plugins that will help you to reset your WordPress site easily.

Plugins To Easily Reset Your WordPress Site

In spite of the fact that plugins allow you to reset your WordPress site easily without much stress, sometimes things can go terribly wrong if you do not choose the right plugin to facilitate WordPress reset. Hence, assess the three plugins given below and find the WordPress reset plugin that is ideal for your business needs.

Advanced WordPress reset plugin

Reset Your WordPress
Reset Your WordPress

Another exceedingly prevalent, and as of late redesigned WordPress plugin for this purpose, is Advanced WordPress Reset plugin helps you to reset your site database back to its initial state and allows you to make a fresh installation. In simple words, without having to re-introduce a new WordPress establishment on your site, this plugin will renew your whole site so you can basically begin once again. Save your time and efforts by using this simple to use the plugin.

Reset WP

Reset Your WordPress
Reset Your WordPress

Reset WP erases all content and custom changes on your site re-establishing it to its default establishment settings. Much like the other plugins; this plugin does not adjust or erase any records. It just resets the database. Resetting your site is effortlessly performed utilizing the recently made menu thing in your WordPress dashboard in the wake of introducing and enacting the plugin. It is extremely convenient for WordPress Programmers that routinely do this to their sites for testing purposes.

At last, resetting your WordPress site is a basic undertaking that is effortlessly done utilizing any of the previously mentioned WordPress plugins. Simply remember, resetting your site re-establishes your site to the starting point. The majority of your content and customizations will be wiped away and you will be compelled to begin once again starting with no outside help. On the off chance that you are hoping to reset your WordPress site and need to abstain from doing as such physically, consider utilizing one of the free reset plugins offered in the WordPress Repository. Believe me; they carry out the job rapidly and effectively.

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