Thanksgiving Promotions: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Holiday Traffic

Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

People spend a lot of money on gifts for family, friends, family, and their loved ones over the holidays. The possibility here is excellent for marketers and SEOs. Thanksgiving marketing ideas may be easy and enjoyable, but you need to know how to go about them. With these suggestions for Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic, this article can assist you in getting into the holiday mood.

This post will teach you three techniques for holiday website optimization that will help your sites rank higher during the busiest times of the year.

Thanksgiving Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies- Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic
Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

Thanksgiving is a time for loved ones and friends to gather together, express gratitude for everything that is well in the world, and eat delicious food. Along with enjoying the Thanksgiving meal, folks eagerly anticipate starting their Christmas shopping.

One of the busiest shopping occasions of the year is Thanksgiving. Around Thanksgiving, many businesses begin their Christmas advertising efforts to take advantage of all the advantages the season brings. With advertising campaigns, specials, and longer hours centered around Thanksgiving, retailers fight for the attention of shoppers.

Make sure your website hosting is working properly

Checking that your hosting is functioning correctly is one of the things you should do if you’re running a WordPress-powered website. Your website might fall if your hosting is not constantly up to date. This is something you should verify before Thanksgiving as it will soon be here. If you are not satisfied with your current hosting, you may look at affordable and reliable web hosting providers.

If something goes wrong and your website is down, the majority of hosting companies offer 24/7 email or chat assistance so they can assist you in getting it back online as quickly as possible.

1. Identify an SEO Strategy for Thanksgiving

SEO Strategy For Your Website
Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is a terrific time of year to revamp your website. If you own a business, you may utilize these suggestions to improve your website and offer it a competitive advantage.

  • Make sure your website is up to date with any outdated or inaccurate material and that it is simple for visitors to locate what they are searching for.
  • On your homepage or landing page, use photos with Thanksgiving themes. Don’t forget to give the photographs alt texts. The term “Thanksgiving” in the alt texts may be advantageous. Alt texts aid in ranks and are a component of on-page SEO strategy.
  • To improve SEO, think about using Thanksgiving-related keywords in your website text and meta descriptions (SEO).
  • Include links with phrases like “Thanksgiving recipes,” “Thanksgiving sweets,” “Thanksgiving movies,” etc. so that others will discover you when they search online for those topics!

2. Add a Thanksgiving design to your website- Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

It’s simple to give your website a festive Thanksgiving design if you want to. Why not celebrate Thanksgiving with your website? Thanksgiving is a time for joy and giving gratitude. Here are a few easy actions you can take:

  • Your website’s backdrop should be changed from white to something more appropriate, like gold or green.
  • Include a screen overlay of falling leaves
  • Add a button to the homepage that reads “Give Thanks” or “Happy Thanksgiving”
  • Include some autumnal hues in your design, such as orange and brown.

Remember to check that your website is responsive to mobile devices. During the Christmas season, many consumers who use their phones or tablets will stop visiting websites that are not mobile-optimized. Here are some suggestions for making sure your website is prepared:

  • Ensure that you are clear on the material you want to appear on the homepage and other landing pages. To prevent visitors from scrolling endlessly in search of the information they want, you should be able to provide all the information a person would need about your business.
  • Reduce the size of your visuals to avoid taking up too much space on smaller devices.

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3. Run Thanksgiving Promotions on your Website

Offer special discounts or bargains that are just accessible during the holidays, such as free shipping or a 10% discount on all orders.

Some websites would rather give away one of their products or services for free than provide discounts. because altering the discount options may require more website technical work. The website can be changed for significant holidays like Thanksgiving with just a little imagination. Spending a lot of money and abandoning your priorities are not necessary.

Useful SEO Tips- Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

1. Add internal links to your holiday pages

internal links image
Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

Internal links are connections between pages on your website. They facilitate the movement of PageRank across your website, which is crucial since PageRank affects Google rankings.
That implies you may improve your website’s crucial holiday pages’ Google rankings if you add internal links from related pages to those pages.

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2. Optimize your Google Business Profile

Google My Business- Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic
Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

This will make sure that if someone searches for something nearby, your company has a chance to show up on the Google Map Pack. You may also share updates, deals, and events about your business on your Google Business Profile. Near the bottom of your Google Business panel, they appear in a carousel.

3. Take advantage of free product listings on Google Shopping

At first, Google Shopping was merely “pay-to-play.” Google nonetheless exposed it to organic listings in 2020. You’ll want to be in this location throughout the Christmas season since Google Shopping receives 1.2 billion monthly searches.

You need a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account to display your items in Google Shopping’s organic rankings.

Conclusion of Optimize Website for Holiday Traffic

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated. It’s also the time of year when many people express gratitude, thus This is also the time of year when internet marketers and company owners should get their websites ready for Thanksgiving to increase sales.

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