Yes! You heard right. The Learndash feature released its latest feature. But, before going to the new release let’s learn a bit about WordPress LMS.  As you all know WordPress is the most popular content management system, but it is also the best Learning management system. WordPress has bundles of learning plugins but The most reliable and effective plugin is LearnDash.This Is the most trusted  Wordpress LMS plugin. Learndash provides online courses.

It is the choice of around 500  Companies like major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs across the world for selling and creating their online courses.

LearnDash feature Released

This learning-based plugin seems to have advanced its list of features and functionality.

Learndash features:-

  1. LearnDash comes with 4 separate Custom Post Types: Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, and Certificates.
  2. Not only this it also has an “Advanced Quiz” area.
  3. By using learnDash you can access the latest e-learning industry trends for creating learning experiences. With the help of LearnDash, you are always in control. You can use simple yet powerful administration capabilities to manage your users and courses.
  4. Sell your courses- you can set your course price, Choose the pricing model, and publish.
  5. Drip feed content- This plugin has so much to do. It automatically delivers content according to the predefined schedule.
  6. Reward your learners- TO motivate your users you reward them by offering certificates, badges, points. This will encourage them.
  7. Engagement triggers- You can also easily interact with your learners based on the action they do in your courses.
  8. Multi trier course- LearnDash numerous courses which include lessons, topics, quizzes, categories.
  9. Lesson Timings- You can according to you how time you need to spend per lesson. When the clock reaches “zero”, learners are then permitted to move onto the next Lesson.
  10. Dynamic forums – Encourage course conversation among learners by adding a course-specific forum to your courses and limit participation to only those who are enrolled in the course.
  11. LearnDash Focus Mode – Focus on a single brand rather than creating a hustle.
  12. Grade Book – This provides manual grading system also.

This plugin has more features than I mentioned in this article. There is so much to do with this amazing plugin. You don’t believe me! check out the testimonial what the users are saying.

I can honestly say I sell more courses using LearnDash than any other off WordPress platform I’ve tried.


Ok now! Enough said about learnDash. Let’s come to the point of what article the headline is saying. LearnDash Introduces the new learnDash Guided VIDEO functionality. IT comes with some unique feature that not only you will like but your learners will appreciate it as it comes with overall course improvement. A learner will experience the ‘’less clicking and More Learning’’ concept in this latest update.

Now quickly learn how it Works?


learnDash feature relealsed

  1. First, select the Enable video Progression option on the lesson.
  2. In the video, URL section provideth the URL of the video. Learndash fully supports Youtube, Vimeo, or any video from the media gallery.
Note- AmazonS3 and Wistia are also now supported **UPDATE 7-24-2017**
  1.  The newly published lesson will display the video above the lesson. You can change place the video anywhere in-between content using the shortcode.

  2. The automatic play option totally depends on user choice.
  3. If you are too lazy to click on the play button. The next lesson will start just after the end of oof the current video. You have to set the course to auto-complete.
  4. The ‘’Play bar’’ option is also there on the video player to remove any temptation of skipping to the end of the video.


Isn’t it amazing learners? The aim of releasing this update wants to improve the learning experience of learners so that everything is more and more simple for them. Learners, now you just sit, relax, and calmly learn. This functionality is currently available for you LearnDash V.3.0.0

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