How To List All Jobs Under The Company Profile?

How To List All Jobs Under The Company Profile

Do you own a WordPress job website? Do you wish to list all the jobs under the company profile? Well, Company Listings is the plugin for you. Here, in our article, we will see what are the various features and functions of Company Listings.

What is Company Listings all about?

Company Listings is a highly powerful and lightweight WordPress plugin using which you will be able to add company listings functions to your WordPress website. The plugin is basically an addon of the WP Job Manager plugin. Company Listings is a shortcode-based plugin and it works well with all popular WordPress themes. Company Listings is also quite easy to set up. Using the shortcode, you will be able to output individual companies in different formats. A company submission form can also be added. 

You will be able to include a company dashboard which will be visible to the logged-in users only. The users can use the dashboard to view and edit their listings. Company Listings for WP Job Manager will allow you to include jobs as per company. You will also be provided with shortcodes to display company directory, company listings and many more. 

What are the main features of Company Listings?

Some of the most remarkable features of Company Listings have been mentioned below:

  • The plugin easily adapts itself to all theme designs. You will also be provided with theme-based features using which you can change the default structure of your theme. 
  • You will be able to output a list of all the companies that have submitted jobs.
  • You can list the jobs under the profile of the company.
  • The plugin is simply styled and adapts itself to all kinds of themes.
  • The company directory can be displayed which will make it easier for the users to search for companies.
  • The plugin is compatible with multiple shortcodes. You will be able to filter the content using shortcodes.
  • Everything is easily customizable. 
  • The plugin is extremely easy to use and the setup process is also quite simple.

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What are the various shortcodes available?

[company_dashboard]: You will be able to display a dashboard from where you can manage all the listings of your company.

[companies]-You can display the list of companies on your website.

[company_directory]: This shortcode includes a company directory.

[submit_company_form]: This shortcode allows the users to submit forms to the website/

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How to install the plugin?

  • You will have to download locally. This can be done through the WordPress admin area.
  • Now go to Plugins and click on Add New.
  • From there you need to click on Upload and choose the file.
  • Click Install Now and your plugin will be installed.

You will also be allowed to install the plugin manually through FTP.

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Wrapping Up

Company Listings is a very popular plugin for your job building website. In case you face any kind of problem using the plugin, you will be able to contact customer support and they will be able to guide you. If you are not satisfied with your product, you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee. In this ,you will be able to ensure whether your purchase is perfect or not.

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