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Instagram stories are in craze. More and more people are working on it with 400 million active users of Instagram Stories on a daily basis. So, people are looking for some interesting ways in which they can take care of their stories and make them more important among the masses. To create some attractive content, these people are now using the GIF stickers, introduced later in this section. Just update your app and you can try using it to create the next IG Stories over here. If it is your first time ever to create own GIF stickers, then you might want to check out the ways to do so. There is no need to worry as experts are here to help.

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More about GIF Stickers on IG:


The best and primary way to come across GIF stickers on IG is by searching for them through the Sticker menu, as part of IG Stories. For that, you need to come across the Sticker icon first.

  • You will come across a list of GIF stickers in here that you can readily address on IG. They are featured under various sticker sections, making it easier to navigate to find the right march. There are over 1000 stickers waiting for you to GIF up.
  • Some of the most promising stickers to come over here is location, mention tagging someone, hashtag, GIF sticker, clock sticker, poll, countdown sticker, question, and even the special emoji sticker.
  • Just be sure to know more about every sticker in here before you can finally make up a sticker choice.

Introduction of the GIF stickers:

Expressive GIF stickers are now easily available to add in any video or photo in the story. Whenever you tap for adding a sticker to video or photo in stories, then you might need to see a new GIF option. For that, you have to open a library full of thousands of moving stickers, well powered by GIF module.

  • You can easily browse through the options, which are currently trending on GIPHY or just search the extensive collection for finding a sticker for anything you want.
  • Right from twirling hearts to the bouncing letters to even pizza in space, the stickers are animated to make them super cute and promising. To learn more about the stickers, Visit Here.

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Using GIF on Instagram to make it promising:

For all the marketers and storytellers out there, this addition of GIF to Instagram Stories is more like a lifesaver. It is one of the many updates that Instagram has worked on and it seems to change in that same way. Whenever you want to make your content shine among others, make sure to log online and get instant help. Using GIF for the IG stories is one such addition in this list. You can access the GIF inside the IG Stories by just accessing the Giphy’s API, which comprises of more than 1 billion images in here. So, try to get along with the options in here now.

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