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Everyone thinks to have their own blogging site but due to increasing competition on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) the website doesn’t come up on the particular topics. It’s much easier to rank micro sites rather than ranking regular websites because micro websites focus on one topic whereas regular websites focus on multiple topics.

Now, one more thing that impacts the ranking on SERP is the competition of a particular topic. If the competition of a particular topic for example if one chooses a topic “Fashion” then, Fashion is right now a highly competitive niche under which one of the majorly brands are ranking high on SERP. But there is always scope in every niche, here choosing the right keyword for your micro niche can conquer the undisputed fights on which nobody ever wrote a blog. 

Confused ?

Where to start from ? 

Take a deep breath, let’s work together ! 

Just think of the things which excites you and please think about the things for which you are really passionate about 

Just note them down, and then think about your hobbies, interests and things which you like to do in your leisure time. Now note down your strengths and skills. 

Now correlate everything and choose which matches in all the activities. That’s the core topic you should pursue. Now, as you get your niche, search for the topic in that niche which is untouched on the internet or probably you can explain that topic more creatively. Remember, Content is the king no matter how much you have done SEO on it, if the content is king it will show magic in SERP. No let’s start this journey of achieving the golden position on SERP.

Let’s dig in to know more about micro sites :

What are Micro sites ? 

Rather than focusing on brands, if one focuses on a particular topic, then nobody can stop you to deliver the best work. And showing your best work, can give you an opportunity to earn huge amounts of money in small efforts. 

But, to sketch this, we need to know more about micro niche websites, so, micro niche websites are the website which focuses only on one topic. These websites are usually one page websites.

Now, you know what are micro niche sites, but to start the process what you really require is the topic or keyword.

Choose a niche which interests you and select keywords which have good search rates. 

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Keywords play a vital role in conquering the SERP fights. 

 Rank Micro Niche Blog

The building block of Search engine optimization is keyword planning. Searching for the right keyword in your niche is always a tedious job and needs a lot of experience. But having the right knowledge in the niche can make those tasks easy for you. 

Basically, keywords are of two types :

  1. Short tail keywords
  2. Long tail keywords 
  3. LSI keywords ( LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing)

On the basis of search, there are three types of keywords : 

  1. Exact match keywords
  2. Broad match keywords 
  3. Phrase match keywords 

The combination of above keyword types will make your content more detailed and add value to your readers as well as search engine. 

Don’t run for search volume, as it keeps on changing. The values we see on various tools are the data which are at least a month old. Any topic can be trending, so focus on giving value rather than running behind numbers. 

Below are the best tools which when used in combination can give you best results : 

  1. Google’s Keyword Planner 
  2. Google Trends 
  3. Ubersuggest.io 
  4. SEM Rush 
  5. Ahref

After researching, create a list of keywords which should contain diverse types of keywords. 

In case, if you are creating a blog for promoting your product, then you should use following e-commerce giants for keyword ideas.

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Alibaba

Now, you have a list of keywords which you want to focus on in your content, but how ?

So, Now you have step 2 of the process, which is copywriting or content writing. 

We all know that content is the king, but do you know what actually makes content the king ? 

 Rank Micro Niche Blog

Let’s dig in! 

People often confuse keyword density with keyword stuffing. Keyword density means how many times your specific keyword is repeated in the content. Whereas keyword stuffing means repeating the keyword abruptly in the content which makes the content more spammy rather than valuable. 

A decade ago, keyword stuffing was the technique which was used by many black hat marketers to get their website ranked on that particular keyword. But, due to the advancement in technology, search engines are designed to detect & remove unwanted content, because ultimately the search engines are working to provide right information to their users.

Here’s we would like to introduce ON page SEO to you, 

ON Page SEO means the content is optimized according to the users as well as the search engines. The content that contains information as well as contains the combination of search keywords described above.     

Let’s understand ON Page SEO in simpler way : 

  1. The content should contain diverse forms of keywords (as described above). 
  2. The content should be organised in paragraph form as well as in bullet points. 
  3. The content should be described deeply and should contain headings ( from H1 to H6…..Hn) as per requirement to make the content engaging. 
  4. The content should be the combination of contextual, video, images for a clear picture of the topic. 

Applying all above points into your contempt, will surely make your piece recognised by both readers and search engines. 

Now, you have completed most of the steps in the process of ranking micro niche blog posts. 

The final & the most important step is 

Backlinks or OFF Page SEO : Backlinks are the signals to the search engine that how much the website is trustworthy & authentic.

The authority comes from the building backlinks. If you want to rank your website to the first page, then, you need to have info rich content in your blog and should have high quality backlinks.       

What you do today won’t give you results tomorrow, create traffic into money by monetising your blog. 

 Rank Micro Niche Blog

Today you are getting money in monetizing your blog, but this does not guarantee that you will be rich overnight. Building niche websites is not an overnight game, it takes a lot of effort, creativity as well as uniquessness. Once you follow the above points, slowly and steadily, the pace of earning money will also become fast.

Always keep in mind that the above steps are time taken, so its normal when you feel that it’s not working.  

Just do the work and believe in the process. 

Now, you know how to create good content for your micro niche website, but, to monetise your blog you need to create accounts on following: 

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Amazon Affiliates
  3. Sell your products

There are many ways through which you can monetise your blog, one of the most practised are : 

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program : This is the most easy and popular method to monetise your blog. Select the product which matches your niche and sell them through affiliate marketing. Promote that product in your blog, and whenever you make a sale, you will get a commission from Amazon. 
  1. Google Adsense : This is the classic method to convert your traffic into money. You need to create an account in Google adsense and assign where you want others ads to be shown and you are good to go. On every click on the ad you will get some amount. This method is generally practiced when your blog gets a good amount of organic traffic. 
  1. If you are producing your own product, then what’s better than creating your own blog and promoting your product.   

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What are the advantages of micro sites ? 

  1. You can rank your micro site easily on less competitive keywords. 
  2. You can promote products and even sell them through affiliate marketing related to your niche. 
  3. You don’t have to be an expert in the particular niche.   
  4. You get high targeted traffic on your website. 
  5. You can earn more money in less time as you are targeting a particular niche. 
  6. A micro site usually takes less time to rank as compared to a regular website. 
  7. There is no limit in providing the detailed information of the niche. 
  8. You can create as many microsites as you want, and interlink them according to their relatability.  

Last but not the least, Getting ranked on google doesn’t guarantee you to be rich. It depends upon various factors which come into action when you start your blog. You need to be patient and consistent. WE hope that this blog has given you a full overview about how to rank micro niche blog posts in 2020.  

If you have any queries then, comment down below. 

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