How To Auto-Suggests Possible Jobs As The User Types

How To Auto-Suggests Possible Jobs

We are all aware of the WP Job Manager plugin, aren’t we? WP Job Manager is a complete solution for all job listing websites. Using this plugin, you will be able to add different kinds of job -based functionalities to the pages of your website. The plugin also has numerous extensions and add-ons that can be downloaded to enhance the functionalities of this plugin. Altogether, we can say that WP Job Manager is one of the best available plugins for your job website.

What is Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager?

WP Job Manager has numerous addons available and Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager is one such addon for the WP Job Manager plugin. Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager is basically used to auto suggest job titles for the users while they are filtering job titles. Using the Auto Job Suggest plugin, the job titles will be updated with the letters being typed by the users. The plugin is extremely flexible and is also quite easy to work with. In order to use this plugin, you are required to have WP Job Manager and WordPress 4.9 + installed on your device. You will also be provided with one year of free updates and support along with the subscription package.

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What are the various features of Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager?

  • Extends the jobs: The plugin can be used to enhance the job searching experience of the customers. This is done by reducing the time taken to look for a particular job. You need not have to type the entire job title in the search bar. As soon as you type a letter, suggestions will start to appear.
  • Error connection: The plugin makes sure that the users do not make any mistake in the spellings of job titles. It reduces user error by making sure that all the words are spelt in the right way.
  • Enhanced accuracy: The plugin is highly accurate in its approach. It will give you a filtered list of job titles as per your requirement. This will help you to shortlist the jobs of your choice.
  • Autostyle: The plugin will automatically detect the style and design of your theme and provide you with suggestions accordingly. This will make your website look classy and will also help you to attract a lot of traffic towards your website.
  • Theme-friendly: The plugin works well with all popular WordPress themes. It integrates seamlessly with job themes like Listify, jobify and many more.
  • Fast loading: The plugin uses the dynamic ajax technology to display your results. This makes the plugin extremely fast. This also has a big role to play in increasing the number of viewers.

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Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager will make it extremely easy for the viewers to look for jobs. So, if you are creating a job website and you have already installed the WP Job Manager plugin, make sure that you include the Auto Job Suggest for WP Job Manager plugin as well and give your users a highly satisfying job searching experience.

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