Best SaaS Help Desk Software

The success of your business depends on providing an exceptional client experience, and help desk software can help you achieve this goal. Customer loyalty and income can be increased by providing excellent customer service. It’s easier to keep current consumers than to recruit new ones.

90 percent of consumers agree that a company should respond to their issues as soon as possible. If you take too long to answer, you risk losing the customer’s attention and confidence.

Here are some of the finest CRM helpdesk systems based on ease of use, functionality, turn-around time, pricing, integrations, ticket management, and more to help you make the correct choice.

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Best SaaS Help Desk Software

Here are a few SaaS support desk software companies to consider this year.

1. Help Scout

For both customers and agents, Help Scout is a multi-channel support platform. With Docs, you can build a self-service portal with a knowledge base and use Beacon to provide real-time live chat help and a shared inbox.
As a bonus, Help Scout has several features and options for enhancing team productivity. Beacon’s self-service mode, for example, allows users to find solutions to frequently asked issues on their own, while workflows may be used to automate tedious activities like allocating discussions.

Help Scout’s startup program offers early-stage firms a significant discount on service for up to two years in addition to a solid set of features. Three basic subscriptions are available for more established teams, starting at $20 per user per month for the most basic option.
There is a Help Scout plan for every size of organization with a wide range of features, apps, and flexible pricing options.

Price: $20 per user per month to start.

2. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk- SaaS Help Desk Software
SaaS Help Desk Software

Most people are familiar with Zoho as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, but they also produce help desk and ticketing system software. In addition to a shared email, Zoho Desk includes phone integration and chat. Chat, for example, is only available as part of the most expensive subscription.

A wide range of third-party interfaces makes connecting Zoho Desk to your existing IT infrastructure easy. Team management tools such as time tracking can be utilized by larger teams.

Finally, they have AI possibilities like chatbots that you may use for self-service, but that function is only available on the most expensive subscription.

Price: There’s a free plan available. Starting at $14/agent per month, paid strategies are available.

3. Kayako

SaaS Help Desk Software

In 2001, Kayako created a more user-friendly support desk ticketing system. In the years since, they’ve added new features. Chat and self-service support are now available to all customers. However, they are only available to those on higher-priced service plans.

Other collaboration capabilities, such as making internal notes and observing when another agent is working on a ticket, are also available in Kayako. It’s hard to go wrong with anything Kayako offers.

Price: $30 per agent per month to start.

4. Freshdesk- Help Desk Software

Freshdesk- SaaS Help Desk Software
SaaS Help Desk Software

Freshdesk is a good option for teams seeking a simple help desk solution. Thanks to their solution, email and social media (Facebook and Twitter) exchanges may now be handled in a single mailbox.

In addition, you can create FAQ material, link to other programs via apps in their marketplace, and automate tasks to boost efficiency all in one spot.

Advanced reporting and the ability to send CSAT surveys (customer satisfaction surveys) when a ticket is closed are also offered by Freshdesk. However, these two capabilities are only available on the company’s higher-tiered services.

Price: There is a free plan. Plans start at $15 a month for each agent.

5. Zendesk- Help Desk Software


One of the most well-known names in customer service software is Zendesk. Because of their high cost and complexity, most people assume they’re just for huge organizations, yet they also provide options for smaller ones.

In addition to email, social, phone, and chat, Zendesk can assist you in handling client issues. It’s also possible to create your knowledge base or use one of their pre-built applications. More advanced capabilities like AI and bespoke dashboards are available, but only on the more expensive plans.

Price: $19 per agent per month and up.

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6. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot- SaaS Help Desk Software
SaaS Help Desk Software

HubSpot, best known for its marketing and sales tools, has announced HubSpot Service Hub, a new customer service tool. In addition to the conventional features like a shared inbox and reporting, this is support desk software.

Surveys and automation are also included, as the possibility to construct a knowledge base. It is possible to sync customer profiles from HubSpot CRM with ServiceHub, offering your team extra information and context.

Price: There is a free plan. Plans start at $45 per month for paid services.

7. Jira Service Desk

Jira’s help desk software isn’t the company’s primary focus. Most people consider it a ticketing system for ITIL concerns, such as software faults and other requests for new products. Service Desk is a customer-facing product that they began selling.

Other newer solutions like this one’s feature set are limited to the basics like a shared mailbox and self-service alternatives like a knowledge base. Additionally, they offer Slack and Microsoft Teams connectivity, allowing customers to submit support issues via a third channel.

Price: There is a free plan. Starting at $20 per agent per month, paid strategies are available.

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8. TalkDesk- Help Desk Software

You may consider TalkDesk if you own an e-commerce business and need a tailored support solution. Omnichannel support, analytics, and self-service options are some features you’ll find in a typical help desk solution from this provider.

They also provide eCommerce-specific features like AI-powered dynamic product recommendations to keep customers updated on shipping and returns.

Price: $75 per user per month to start.

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9. HappyFox

HappyFox is a help desk and project management application in one package. An inbox, knowledge base software, and various automation are included, as well as the ability to route customer support tickets.

Remember that all of HappyFox’s help desk plans have ticket limits, so keep that in mind. Live chat and even in-app chat are available in addition to their support desk solution. As a result, they’d need to purchase different ticket management software for these additional features separately.

Price: $29 per agent per month and up.

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10. LiveAgent- Help Desk Software

To aid team productivity, LiveAgent provides a consolidated dashboard that merges all communication channels (email, phone, and social media) into a single platform.
In addition, LiveAgent’s customer service can be customized through gamification. Customer service may be more enjoyable for employees by offering points and awards for completing duties.

Price: $15 per agent per month to start.


11. InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is an ITIL-ready solution with an unprecedented user interface offering Incident, Problem, Change, Asset & Knowledge management processes. Service Desk provides unmatched collaboration between users, powerful automation & smart ticket management tools.
Multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS or On-Premise implementation. InvGate provides 100% code-free configuration, drag-and-drop visual workflow builder, business analytics reporting, custom dashboards, SLAs, email ticketing, and Gamification.

Conclusion Of Help Desk Software

Achieving long-term customer retention is not a straightforward undertaking, though. If you’re looking for a way to keep people engaged, it’s generally better to stick to the basics. Customer service and support software are two critical areas where SaaS organizations must make significant investments.

Help desk software helps you enable your employees to perform at their highest level. Customers are more inclined to return to your company if your staff performs at its peak.

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