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The key to this magic formula is a unique landing page design that is ready for traffic as soon as the site goes live—and it does not require any coding skills or hosting packages beyond a web host (which you already have). WordPress themes are comprehensive tools that help you in the perpetual progression of business on the online platform. WordPress releases new themes from time to time. There are numerous themes of WordPress, and each has its unique features and qualities. The Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme includes custom styling options so that users can change the look and feel of the theme on any device or browser they choose to view it from, such as tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and laptops.

Consider installing a responsive WordPress theme if you seek to make a user-friendly blog of the mobile version. Moreover, if your business offers services such as web design, WordPress development, SEO, or something else, this theme is significant. It will help showcase the value of each service through different options in your landing pages, such as web design, SEO, Graphic Design, etc.

To download a theme, you will have to Set up a free WordPress account on WP Engine for free. It will allow you to host your site and help you to test out your new theme without worrying about losing any of your original content or data. We recommend these new and Coming Soon WordPress Themes becausef it helps you get accustomed to how WordPress works so you can make sure everything is compatible before you put all your hard work into the theme.


Steps to download Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

First of all, you will be required to Create an Email. Sign Up Form to begin and download the WordPress theme that best fits your website design style.

Log into your WordPress dashboard by clicking on -Dashboard on your left navigation bar.

Now select the appearance option from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.
It will open up a screen where you have access to all of the elements you need to customize the appearance of your site.

Next, click on ‘Add New’ and search for “Form Elements” under the “Appearance” section. These are some of the best WordPress themes for the time being.

What Are The Top Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme?

We have made a list of some of the best WordPress themes that are coming soon. Read on to learn more about the features and functions of these themes:

1. Avada

Avada- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Avada comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder. It’s a perfect set of over 40+ unique premium design elements. It has hundreds of additional components that you can use to create your unique look and feel for your site, all at no cost. Avada is coming soon with a WordPress theme, and it has a simple interface that allows you to drag and drop content quickly. You will not need to fiddle with code or spend hours tweaking CSS and HTML markup to create a beautiful-looking site layout for your new online store or business platforms, such as WordPress blog or WooCommerce eCommerce solution.

2. Divi Theme

Divi - Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

With this theme builder, you can easily customize every aspect of your website, from page layout and typography to images and video and everything in between. We are so confident in recommending this because this theme will meet or exceed all your expectations that we back it with our 60-day money-back guarantee. There’s already a shortcode for the options panel on every page (for example, [divi_options]). You do not need to do anything extra to use the options panel. The Divi options panel makes the necessary settings to create a website easy and much more comprehensible. Divi also has extensive options and features to customize your theme to look like your business or brand needs.

3. Gravity

Gravity- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme


You can download Gravity from the Gravity Theme Shop, which gets a hosted service provided by StudioPress that allows you to download themes without having to worry about hosting yourself or installing plugins and themes on your server. It even gives you access to premium themes free of cost. The appearance of Gravity is so elegant that it looks unique to your website. Gravity is a very modern-looking WordPress theme that incorporates many great features like a dark/light mode switch, parallax scrolling background images, unlimited color options, responsive designs, and much more.

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4. Bridge- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Bridge Landing Premium WordPress Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

The Bridge theme comes with over 50+ page builder plugins to create a unique and responsive design for your website or blog on any device. It works on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
The bridge comes into play on the Bootstrap 3 framework. It provides you with all the vital components required for responsive websites and blogs on any platform. A carefully crafted bridge ensures that it looks great on any screen type. Eventually, you can spend less time designing and more time creating unique content.

5. Launcher Theme

Launcher Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Launcher is one of the most applauded coming soon WordPress themes that has multiple pre-designed themes. You can use it to build new websites or simply make changes to an existing website for free. One of the best things about this WordPress theme is that it allows you to customize your site in numerous ways. The launcher lets you upload and customize any HTML5, CSS3, or JavaScript template (in or.css format), and then it places it in one location. Accordingly, you can choose the best template to use on each page of your website, including all subpages and child pages.

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6. Rabbit

Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

This theme is currently in the process of being launched. It will be available soon after the fully developed phase. According to sources, this WordPress theme has a clean and thorough layout. It helps make your website look professional immediately upon opening its pages. This theme will also come with plenty of features, including a contact form with social media buttons, custom colors to match your brand or business; a gallery slideshow; a shortcode generator.

7. EOS

EOS- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme
Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme


EOS is the perfect solution for those willing to build a landing page or start a new blog in minutes. It is one of the best WordPress themes with free templates.
It also has some great features and plugins that make the site better. Made of several beautiful elements, the EOS makes it very attractive, eye-catching, highly customizable, and scalable. It also makes it flexible enough to suit all website types, whether a personal blog or a business blog. You can customize almost everything from the admin panel without knowing any programming language. The interface is super clean and intuitive due to the handy back-end settings.


8. WebOn- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

WebOn is coming soon to WordPress theme and will offer enormous features pre-designed homepages. You can change the layout as per your business needs by simply modifying the HTML code that it generates for you on the back end. You do not need to have any sort of programming skills. With WooCommerce integration, you can easily add products from your store to your website without even touching a single line of code. The theme also features an incredible Visual Composer builder that lets you create different pages, product pages, and checkout processes quickly and effortlessly, without having to touch a single CSS or HTML file.

9. Vanguard

Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Vanguard is a unique WordPress plugin that allows you to customize and create an unlimited number of beautiful custom landing page designs for your website. You can also create a DIY design by selecting from several layout options and features such as typography and page elements. Vanguard offers unlimited customization thanks to its customizer tool. It also facilitates adding content using drag & drop widgets and shortcodes or HTML5/CSS3 codes to display images, videos, or social media posts directly in the editor without any coding knowledge required.

10. Oleos- Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Free Coming Soon WordPress Theme

It is relatively easy to customize using their drag-n-drop page builder interface. It allows you to change content, colors, fonts, and layout all on one dashboard page in just seconds without having to touch any code. Oleos is well-designed to look great on all devices and screen sizes, including mobile phones and tablets. It uses responsive grid designs that scale down automatically, so everything looks good no matter what device you view. There are also six ready-made color schemes and 12 layouts to choose from, and you can download them right from its front end.

11. WooPres

WooPress is a premium theme made by a team of professional designers and developers to deliver a sleek-looking, fully customizable eCommerce solution in minutes, without the need for programming knowledge or coding skills. All features are included from start to finish to give you all the necessary tools for launching a perfect online store in no time at all. The main focus of this theme is to provide the most efficient user experience and a great-looking website for your business or store on WordPress.

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With the available themes, you can make necessary changes to your WordPress design or format according to your needs.

It provides you with a mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and easily on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. You can add forms for things like lead generation, customer support, feedback, surveys, plus other integrations. It helps build out your website, enhancing your overall experience.

You can add eCommerce, shopping cart, payment gateway, or another interactivity to meet business goals. With the integration of the two systems, you can build a lead form embedded on each page of your website. All the data gets stored in HubSpot, so you can track how leads are converting as they move through your funnel.

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