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Email outreach is the process of getting in touch with other professionals and your prospective audience via email. It is an important part of content marketing and is used to promote your content, collaborate with an influencer, or request a backlink. It is one of the most effective ways to build links. Typically, marketers, salesmen, and recruiters use email outreach. However, email outreach does not mean spam and unsolicited email. It does not mean sending the same mail to a larger audience. It focuses more on cultivating relationships with important people in your niche. 

If you want to send an email to your audience, you should know some tactics to ensure that your email is opened and read. Understanding this can be a daunting task and hence, in this article, we have compiled some effective outreach strategies for your emails and newsletters. Read on: 

1. Research:

Research is essential if you want to grow your email outreach. You need to tailor your emails differently according to your recipients. This is where researching comes into the picture. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you should improve your email open rate. An easy way to do this is by understanding your recipients. Your target audience will take you further and you should draft your communication keeping their needs in mind. When you reach out to your audience politely and effectively, they will open your emails and respond. 

2. Subject:

Millions of emails are sent every day. Your email should be distinctive and unique. It should stand out from the crowd. Did you know that the average attention span of reading is 8 seconds? This means that your email should be gripping from the start. A great way to do this is by having an interesting subject line. It should encourage your readers to open your mail and read it. 

3. Personalize your emails:

Your mail should not include information such as spam and other trigger words, false promises, and so on. The audience is smart nowadays and they appreciate authenticity. Moreover, you can also add your social media handles to make it easier for the recipient to reach you. When you personalize your emails, it makes your reader feel valued and appreciated. 

You can use their name instead of using ‘sir/madam’. Make the mail about them and ask them questions. If you can, compliment them. 

4. Specifics:

Everyone is busy nowadays and it is crucial that you get to your point, quickly. Put important elements at the beginning of your message so that your reader knows what you are talking about and what the purpose of your email is. Also, it is a good practice to give your readers a quick summary of your brand, like a ‘teaser’. 

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Your emails should also be relevant. If you can, talk about an article or a blog that was written by the recipient. Tailor your pitch to appeal to your audience. If you have any mutual contacts, add their name. This ensures that the recipient focuses on your email and reads it. 

5. Value:

Your customer needs value. Appreciate your customers and use appropriate language. This forges lifetime connections and relationships with your customers. The emails that provide value in one form or another to the reader are usually read and replied to. You can send coupons and discount codes to your readers to make them interested in your brand. 

Another thing you can do is exchange value. For a good relationship, you need to provide them with value first and then expect value in return. 

6. Call to Action:

This is hugely important. It is the final step in your email. Your reader should know the next step you want them to take. If you want leads, ask them to respond or get on a call with you. If you want a long-term relationship, offer something, and share value. 

7. Follow Up:

There is a difference between having a high open-rate and getting replies to your emails. A lot of times, the recipient opens your mail and does not reply. For any mail, follow up is an important part of your outreach strategy. Experts agree that the magic number is 2-3 follow up emails. 

After follow up, now it is time to track if your strategies have actually worked. This can be done easily with A/B testing. Continue with what works for you and discard ineffective strategies. 

Before we go, here are some interesting statistics for email outreach: 

  1. Adding the name of your recipient in the subject line can increase your open rate by 22.2%.
  2. 35% of recipients open emails based on the subject line. 
  3. Short and attention-grabbing subject lines receive more replies. 
  4. Email personalization can increase your reply rate by 100%!
  5. Sending more follow-up emails triples your reply rate. 

Some more tips: 

  1. Add your social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  2. Include contact forms if the need arises. 
  3. Use tools once you have gotten the hang of outreach emails. 
  4. Use long subject lines to give your readers a sneak peek into the details of your mail. 
  5. Specify if your email is an advertisement. 
  6. Don’t mislead your reader. 
  7. Include your business address. 
  8. Add an opt-out option. 

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To sum it up, you should make your email as personal as possible, offer value first, maintain a pleasant attitude, and establish your credibility. However, you should note that these strategies are not exhaustive. Depending on the kind of work you want to do, you can change your approach. Having effective outreach emails is the start of a long-term relationship that can be pivotal in growing your business. 

We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you for reading and all the best. 

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