Top Dropshipping Niche Ideas for Starting an Online Business

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Our world has experienced a massive change over the past few months because of the current pandemic situation. With lockdown being implemented in various parts of the world, the customers are not being able to step out of their houses to buy their necessities. This has caused a massive downfall of the economic sector. Various offices are being shut down and business owners are also suffering from huge loss. In such a situation, it is a very good idea to start an online business. So, here we are with some of the best dropshipping niche ideas for you using which you will be able to run your business smoothly even during this pandemic situation.


Listed below are some of the most trending dropshipping products that have been widely popular since the onset of the pandemic:

1. Home workout and fitness:

Home workout and Fitness
Dropshipping Niche Ideas

Because of the present situation, people have hardly left their houses for over 6 months now. Most people have gained a lot of weight simply by sitting at their homes and on top of that, all the gyms are also shut. As a result, people are automatically embracing home workout ideas to keep themselves fit and healthy. Here are some of the hot-selling products from this Dropshipping Niche Ideas:

2. Full fitness rope:

Full fitness ropes are being sold like hotcakes on various E-Commerce platforms. As most of us are unaware of the benefits of exercising, a lot of fitness freaks are purchasing these full fitness ropes for their home workout routine. These ropes will keep you in good shape and will also make you fit and active.

3. Latex resistance bands:

Latex resistance bands have also become really popular on Dropshipping Niche Ideas platforms. This tool allows you to stretch regularly and remain fit without the use of any kind of complicated gym equipment. The product is being ordered from almost all Dropshipping Niche Ideas platforms at a huge rate.

4. Home essentials:

These days, people are also purchasing their regular home essentials from online stores. Some of the popular items that have been in great demand in the last few months are hand sanitizers, face masks, paper soaps, and many more.

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5. Face mask:

The face mask is the best-selling product in the market now. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity. None of us are being able to move out without a mask. Face masks are also being sold in different colors and styles. So, if you are looking for dropshipping niche ideas, then selling a face mask is something that you must consider. It will help you to earn a lot of profit in a very short while.

6. Hand sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer
Dropshipping Niche Ideas

Hand sanitizer has become the need of the hour. Everyone is purchasing hand sanitizers regularly to wash their hands now and then. Portable hand sanitizers are a must-have to keep your hands clean and sanitized. This product is selling so fast that it is getting exhausted on old dropshipping platforms.

7. Paper soaps:

Paper soaps have also gained mass popularity. This is mainly because hand sanitizers are no longer easily available in the market. Paper soaps are an excellent alternative to hand sanitizers. They are portable and you will easily be able to carry them in your pockets. They behave just like regular soaps when you soak them in water. Over 6,000 orders have been made in the last few weeks.

8. DIY products:

Now that we all are extremely bored sitting at our home, DIY products have become very popular in the market. People have started using their time in making something creative. These products are being sold on various E-Commerce platforms. These are some of the most popular DIY items on various E-Commerce platforms:

9. Cotton fabrics:

Cotton fabrics
Dropshipping Niche Ideas

Cotton fabrics have always been one of the most popular DIY items. They have beautiful handworks and patchwork all over them. More and more people are becoming interested in buying these products. 

10. Paint Set:

Another interesting DIY item is the watercolor paint set. People have suddenly started taking a lot of interest in painting. They are discovering their artistic skills while sitting at home. So, letting a DIY paint set can also be a profitable business idea for you.

11. Eye Makeup Products:

Eye makeup products are widely trending in the market. Now that our faces are covered most of the time, people are utilizing their eyes to look fabulous. This has led to an increased demand for eye makeup essentials. Few popular eye makeup products are:

12. Eyebrow Pencils:

Eyebrow pencils have always been in vogue. An eyebrow pencil can enhance your eyebrows and make your eyes look gorgeous within seconds. It is basically a multifunctional beauty product and can be used in many ways. So if you are interested in the beauty niche, eyebrow pencils are something that you must consider selling.

13. 3D False Mink Eyelashes:

3D False Mink Eyelashes have earned an excellent reputation in the beauty industry. It is one of the most popular dropshipping products available in the market. So, if you want to become a successful drop shipper, you can try selling this item.

Researching Dropshipping Niches

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other dropshipping niche ideas as well that you might consider. So, here are some of the most important benefits of dropshipping analytics tools:

1. AliExpress Analytics:

AliExpress is one of the biggest online marketplaces. It has thousands of products listed on its website. Every day new products are being introduced in the market which makes it almost impossible for you to keep track of the profitable niches. So, you may take the help of dropshipping research tools to carry out product analysis on AliExpress.

2. Niche Research of Dropshipping Niche Ideas:

Proper niche research is of extreme importance before you start your Dropshipping Niche Ideas business. You need to have an idea of all the products that are currently trending in the market. Sometimes, it might also happen that a less popular niche may help you to learn a lot more profit than a popular niche.

This was all about it. The success of a dropshipping business largely depends on how well you can keep up with the new trends. So, try to use dropshipping analytics tools and give your dropshipping business a huge success.

Dropshipping Niche Ideas
Dropshipping Niche Ideas

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