Best WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes 2024

WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

WordPress directory is useful to deliver local business or personal information based on a location or category. It usually connects people with contractors and professionals for multiple tasks.

In this article, there are all types of directories available. You can make money online by selling paid listings on your business directory with the help of Directory plugins and themes. So, let’s have a look at the best directory plugins and themes for creating a directory website

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Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

WordPress directory plugins are useful to deliver local business information based on the user’s location. To make your directory you require a WordPress online directory plugin. Directories provide user-friendly databases.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress directory plugins:-

1. Reign GeoDirectory

Reign GeoDirectory

Convert your WordPress website into a swift global business directory. Users procure everything they might imagine or need with reign’s geo directory. The directory listing is helpful for most community-building websites. It supports the website to grow and boost the business directory. With advanced customized options, the theme allows you to choose a likable color scheme and typography. You can easily monetize your business directory with the reign geo directory to generate more revenue.

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2. Simple Business Directory

Simple Business Directory
Simple Business Directory

Simple Business Directory is the best and most popular WordPress Plugin useful to create a single-page or multi-page WordPress directory website. It includes Google Maps, Store Locator, Staff Directory, Employee Directory, and more. This is the most powerful WordPress eCommerce plugin which offers incredible flexibility and customizability.

It comes with the best search and filter options to make sure that they find the relevant listings easily. The other website owners can also Embed Directory Listings on your websites and increase sharing, engagement, and value of your website in return.

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3. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro is a high-quality WordPress directory plugin. It is most relevant for cars, real estate, travel to restaurants, review sites, yellow pages, and much more. It comes with Stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce for payment processing.  You can organize your listings across infinite categories and subcategories with this plugin.

This plugin includes a search widget and a fully customizable layout. You can choose how many columns need to display in the categories/locations view, sorting order, showing or hiding empty items, etc. You can download and activate your directory platform right away without any hassle.

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4. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

A business directory is simple and a free directory plugin comes with customizable form fields, and media support and allows you to upload images to each listing. This theme includes all core features. It helps you to increase interaction on your WordPress site, improve customer retention, and add generated revenue to your site.

The business Directory plugin supports numerous globally accepted payment methods, like PayPal,, Stripe, and more. It also provides full support for recurring payments. You can build a team or employee directory, company directory, and other web directory sites with our easy listing plugin.

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5. Directorist


Build your online directory of business listings similar to Yelp, and Yellow Pages with the Directors Plugin. It is an exclusive WordPress directory plugin with a modern design for all sorts of different business purposes. Within a few clicks, you can create a beautiful WooCommerce store.

You can create lists of businesses based on location, category, and other fields without writing code. Submit your listings from the front end, including an option to charge people to submit featured listings. It can be used with any WordPress theme.

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6. GeoDirectory


GeoDirectory is a versatile and lightweight WordPress Directory plugin. This plugin is mainly focused on generating a global business directory. It is multisite and compatible with Gutenberg and a fully responsive plugin. When someone clicks on any business they can search for directions right from your website.

This plugin comes with the most popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin Page Builder, and more. It allows you to create a location-based business directory that is 100% compatible with any theme and page builders. This directory plugin is useful for massive growth and lots of traffic.

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7. Web Directory

Web Directory

Get a Web Directory to build your online directory website on WordPress. It is a simple and useful plugin for creating an amazing website. This comes with custom icons, unlimited color options, and a lot more customization options to create an interesting listing. It also provides a full rating system for users to go in and rate their favorite business.

Web Directory includes a few payment modules like PayPal and WooCommerce. You can use the custom fields to create more meaningful listings. You get the opportunity to sell listing packages online and accept money for any type of action on your directory. It is really simple and requires no coding.

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Best WordPress Business Directory Themes

The best directory WordPress themes are highly suitable for job boards, real estate, business, service, and other directly listing websites. Several themes have been designed to easily manage their listings. The shared themes will help you to build an online directory. Let me know about them in brief

1.  Listify


Listify is a powerful WordPress theme for directory sites. It includes amazing features that allow you to promote and showcase your products and services online. Listify is the only theme that you’ll need to generate revenue from any kind of directory.

This theme allows you to display ads, charge users for adding a listing, claiming a listing, and even viewing listings and accessing the website which helps you to earn more from your directory site. This is more than just a pretty theme. It’s more than just a highly functional one that helps to increase both your website rank and the click-through rates it receives.

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2. Listable


Listable is a simple yet powerful business directory WordPress theme having a high-quality and attractive design. It has the most powerful tools, page templates, plugins, and other features that will help you to succeed in the tough market of online directories.

It comes with a great homepage design that looks extremely professional, and also includes a quick search option to find new places and businesses listed on the site. Go further and make money from your website by simply charging for a listing submission or services offered through the website. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme.

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3. DirectoryPRO

DirectoryPRO- WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes
WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

The directory is a modern WordPress business listing theme that is specifically designed to ease the website-building experience. Its design is clean which attracts users easily to your site. You can even change the layout of the posts to a grid view or list view depending on your preference.

Theme powers thousands of directory websites worldwide. It is fully customizable and provides multiple options for browsing listings. It is continuously updated with new features; this was getting better and better after every update.

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4. MyListing


MyListing is an amazing WordPress directory theme used to change the design and style of your website. It has a fully modern look and feels. This theme is useful to create a local online directory or listing website.

MyListing theme is fully responsive and retina-ready to ensure that your website will be easily usable on smartphones and tablets. This theme has been built using the powerful Elementor page builder tool; you get access to an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder interface for customizing the design of your website.

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5.  ListingPro- WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

ListingPro- WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes
WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

ListingPro is a best-selling WordPress Directory theme built for Business listing. It comes with amazing features including an event calendar, advanced FES forms builder, Contact Form, popular payment gateway, and more.

We can say that ListingPro is an all-in-one WordPress directory theme that includes everything needed to launch an online directory. It requires no additional plugins. As no coding knowledge is needed to install this theme it takes less than 5 minutes for initial setup. It maximizes the return on investment of WordPress users who want to build a directory website like Yelp or Foursquare. 

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6. Javo Directory- WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

Javo Directory- WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes
WordPress Directory Plugins and Themes

Javo Directory is a highly resourceful directory WordPress theme used to create a modern and attractive business directory site in a few minutes. It is entirely compatible with all modern devices and web browsers. It comes with a homepage design, compatible with Elementor Page Builder.

Javo Directory offers an advanced Google map option that can be used to show the location of every listing on your site. It is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can build your eCommerce shop page with WooCommerce.

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That’s it! If you also want to create an attractive, user-friendly site for a business directory use the above WordPress directory plugins and themes. They all have different features and benefits. Use them to create your directory website. Hope this article helped you find the best WordPress plugins and themes for your directory site.

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