Four Signs That a Digital Product Needs a UX Review

Signs That a Digital Product Needs a UX Review

The digital business environment is rapidly changing. Web and mobile app design services do their best to create up-to-date user interfaces that convert. Even if the product’s launch day has long passed, product owners still face enormous challenges on their way to achieving success. That’s why it’s crucial to apply efficient analytics tools to keep software, websites, and mobile apps afloat. One of these tools is a UX review, also known as a UX audit.


What’s a UX review?

Ux Review- Digital Product
Digital Product

A user experience design review (UX review) is a way of finding gaps in a product’s user flow. It combines several research and analysis methods that highlight user experience flaws. The purpose of a UX review is to find and eliminate interaction inconsistencies with your users that prevent your users from achieving their goals. As a result, a UX review allows business owners to upgrade the product so it could meet users’ expectations and needs. You could either conduct a review internally or hire a UX agency to do that. The latter is preferable. An outsider does not have the context awareness and understanding your own team does, so an external review is more likely to yield interesting insights.

Four signs that a product needs a UX design review

Regular user research is excellent for finding shortcuts to your target audience’s wants and needs, but sometimes it’s not enough. These are essential indicators that a digital product requires a full UX review:

1. Users complain about the UI

Frequent negative feedback about the user interface is the first red flag that should concern the team. To rehabilitate a product’s reputation and prevent low ratings, you should thoroughly investigate the product’s overall usability.

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2. Business goals seem unreachable

Digital Product
Digital Product

The product’s user experience directly influences financial metrics. Customer outflows result in low conversion rates and profit losses, which can signal that the product’s UI/UX has severe issues. A UX review analyzes the reasons and reroutes the product design strategy in the right direction.

3. New feature/big update is coming

When planning significant product changes, you should prepare the ground and determine how users’ needs have changed with time. Conducting a UX review helps you facilitate a painless release and avoid making changes based on guesswork.

4. Product redesign plans

Product redesign plans
Digital Product

For a product to stay afloat, it should follow industry trends. Thus, redesigning a product is inevitable in the long-term perspective. A UX review has sufficient methods to create a precise strategy that will adjust the look of a product to the expectations of the target audience.

UX review benefits

A UX review has plenty of perks for the business:

1. Alignment of user expectations with the product vision

Assumptions can drastically differ from reality. A UX review will help you get reacquainted with the target audience and see what concerns them here and now.

2. Deeper understanding of user behavior

To better predict user behavior, business owners should understand who interacts with their products, why they do it, and how. A UX review uncovers these insights.

3. Saving money on development

A UX review results in a report with precise improvement recommendations. Following these recommendations will let your team shift from bug fixing to a consistent development strategy.

4. Growth in profits and target audience

Revenue grows as the flow of users increases. After detecting obstacles to conversion, you can come up with ways to attract more customers and widen the sales funnel.

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5. Product evolution based on solid data, not guesses

User needs and expectations are measurable, so you should avoid predictions. Gathering data will allow you to create a numbers-based strategy.

6. Up-to-date competition status

A UX review highlights how a product compares against the market trends and the most successful competitors. A thorough investigation of the business environment will let you apply contemporary solutions.

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Who should conduct a UX review, and how much does it cost?

There are several options for choosing who to entrust with UX review tasks, depending on your budget, time frame, and company size.

1. Internal team

A UX review is a project that needs specialists with a wide range of competencies, such as data analysts, designers, developers, content writers, and strategists. If a company can provide such expertise, the UX audit can be executed in-house.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer- Digital Product
Digital Product

Hiring a freelancer is unpredictable: since a freelancer is not within the team, the risks of getting unexpected results or getting nothing at all are elevated. Although it seems that working with freelancers is tricky, however, a freelancer with a good reputation may come up with helpful suggestions for a reasonable price.

3. UX consultant

An experienced consultant will study the product’s user experience from A to Z. It takes more time for a UX consultant to do this than for freelancers, but the result will be more precise.

4. UX design review

UX design review
Digital Product

A UX design review service is costly but worth it if your budget permits. Design review service companies assemble an experienced team to study your product from head to toe. As a result, you receive a report with all UX issues and guidance on fixing them.

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EDD service

To sum up of A UX Review

A product needs to fit the market and meet the target audience’s expectations. Even after a product is launched, business owners should pay attention to signs that signal the need for a UX review. If any of the reasons listed above apply to your product, consider conducting a UX review right away.

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