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Customer reviews mean feedback given to a business based on their experiences with the use of the company’s product and services. These reviews go a long way in fostering trust among your customers. 

Customer reviews are important for any business. Don’t believe us? Let these statistics speak for themselves: 

  1. 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.
  2. Customers could spend 31% more on a business with great reviews. 
  3. Reviews are the most crucial part of the purchase decision for 90% of US customers. 
  4. Online reviews impact 67.7% of consumers’ purchase decisions. 

In this article, we have shortlisted some of the most amazing customer review websites for your business. Read on: 

1. Amazon Customer Reviews:


A lot of customers rely on Amazon reviews for making their purchase. Amazon reviews go a long way. With the use of stars and good customer reviews, you can attract customers from across the world. Your products can be rated on a five-star rating scale, which can then be further broken down by percentage of reviews per star, and so on. 

Know more – here

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2. Choice:


This is a member-funded review website based in Australia. It independently tests products and services and then provides reviews to its members. In short, it tests products and services, creates product comparisons, and writes buying guides. If you have customers in Australia, we highly recommend this for positive reviews! 

Check it out – here

3. TestFreaks:

test freaks

Customer reviews and seller reviews can be added via this. It also has a question and answers feature that lets customers post questions and receive answers accordingly from its customer service executives. It understands that reviews are important to generate leads. We highly recommend that you try this one out if you are focused on your customers! 

Know more – here

4. ConsumerReports:

consumer report

This is a non-profit organization that runs independent product tests to rate and recommend products – this means they are legitimate. If they write well about a particular product, it can be believed that the product is really good! They have a systematic process. They provide the review criteria, product overviews, social sharing buttons, and a buying guide. To put it simply, it is the most comprehensive tool out here and works to generate quality content. 

Check it out – here

5. TripAdvisor:

 Customer Review  for Business

This is another type of customer review websites.TripAdvisor is one of the most popular tools. It provides you with reviews of travel, hotels, airlines, entertainment, and restaurants. It is the largest travel site in the world and has some great content that can help its users. It has a popularity ranking algorithm that works ideally for them and focuses on quantity, quality, and recency of reviews. 

Know more – here. 

6. Yelp:

 Customer Review  for Business

Yelp is yet another commonly used website out there. It is a free review site that can be used by customers to rate businesses on a scale of five. The best thing is that any business can set up a profile. It will greatly benefit your business if you want positive content reviews about the work you do. Your happy customers will be shown on the top and it also provides the visitor with information such as store hours, location, and your profile. 

Check it out – here

7. Yahoo! Local Listings:

 Customer Review  for Business

This one is similar to Google My Business reviews. Users can post reviews at a rate of five. Did you know that Yahoo receives about 10% of the search engine share? This means that Yahoo is here to stay! With its algorithm, you can be assured that your favorable reviews will show on top and it will boost your local businesses! You surely don’t want to miss out on that. 

Know more – here

8. Facebook Ratings and Reviews:

 Customer Review  for Business

Facebook is pretty famous and that just means it will provide you with more exposure. It is on the left side of your Facebook page and anyone who has logged into their account can post a review of any business. All they have to do is visit the reviews section of your page. These reviews go a long way in enforcing trust with your audiences. 

Check it out – here

9. Your Website:

If you want to attract customers, you have to incorporate customer reviews on your website. You can have a dedicated section for reviews and testimonials. Customers that visit your page are more likely to stay if they find a set of honest feedbacks and reviews from your audiences. While investing in other sites is important, you should not forget your own website! 

Well, there you go! There are still many more sites that help you publish customer reviews for your business. However, we hope this article has been helpful to you! Thank you for reading and all the best with your website!

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