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MyBB vs bbPress

Create discussion forum website and bring communities together.


Online communities offer the best way to engage and communicate with people who belong to the same interest category. Whenever there is a need to kick-start discussions among community members, they require a platform where they can discuss with each other. Adding a forum to your community website can solve such a purpose. You have two ways to do so: Either you can add a forum to your online community website or you can create a discussion forum website separately.

Whatever is the way, the idea is to let your community members interact and discuss together on the same platform.

MyBB and bbPress offer the best way to create a discussion forum website. And, through this article, I’ll walk you through a quick comparison between both. Let’s get started by taking a quick overview of MyBB and bbPress.

MyBB: An Open Source Forum Software

create discussion forum

MyBB is open-source and multilingual software that creates discussion forums online to bring thousands of communities together across the internet. Lots of plugins, themes, and extensions are available to customize your forum website. With an extensive range of features and intuitive interface, you can easily get started with your online discussion forum.

Key Features Include:

  • Offers an advanced plugin system and built-in template & theme editor
  • Powerful moderation tools
  • Private conversations with registered users
  • Engaging features for forum users
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bbPress: An Open Source WordPress Forum Plugin

create discussion forum

bbPress is open-source forum WordPress plugin that allows to setup discussion forums inside your WordPress website. It helps increase interactivity with your WordPress website by allowing users start discussions with each other. Ease of integration, web standards, and speed make bbPress stands out.

Key Features Include:

  • Easy to set up and moderate
  • One-click installation along with unified admin area
  • Multisite Forums allow to divide your site into sections
  • Let your site users create content
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MyBB vs bbPress: A Quick Comparison


Basis of Comparison MyBB bbPress
Platform WordPress
Web Server Requirements Apache 1.3
Apache 2.0/2.2
Microsoft IIS
Lighttpd and Nginx
Apache 1.3
Apache 2.0/2.2
Microsoft IIS
Language Requirements PHP 4 and PHP 5 PHP 5
Database Requirements MySQL
Localization Yes No
Multisite Compatibility No Yes
Templates Built-in template & theme editor with various customization options. It comes with customizable templates that allow creating forums as per your requirements.
Plugins Offers an advanced plugin system to extend your MyBB discussion forum It also offers lots of plugins that help you extend your WordPress discussion forum
Spam Protection No built-in support Built-in Akismet support for spam protection
Multilingual capability It has multilingual support. It doesn’t offer multilingual support. you can add such functionality using an addon.


WordPress bbPress Theme

If you are selecting bbPress, you can integrate the Reign WordPress Theme with your WordPress online forum website. It gives your online community website an attractive and engaging appearance. After all, style matters a lot to engage community members!

Reign is a BuddyPress and bbPress based WordPress community theme that offers stunning options to style your membership website.

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Words over To you

So, this is how you can utilize this forum discussion software and create online forum websites. Think about your requirements and then select the best one for you.

Need assistance? Our web developers would love to assist you with their technical skills.

Stay tuned!

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