How to Launch an eLearning Project – 7 Steps to Success

Launch an eLearning Project

There are a lot of eLearning projects coming out these days. Some of them do well, and some don’t. But if you are launching one yourself, you would want to be on the successful side of it. But the problem is- it’s not that easy. It would help if you had a working strategy, a framework to start with, an execution plan, and teamwork. 

If you are struggling with this part of the work, you can follow these seven steps to have a successful eLearning project-

Define learning objective

This is your starting point. It is the base of the whole project. You have to start with deciding on the objective and goals of the learning. Everything you do in this project will be based on this. Your script, content, and results will all be decided on this.

Here, you need to take care of the two things- clarity and precision of the objective. Without these, your content will be vague and irrelevant.

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Pick the right tools

eLearning Tools

Now it is the technical aspect of the project. Here you will need to do some research as well. There are a lot of tools that are available to create your content and your eLearning class. These tools vary in terms of customizations and accessibility options.

You can go to different forums and research these tools. According to your objective and requirements for the lesson, you can choose the right tool for your creation. Once you decide on this, 

Create an action plan

You have an objective; you have decided on the tool- it means you are through with the strategy part of the work. You now head towards the execution and the process part of things. The first step would be to create a blueprint or the action plan of things. 

In this, you will have to write your scripts and different chapters and the type of questions you will need to ask. This is the essence of the eLearning project. It will outline the end product and the final results.

Create the learning content

After creating the outline, you start with filling and completing different parts and lessons of the course. This is purely the execution part of the process. This is also where your creativity needs to be at its best. You need to impart the knowledge to the learner, entertain them, and overall, hold their attention.

This part is crucial as this has the highest impact. The overall presentation and technical knowledge will both be playing a huge role here. If you can create good quality content here, you will be able to impact and change the learner’s mind and life.

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Start your eLearning project

Some people crave perfection; some don’t. It happens in the eLearning industry as well. Some teachers are too cautious and skeptical about their courses. In a way, they are right- giving any wrong or unsuitable information to someone is not fruitful. One should indeed be careful of that. Still, they should not worry too much about it. They can leave a few things to be improvised and to be edited later. 

They can start with a test run or a pilot run and ask for feedback and reviews from someone within the team or someone expert in the field. This can be achieved by locked or limited access.

Encourage employees to access eLearning

Encourage employees

This is the last or the completion part of the puzzle of the eLearning project. You can take feedback from the test run, make the changes, and finally go live with the training. 

Here the development part is finished; now, it is the selling or the promoting aspect of the project. If you did the training for employee benefits, you need to promote the activity among them. You can start with making policies and educate the employees about the benefits of the training.

If you are making it from a commercial perspective- you can start the marketing process and promote it through various potential learners.

Evaluate your project

After you have developed the course and promoted it- it is time to evaluate the project and its effectiveness. You can take reviews from the customer and learners and take tests to evaluate their development and progress based on the course’s initially decided objectives. 

This will help you edit the course further and improve in your next developments. This is the post-development part of the process. This is how you can finally achieve perfection. 

You can also add the technical updates and re-launch or promote the update of the project. This is where reviews, testimonials, and word of mouth will come into the act, and your course will catch popularity eventually.

Final Takeaway

eLearning Learnmate Learndash

A well thought and well-planned journey lead to great results. This is the case with anything in the world; you can achieve anything using this process and mindset. Similarly, this will help you with your eLearning project as well.

If you start with the strategy part and finish with the evaluation and editing part as planned and according to the above steps, chances are- you will end up getting great results. You can follow this method step by step, and if you execute it right- it will serve you as the staple recipe for success. But make sure you are smart and discrete at every step of the process. From small to large, all actions are important and need due importance.

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