Content Gap Analysis For SEO

People search for solutions to many problems on the internet. Many times they don’t find the required answer wholly. This happens due to missing content gap analysis on the internet. For example, if you are searching for ideas to decorate a small room but you happen to get search results only about partial ideas to decorate your bedroom or drawing room.

Content Gap Analysis

This is what is meant by missing content and this issue can be solved by conducting content gap analysis. Through content gap analysis the vacancy of the missing content could be filled up.

List the SEO keywords which are searched regularly but no good content is available for it. Then you can add to such missing content and fulfill the demand of the people. This will increase traffic to your site as people will reach out for the content.


What is the content gap analysis?

Content gap analysis means finding and identifying the missing content of an already existing content. After identifying the missing content you can recreate the content thus reaching more audiences. Therefore, by conducting content gap analysis you provide the content that people are searching for and gain more traffic to your site.

Content gap analysis could be conducted over web pages, social media content, e-books, blog articles and, many other sites. 

How to conduct content gap analysis?

Content gap analysis can be done following some simple steps. 

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1. Conduct SERP analysis

Content Gap Analysis

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page Analysis. It means to examine the pages that rank on top in the search result. To do this examination you can use some tools like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Moz’s SERP Analysis, and many more. Since Google is the most dominating search engine you can take help from Google also by searching the keywords in it. For example, you can search on Google how to bake a marble cake? Google will give you the list of recipe content. The best ones will appear on top of the first page of the search result followed by the less visited pages.

2. Conduct the content audit

Find out the traffic on your page. Try to analyze if your content is highly reachable or not. Understand the interests of your audiences. List out how many times your content was shared. Then apply this to understand whether your content is fulfilling audience demand or not. Find out whether your content possesses the most SEO-friendly keywords or not.

3. Consider the feedback and reviews properly

Feedback and reviews will provide you with a lot of information about the nature, personality, and interests of the audiences. This information will help you focus on genuine audiences and create the content accordingly.

4. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your content

Try to collect the insight of your page. Identify whether your content is boosted with SEO or not. Make a list of SEO-friendly keywords from the content. See which page has done well and which one has very low traffic and try to solve the issue accordingly. To make your work easier you can list the details in a spreadsheet.

5. Recreate the content accordingly

Recreate the content accordingly
Content Gap Analysis

After getting insights regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your page you can act accordingly. Try to improve and modify the poor contents and help it become more reachable. Keep highlighting the best performing content to bring it on top. 

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Advantages of conducting the content gap analysis

There are multiple benefits of conducting content gap analysis. From identifying the drawbacks of your content to boosting your SEO, the content gap analysis will prove to be highly useful and helpful. Here are some advantages of conducting content gap analysis.

  • By conducting the audit you can know about the strengths and weaknesses of your content and then you can take steps accordingly. 
  • Identifying the weakness will help you focus on it and put more effort to improve your content.
  • You can make your content more SEO-friendly after finding out that your content lacked major keywords. This will make your page more reachable.
  • By making your content SEO-friendly you will boost up your SEO and your page will attract more audiences.
  • The audiences will also get what they’re looking for as your content will fill the gap of the missing contents that they were looking for. This will increase traffic on your page.
  • While conducting the audit you will get insights about the customer’s interests, most shared and visited content and, traffic of the page. With these details, you can focus on important matters like keeping genuine members for a long time and not chasing over people not concerned about your site.
  • You will save time, money, and energy when you know what is good and bad for your content and page.
  • You will also get to learn about fine SEO techniques which will be highly beneficial for you.
  • After getting insights into your customer’s areas of interest and knowing what they are looking for you can create the new content accordingly. This will help increase traffic on your content.



However, while trying to make your content the most reachable don’t make your content seem stuffed with SEO keywords. Avoid using necessary keywords. As well as, don’t be like a copy-cat and copy the exact content of the top content of Google. Copying the competitor’s content will not take you on top.

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