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Community management is an alternative to social media management, but it has some differences. With the growth of your business, you get a community around it. Further, the community expands, and you need to maintain it to be a brand in the market. As things have become digital, community management has become essential for every business. 

Maximum of us must be knowing about the community. It is a group of people who share the same ideas and interests. You cannot build a community around your business overnight, as you need to build trust among the people. All you need is to satisfy them according to their need, and they will automatically connect with you over some time. 

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What is Community Management? 

In simple, community management is building a community amid your business where you, your customers, and your employees communicate and interact with each other. It is one of the primary things that a business should practice for its brand image. During community management, you need to address your customers so that they remain engaged with your business. 

It is similar to social media that includes people’s profiles, publishing content, likes, comments, shares, etc. The motive is to create brand awareness and keep people stick to your products, services, and business. 

Why community management?

Over the last few years, community management has rapidly grown, and businesses are running towards it like anything. But it is only beneficial if followed in the right way. Let us have a look at some of its benefits and features.

  • Community management lets you receive customers’ feedback and ideas that help in creating business strategies.
  • It creates a good clientele base and fans following for your business. 
  • Brand awareness. 
  • Help you in understanding your customers, their needs, and expectations.
  • Generate traffic and increase the sale.
  • Customers feel valued when you frequently communicate with them. 

The concept of community management is a key player as people are fond of social media. So it is recommended to understand the concept and adapt it as soon as possible. 

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Effective Community Management Strategies

Building a community requires strategies and plans. To make your business successful, you must try the given ways for the best result.

1 – Select An Appropriate Platform

It all starts with selecting an appropriate channel for your community. A place where people will communicate, interact and share knowledge. You can build your community website or select a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You may find the heavy competition on social media with minimal customization. 

Whereas your community website will be the best place for creating and managing your community. 

2 – Target Audience

Target Audience

After finalizing your platform, you need to analyze your target audience. You need to research what type of content your audience demands and expects. Go through some well-known platforms for a better understanding. You will not create a new audience and have to grab existing audiences that are on different platforms. Now you can work on your content according to your business and publish it for your community. 

3 – Work On Your Content

Now comes the most important thing, the content. You need to bring some creative content to grab people’s attention from their existing platforms. All you need is to ask them about the content they want, take their feedback and opinions. By doing this, people in your community will feel esteemed, and you can build a positive brand image and loyalty. 

4 – Regular Content For Engagement

Frequent posts and content lead to engagement, and this is how you can expand and manage your community. If you see some large enterprises and brands, they are regular on posts and content. Select a timeslot and publish some great content for your community. Soon you will notice high engagement, where people will like, comment, and share your post. Once they get addicted, they will stay connected. 

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5 – Evaluate Your Growth And Success

As you are regular on your content, you also need to evaluate your success. There are few ways through which you can measure your achievements. 

  • Increase in the number of followers.
  • Audience participation.
  • Engagement ( likes, comments, shares, messages).
  • Customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Traffic and sales.

6 – Use Tools To Manage Your Community

Tools To Manage Your Community

Based on your budget and skills, you can use some tools to manage your community. There would be no need in the starting, but as your community will expand, you will have to use a specific tool. For instance, you can have Google Analytics, Buffer, TweetDeck, etc. 

These tools will provide you an insight into your community, traffic data, engagement, etc. 


Community Management has a great future, and you will need to adapt it some or the other day. Apart from it, your audience, employees, fans will get a dedicated platform where they can connect. As per your skills, you can do it by yourself or can hire a professional community manager. Go through the points, prepare your research and build your community asap.

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