Click Through Rate: Meaning, Importance, Factors and How To Improve It

Click Through Rate

Click through rate or CTR is a crucial part of your advertising goals. If you are low on your CTR, you need to work on your campaigns and strategies. In such a competition, a good CTR will only let your rule the market. But how to implement a good CTR or improve the existing one? 

Before this, you need to understand the meaning and concept of CTR. Moreover, you must know its usage, importance, and benefits. Read out the article and implement the best Click Through Rate practices in your marketing strategies for a better understanding. 

Click Through Rate: An Overview

Click-through rate is the sum or percentage of people that clicked on an ad after viewing it. CTR is a crucial part of advertising and the base of online marketing. Pay per click, such as Google Adwords, determines the rank of an ad and the amount advertisers pay per click. Usually, a high CTR indicates low cost and high level. 

CTR = (click-throughs / impressions) x 100

For instance, if you held 100 impressions and 20 people clicked on the ad, your CTR would be 20%. CTR measures the success of a PPC in various search engines. You can also assess the performance of your keywords and ads and can further enhance it. 

The main objective of a PPC campaign is to urge specific users to visit your website and take the action that you want. For example, with your PPC, you may likely want your visitors to buy your product, download your content, or fill any form. 

Importance of CTR

Importance of CTR
Click Through Rate

As mentioned above, CTR determines the success of your online advertising and campaigns. The CTR calculation shows the strength and weaknesses of your keywords, ad copy, and all other online campaigns. A low CTR represents that you are spending money on irrelevant keywords and audiences. Eventually, Click Through Rate lets businesses understand their customers. It determines how to reach your target audience. 

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A CTR shows the response and reaction of visitors towards your links, tags, and headlines. It also impacted your SEO practices and paid to advertise. Analyzing and monitoring Click Through Rate help businesses to improve their advertising campaigns.  

What is a good CTR?

CTR is diverse within industries. To learn about a good CTR, you must find out the average click-through rate of your industry. After discovering the existing industry average, you can achieve higher CTR and business objects. Apart from the industry average, a good Click Through Rate also depends on keyword bidding and PPC campaigns. 

Factors that impact CTR

Ad Relevance

Keywords are an essential aspect of online advertising. Further, ad relevance relates to keywords and ads used by the advertiser for targeting a specific audience. A good connection between these two lets you gain a high CTR. So, try using keywords that relate to your ad and overall campaign. Do not stuff keywords as it may lead you to low CTR. 


The Click-through rate depends on the devices used by the audience. People use various devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc. Hence, the CTR rate varies as per the usage. CTR of mobile phones is likely to be higher compared to other heavy devices. It is because the mobile ads cover the entire screen. 


Click Through Rate

Shopping and search ads have a high CTR compared to display ads and campaigns. So always ensure to enlist your ads in the search categories. Make sure your ad appears on the search result when visitors search for products/services. 

Ad Rank

Ad rank is another factor that lets you determine your ad CTR. If you are low in ad rank, you might get impressions but may lack high CTR. With a higher rank, your ad must urge visitors to click on it. Well, this is something that depends on your strategy and creativity.

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Channels refer to the platforms where your ads are displayed. Your CTR is much affected by these channels. Each forum has a diverse audience. For example, people on Google are intentional, while people on Facebook are for entertainment. So, different channels result in different CTR. Twitter shows a high CTR compared to LinkedIn. 

On talking about display ads, CTR is affected by website loading speed, ad placement, and traffic. Further, Search engine visitors show a higher CTR than social media. Also, ads on the header tend to have higher CTR than the bottom fold. 

Tips to improve Click Through Rate

For increasing CTR, you need to work on various factors. As usual, it depends on how you create and implement a strategy for a higher CTR. Let’s say you have a lower CTR on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook; try using hashtags and work on your headline and ad copy. 

Here’s how you can improve your CTR

Optimize your ad copy

Try using two or at least one relevant keyword in your copy and headline. Your ad must appeal to the audience’s emotions. It should solve their problem and persuade them to buy your product or service.

Use Images 

Visuals have always proved themselves to be the best for online advertising and marketing. Based on your preferred channel, you can use various creative images to urge people to click on your ad. For better results, you can also run A/B tests. 

Use hashtags 

Click Through Rate

Hashtags are an essential part of social media. To get positive results in your CTR, use trending hashtags around your ad campaigns. Hashtags help you to reach your target audience, and you can gain a hike in your CTR.


CTA helps you to connect with your audience. It appeals and attracts your audience and urges them to click on your ad. For effective results, add a strong CTA in your ads. Also, tell your audience what will happen if they click on your ad. Be specific and meaningful while writing your CTA. 

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Optimize your campaigns

Ultimately, optimize your ad campaigns to increase your Click Through Rate. You want people to click on your ad. For instance, you can use ad extensions in your PPC strategies. Ad extensions can help you be more appealing. Extensions like Callout and Sitelink can improve your ad campaigns and strategies. 

Conclusion of Click Through Rate


After an idea about CTR, adapt these steps to enhance your ad campaigns. All you need is to know your target audience and how to attract them through your ad copy. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs. For any query or suggestion, contact us at @Wbcomdesign.

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