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Do you have a WordPress site that is running a particular theme and now you want to switch to another theme? This is probably what has brought you to our blog post. Just a few clicks and boom! the site is as good as a new one, and this is the beauty of the WordPress CMS Platform. But you must consider that simply clicking ‘activate’ for Change WordPress Theme does not end responsibilities towards your WordPress site. So, let us today discuss the things you always need to keep in mind when you are changing your site’s theme. Critical in nature, these elements have a varied approach yet are universal in their application.

Check Out The Points Need To Change WordPress Theme

If you are looking to change the WordPress theme, here are some important points, you need to follow. Let’s check out the steps below.

Study Your Current Theme

Change WordPress Theme

Users often tend to manually add snippets to their theme when they seek a solution to their problem. Because of the manual approach, users forget the changes they made. So, before switching to a new theme, study your theme files carefully and note down all additional code that you ever added.


Backup Your Theme Files

Change WordPress Theme

Creating a backup is the most important step that a site owner needs to take before actually switching to a new WordPress theme. Backing up these files, plugins, and the database is a nice idea. Many backup plugins are available in the market which offer backup services that make changes an easy step. Some famous backup plugins are BackupBuddy, BackUpWordPress, VaultPress, UpdraftPlus among others.


Maintenance Mode

Change WordPress Theme

Switching your site takes you off the server for a while. And as far as site traffic is concerned, you do not want your users seeing a broken site warning. You can escape this by putting up a ‘Maintenance mode’ for a few minutes/hours. Once you are done, you can activate the plugin and get going. Several plugins are available in the WordPress repository to put up a maintenance mode information on the site while you work your magic by switching to a new desired theme. Some of these plugins are Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode, WordPress Maintenance ModeWP Maintenance Mode, and others.


Take Care Of The Sidebars

Change WordPress Theme

Before choosing and ultimately switching your WordPress site to the new theme, make sure it’s widget-ready. People make a lot of changes like adding custom texts, images, links, advertisements, and other widgets to their sidebars. In case, you have modified anything in the sidebar.php file of your existing theme, make sure that add those codes in the new theme sidebar, otherwise, they might get overwritten.


Testing All Functionalities And Plugins

Change WordPress Theme

After you have activated the new theme, make sure that all your theme functionalities and plugins are working like before. You must also confirm that all the formatting is the same in the new theme as well.  It’s important to see that all the installed plugins look good with the new theme as well.


Test The Load Time, Bounce Rate And Cross-Browser Compatibility

Change WordPress Theme

The best practice to check if your website is up and running with your latest theme changes, make sure that you test it in all browsers. Some themes tend to break down in major browsers. A well-accessible site at cross-browsers ensures that no matter which browser your visitors are using, they are still able to view the content properly. Make sure that you at least test your site in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera among others. Testing the loading time and monitoring your bounce rate are crucial steps. To get apt results, don’t just test your homepage, but also look out for other pages and posts. Use tools like Pingdom to check these factors.


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Wrapping Words!

BuddyX ThemeWe hope that you will seek some helpful points from our blog and consider them before making a switch when it comes to the theme of your WordPress site. For any suggestions or feedback, kindly drop a comment below.

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