10 Best Blog Manager Plugins For WordPress 2024

Are you looking for the best Blog manager Plugins for your blogging website? Then you are in the right article. Blogging is one of the greatest ways of self-development. Well, Blogging proved quite effective for bringing traffic to your website and engaging people with your brand. Blogging with WordPress is very easy to access. Apart from the blog, you can also enhance your blog by using a number of Blogger Plugins available on WordPress. So, let’s take a ride for more features and learn the benefits of blogging with WordPress, So, let’s dive in

Plugins Name Rating Price
Blog Designer PRO 5 / 5 $59
Blog Manager 5 / 5 $34
Blog Page Layout Manager 4.70 / 5 $18
Blog Designer- Post and Widget Pro 5 / 5 $39
WP Blog Manager 4.77 / 5 $2.97

Best Blog Manager Plugins for WordPress

Here, after talking a lot about blogging, its importance for business, and WordPress blogging, I present you my collection of the best premium WordPress blog manager plugins. Let us check out one by one –

1. Blog Designer PRO

With more than +1600 happy customers this amazing theme is growing rapidly. it comes with all new amazing features which include- Multiple Blog posts, and 800+ Google font support.

Blog Designer Pro makes your blog section more intuitive with no coding skills. It’s very easy to manage for beginners to website developers. Blog designer plugin bundled with precisely designed 36 templates for various categories and we will keep adding more in a future version.

  • Multiple blog layout
  • Post type & taxonomy post filter
  • Advance email update
  • Unique single post page design

2. Blog Manager

Blog Manager is one of the best WordPress premium plugins for your blogging website. This plugin comes with over 20 templates to choose from. Select list content, modify the layout and style your list to get the content and the look you want. Place your lists anywhere on your site by using the list’s shortcode or a widget.

  • Drag and Drop Content rearranging
  • Custom Styling
  • Compatible with visual composer and Content manager
  • Order, pagination, link clicks, popups, excerpt length, hover style, and much more.

3. Blog Page Layout Manager

It is another best WordPress blog plugins for your website. Blog page layout manager comes with all new amazing features which include- It has 100% Responsive Design Layouts, and you can place an Unlimited grid anywhere. It allows you to customize your blog page in a stunning and eye-catching way. The plugin comes with a different blog page, category page, tag page, date archive page, and author page layouts.

  • 1 to 4 Column Layouts
  • Instagram Feed Carousel
  • 2 Single Page Layouts
  • Pagination, Load more, Infinite Scroll

4. Blog Designer- Post and Widget Pro

Blog Designer – Post and Widget Pro is a Premium WordPress Plugin that helps you design your post in a beautiful way. It is easy to use a plugin that allows you to add a blog page in a simple way. You just need to create a page and paste the shortcodes that are generated anywhere on your websites.

  • 50 Grid Layout
  • Limit to Display Blog Posts
  • 13 designs for blog post grid form
  • Fully Responsive and Touch-Based Slider

5. WP Blog Manager

WP blog Manager plugins save your time and make ready your WordPress blogging website within minutes. You can create your categories, and posts and select from the design layout library from WP Blog Manager Plugin – your archive page and blog detail page will be all ready with beautiful designs to go live!

  • 7 different layout types to show blogs in different styles.
  • 19 pre-designed list templates.
  • Show the post detail page from the post link or custom link.
  • Eight pre-designed Horizontal Timeline templates

6. LiveCom

Are you interested in live blogging? then this plugin is for you. LiveCom for WordPress is a powerful, flexible, and highly customizable, premium live blogging plugin. Simply upload the plugin archive using the WordPress plugin manager interface. You can do loads of things with the help of this plugin. You can Create a LiveCom Event, Link the Event to WordPress Content, you can also Broadcast Live Comments.

  • Notifications System
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Social Networks Autoposting
  • Flexible Configuration

7. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

It is one of the best plugins when it comes to giving a review. The Reviewer Plugin allows you to insert reviews and comparison tables into your WordPress blog posts, pages, and custom post types quickly and easily. If you need to create a gorgeous recap box for your full review post or just a simple but powerful user reviews system, this is the plugin you are looking for.

  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Comparison Tables
  • Manage User Review Authorization
  • Receive email notifications about new user reviews

8. WordPress Blog to PDF Plugin

WordPress blog to pdf generator bears two prominent features of getting the desirable revision of post as it keeps track of all the post revisions and generates its pdf to read it in offline mode. It holds a large variety of customizations from the pdf generate button to the generated pdf.  It is highly customizable and contains a rich feature which makes it even better and flexible enough for quick use.

  • Export Blog/Post Revisions as a PDF
  • PDF Theme Customisation
  • Frontend Button Position
  • Admin Access Control

9. Follow My Blog Post

The Follow My Blog Post plugin allows your users to follow changes on a particular post/page for your WordPress site. You can also create your own e-commerce shop with this plugin. As it is compatible with WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or Jigoshop.

  • Send email notifications for any new post
  • Includes shortcodes to add “follow post button”, “follow terms button” or “follow authors button”
  • Followed posts displayed with a number of unique visitors following the post.
  • Ability to send Custom emails to Followers of posts/pages, Terms, or Authors.

What Do You Choose?

I hope that this article helped you a lot in order to find the perfect Blog Manager Plugins for your website. So, which one is your favorite? if I missed any please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are blog manager plugins for WordPress?

Blog manager plugins are tools that enhance the management, organization, and display of blog content on WordPress websites. They often provide features such as advanced categorization, layout customization, and content scheduling.

2. Are blog manager plugins easy to install and use?

Yes, most blog manager plugins for WordPress are designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward installation processes and intuitive interfaces that allow users to manage their blog content efficiently.

3. Can blog manager plugins help with content organization and categorization?

Yes, many blog manager plugins offer robust features for organizing and categorizing blog posts, allowing users to create custom categories, tags, and filters to streamline content management and improve user navigation.

4. Do blog manager plugins offer customization options for blog layouts?

Absolutely, several blog manager plugins provide extensive customization options, enabling users to personalize blog layouts, design elements, and post formats according to their preferences and brand aesthetics.

5. Can blog manager plugins help with scheduling and publishing blog posts?

Yes, most blog manager plugins include scheduling features that allow users to plan and automate the publication of blog posts at specific dates and times. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent content posting schedule.

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